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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • I have been a vociferous critic of Toyota for a few issues (cab bolt klunk, swirl in glovebox cover, misrepresentation regarding beeping keyless entry system, more wind noise than I like), but this truck is the best riding vehicle I have ever owned and I prefer its appearance to any other mid size truck. Further, my clunk appears to be going away and I'm getting used to the glovebox swirl. Even though I believe I have a right to gripe about the small problems, I have to admit I would buy this truck again in a heartbeat.
  • Glad your getting along better with your truck, and the clunk is going away! I'm probably buying one, leak be damned. Can't decide what is better looking, the 05 taco trd sport or my wife. They're both just as exciting in their own way. :) I'll post pics of both, and let Edmunds decide. :)
  • I own a 2004 Tacoma 5000 miles on it.Since I have had this truck it gives me a very hard time starting.This truck is tempermental it starts when it wants.The wiring harness and fuel pump has been replaced.Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?This is my 4th trip back to the dealer.The truck will crank but doestn't want to start until the 3rd or 4th try.Then the engine feels very shaky for alittle while.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Ready to give up on Tacoma.
  • My 05 Tacoma starts right up.


    Okay, some questions...sorry if they might sound dumb...


    -You know not to touch the gas pedal when starting a Toyota, right?


    -Do you park it outside where it's really cold? (This can make it hard to start so some gas pedal pumps might help.)


    -If yes to the previous, I'd invest in an engine block heater.


    Don't give up on the mechanics...they'll figure it out or you can use the lemon law to help out! (I think if you visit the dealer so many times in a year, varies by state, you can get a refund or a replacement.)


    Good luck!


  • Boo, I never touch the gas petal when starting the truck.I park my truck in the garagae at night even though my garagae is not heated.My truck will start first thing in the morning always, it is just after that first intial start during the day sometimes(not always it just gives me a hard time starting.It could be a warm sunny day it could be a rainy day , it could be a cloudy day.I just can't figure the pattern out.When I called the dealer today they told me they didn't want to take it in the shop, to call them when the problem gets worse.What a solution that is huh.


  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Sorry to hear about your problem and how the dealer has failed to fix it. You can call Toyota and report it. It's the dealer service department's job to fix the problem under bumper to bumper warranty. If there are other dealers around, try taking it to one of them. If it's happening to you, it has probably happened to someone else. Try calling different shops and reporting what you said in this forum as well.
  • Boo, The dealer is trying to say Toyota has to work with the dealership on this one.The dealer says if we can't duplicate the problem we can't fix it.My solution to the dealer was to keep the truck until it doesn't start.But with the lemon law if your vechile is out of service for 30 days or more,Toyota will have to replace or refund your money.It all comes down to that dollar.But I was thinking about taking it somewhere else for service.I will let you know how I make out on this one.Thanks for your help.


  • marcdmarcd Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Tacoma extra cab 4x4. On the passenger side, when you open the door and look down, there is a seam in the metal that is painted over. This seam is on both sides. These seams are on the bottom of the door frames where you step in the vehicle. Anyway, on the passenger side, the paint over the seam has cracked away. Is this common, does anyone else have this, should I be worried, or can I just fix it with touch-up paint. I hope it is not structural
  • I purchased a 05 Tacoma (Double Cab) I love the truck. But here is my quirk. I can use the keyless entry to get in and once in I want to have the truck "automatically lock" either when I put the truck in gear or I turn the ignition on. I know it sounds a bit picky, but I really like this feature. Has anyone had this same issue resolved with their new 05? Thanks
  • I don't think we have this option...mine's never locked the doors by itself. (Except when I use the keyless to unlock and then not get in right will relock itself.)


  • FYI.....I just saw this on

    Toyota Recalling 22,228 Tacoma Pickups
    Associated Press - February 16, 2005

    Motor Trend

    Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 22,228 Tacoma pickups because the parking brake may not work, the automaker and federal safety regulators said Tuesday.

    Tacomas from the 2005 model year with automatic transmissions are involved in the recall.

    Toyota spokesman John Hanson said the company recalled the vehicles after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received eight complaints. No injuries have been reported due to the defect, Hanson said.

    Toyota said the lock nut on the parking brake cable may not have been properly tightened and can loosen and come off. If that happens, the vehicle could roll if it's stopped on a slope and the transmission isn't in park.

    Toyota will notify owners of the recall next month. Dealers will tighten the lock nut for free.
  • I just bought my 2004 2.7L tacoma 4x4 and preparing to move to Minnesota known for their frigid winters. I read your entry about engine problems you encountered and wanted to know if it is weather related. If so, are there many Tacomas out there that experience similar problems? Are there ways to prevent these mechanical breakdowns? What do you do to help weather proof your rig? Any insight would be valuable. Thanks.

  • 2002, tacoma , 4cyl, ,,
    at about 40,000 miles, i noticed a (very intermittent) knock!,,,, it is only at startup, and only noticeable when the truck is (under load), i mean when you drive it off. the vehicle does not make the "noise" when started, or when sitting idling,,, but only when driven off,,, and then the "knock" lasts only 5 seconds or so......I can NOT duplicate this trouble when I want. It "knocks" once every couple of weeks. More noticeable when cold, and after the vehicle has sat for 8 hours or more. oil changes (with filter) ever 3000 miles (castrol 5x30). This may seem insignificant, but when (IT) makes the noise,, It makes the hair stand straight up on your head! really, weird!,,,,,,,,anyone had similar experience? possible a lifter? how can i be certain?
  • 2005 4x4 V-6 double cab with TRD off-road package - less than 250 miles. I realize the engine for 2005 is different than previous years, but I also had a 2004 V-6 that never got to 7,000 miles (wrecked in an accident). My question is: is the engine supposed to sound like it has some kind of fluttering noise coming from it when you accelerate? Also, my first full tank is almost empty already (not even 250 miles). Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Schoolie: Yep, that sounds about right. We have 21 gallon gas tanks, but are on empty with 4-6 gallons still in there. (Which is good, you never want to drive with that little gas in there, anyway.) I'm getting 19-21 mpg.

    I don't understand the "fluttering" noise you are talking about. Is it coming from the engine or tranny? If it does it every time, I'd drop in at the dealer and take the service manager for a quick drive and ask him/her if it's normal.

    (I hope this one lasts longer than 7,000...that had to be a bummer!)

  • aloha7aloha7 Posts: 1
    just got a 2005 4x4 d-cab TRD sport package, about 270 miles now. the flutter comes when accelerating going up a hill or when the truck seems to have shifted into 3rd gear (auto trans)and keep the RPM at about 1500 to 2000 and the flutter occurs. I thought that maybe the dealer put in regular and hoped that when I filled up with premium that the sound would go away. I just filled up and the sound seems to have softened, but it has not gone away. I will try to test drive another tacoma at another dealer to see if the demo has the sound. Most people may not hear the sound if they have the radio on and not listening to the engine
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    My first guess is a fuel system problem.

    Of the 4 basic things that have to happen for the engine to run- a)cranking; b)fuel delivery; c) air; d) spark - you have (a) and almost surely (c). Spark is easy enough for them to check, though that could be an intermittent issue (my worst vehicle ever -1984 Ranger %$#%^*& had an ignition system issue that would flare up now and again, but it could happen on the interstate at 70mph). Could be an issue with fuel getting to the injectors. Leaking high pressure fuel pump, issue with vapor canister or fuel return line, issue with injectors, possibly even fuel filter.
    My pet theory here is that fuel is not readily available for injection into the intake and the cranking for some time is required to get it there. A somewhat more remote possibility is the antitheft system which either diables the fuel delivery or the ignition -I'm not sure which on this vehicle- unless the key w/ the chip is in place. In either case, I suppose there could be an issue there. I should think that if they would keep it over night and have it instrumented before they put it away for the night, that when they first start it the next day they may have a chance to catch one of those.

    Good luck, these kinds of things can be trying.
  • I just want to know if anyone noticed a loud high pitch squeak when they hit a bump I have brought my 05 Tacoma to the dealership 4 times for that problem finally they changed the passenger rear shock cause when I jump up and down on the truck the noise is coming from there. Well the problem is still there and the service department told me that they just do that. That they are a new shock from toyota on these trucks. I would like to know if this is true or not
  • schoolieschoolie Posts: 6
    Aloha7 it sounds like you are hearing the same thing as me. I also want to take a test drive in another Tacoma to see if I hear the same thing. Exactly right about the radio covering up the sound too - some people can't hear the noise at all. Please let me know what you hear if you get a chance to test drive another and I will do the same. Thanx for the input.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    I was just wondering if any of you people complaining about your new 2005 Tacomas have ever been in any other trucks?Most of you should trade your Tacos for Colorados or Canyons,or say Rangers,or maybe a Dakota,no wait,a,a,Frontier.Any of these would be a better choice.The outdated designs,the whimpy motors.The crappie interiors.Sure the 05 Tacos have some problems,but so does any other first year,totally redesigned vehicle.If you weren't willing to take a chance you should have bought a full size Chevy.They been the same for the last 13 or 15 years,plenty of time to work out the bugs,right?Wrong!If you want to be cool you gotta take some chances.My 2005 Tacoma Crew Cab 4X4 Long Bed TRD Sport "4" pkg. with 5 spd/auto in Indigo Ink Pearl is the hottest thing out there.I'm sucking gas and hauling [non-permissible content removed] and loving every minute of it.People are whining about noises and rattling and poor gas mileage.IT'S A TRUCK!!!!TRADE YOUR TACO'S FOR BUS PASSES!!!!!!
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