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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • alrobalrob Posts: 2
    Forgive me if this is stupid, but is the transmission in neutral?
  • drathardrathar Posts: 7
    Yes, what is your point?
  • gdwtch1969gdwtch1969 Posts: 15
    You had replied about my heat and coolant on my Tacoma.I am having some major issues with this truck.Could you please send me your e-mail address.I would really like to talk to you.I am not understanding much about the heat exchanger.But I do have some very important questions that maybe you could help me with.I would appreciate any advice you can give me.
  • gdwtch1969gdwtch1969 Posts: 15
    Can anyone tell me the original spark plugs on a 2004 Tacoma V6 3.4 Liter
  • twain220twain220 Posts: 2
    For over a year now, my 2.4L (240K miles) has been idling high, tough to start and more recently billowing black smoke. I've been through 4 mechanics, including the dealership, without an answer. I've changed the fuel filter, cleaned the contacts on the air flow sensor (I have a KN air filter), cleaned the injectors, replaced the fuel pressure regulator and no codes show up on anyone's computer. There is no vaccuum leak. I'm scared to bring it to a mechanic again but it's getting worse, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas (other than sell my truck) for solving this problem. I've read that this could be attributed to an IAC valve, O2 sensor, timing and an egr valve (?) question is this: should I just buy one sensor at a time as a hopeful gamble? If so, which one would you recommend first? I'd trade my girlfriend to have this problem corrected. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    Mississippi Twain
  • soljah13soljah13 Posts: 3
    I need help. I'm in the Army stationed in Germany. I bought a 2005 Tacoma Doublecab, 4x4, automatic transmission, w/ TRD Off-Road Package (U.S. specs) here when I returned from Iraq earlier this year. When I am driving at high speeds (autobahn) I hear a whistling sound coming from my dashboard. It makes a sound not unlike when you put a sheet of paper between your lips and blow (only louder). Does anyone else have this problem or know what the fix is? I would really appreciate any help from anyone. I can provide any additional info needed. Thanks in advance.
  • wparker1wparker1 Posts: 13
    Well I finally ordered my new Tachoma Double Cab Prerunner yesterday. The dealer says it will arrive next Thursday. I am a newbie here so would like to hear from anyone who has same vehicle as mine. I ordered the SR5 #3 package with optional wheels (16 inch) and chrome step bars on sides. Color is Impulse Red Pearl with Graphite upholstery. I sure hope this was a good decision as I plan to keep it for at least five years. Has anyone ever put dual exhuasts on one of these with the V6 before?? :blush:
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    i have the same truck, but with no running boards, same color, i have close to 8000 miles and no problems, bought it in feb, i am thinking of adding running boards, or other extras but have not dedcided yet, i really enjoy driving this thing, hope you enjoy it just as much.
  • wparker1wparker1 Posts: 13
    I got the running boards because my wife who is short couldn't get into it without them. I had same problem with a Dodge Dakota that I used to own and found that the side steps really help getting in and out. Is it true you need to run premium gas in it?? :blush:
  • costa06costa06 Posts: 1
    I have a '97 2.7 4x4. I recently replaced the rear shocks only to find that I was sent 2x4 parts...not 4x4 but I already have the shocks in the truck. I also put an add a leaf in the rear. The truck handeles so porley that I don't even drive it. The rear tires skip off the ground durring acceleraion. It there a huge difference etween 2 and 4 wheel drive shocks...and do I need to take the add a leafs out?
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    you dont need to run premium gas but for top preformance you do, i use 89 and still get 19 mpg in city, and only spend and extra $1.50 to fill up.
  • twain220twain220 Posts: 2
    Ok, idling turns to normal when the mass air flow sensor is disconnected, but it has no power...since I reconnected it, it hasn't acted up yet but the check engine light is funny.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
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  • 4xboys4xboys Posts: 2
    I wish I could offer some advice, but I'm looking for the same. I have a '95 Tacoma with the 2.4L engine... Same problem. Ti will start cold EVERY time, without fail. Only when the engine is hot does it intermittently have trouble starting. I've found that if I keep trying while varying gas pedal position, etc I can usually get it going but it's pretty rough right at first. Then everything is fine. BTW, I know that you should never apply gas to a fuel injected engine, but when you're stuck in a parking lot with someplace to go, you will try almost anything.

    I had a friend who runs an Oil change place scan the engine even though no check engine light had come on... just in case (obviously there was nothing there). I'm to the point where I'd gladly take it in, but how would they diagnose it? Now I need a battery 'cause I've drained this one trying to start it when the engine is hot. Not sure what the next course of action is. If you've had any luck, let me know and I'll do the same if I figure mine out.

    Dad of 4 Boys!
  • goofballgoofball Posts: 20
    It sounds like a possible vapor lock issue. Vapor lock is when the fuel lines get too hot and cause the fuel to boil in the lines, creating vapor bubbles that fuel injection and carburetion systems don't deal well with. Check and make sure that your fuel lines aren't too close to the engine, exhaust headers or any other portion of the exhaust system, some of the retaining pins/clips may have broken due to age. Make sure that any areas where the fuel lines have to run near hot components are covered with a heat resistant reflective insulation (I don't remember off the top of my head what it's called but places like AutoZone/Napa should sell it in sheets or rolls).
  • tylermtylerm Posts: 1
    :( hi i have a 96 toyota tacoma and it ran great from 96 till 2005 but last week i heard this rattling sound when im in a idol. when i give it gas it is fine but when in sitting at a lite or at home or something it rattles i took it to 3 garages and the couldn't find out what it was. can anybody help me plllleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee!! i don't wanna have to go get another truck and have another truck payment i just got this one payed off :lemon:
  • 4xboys4xboys Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip. I know there are a bit more fuel lines near the engine since the fuel filter is located under the injection stuff, and the bracket for the filter is mounted to the engine. So... you bring up a great point. I'll look into insulating those lines better.

    Thanks Again,
    Dad of 4 Boys!
  • wparker1wparker1 Posts: 13
    HI guys,
    I'm new here and need some older heads advice about my new Tachoma. Its a 4X2 Double Cab Prerunner SR5 model. Its is Impulse Red and my wife loves it. I want to change a few things and dont know how.:
    1.Can you rewire the fog lights so the switch controls them intead of them only coming on with head lights??
    2. Do you absolutley have to use premium fuel or can you mix 89/92 occasionally??
    3. I am ordering a Leer Cap for the bed cover and wonder if anyone else has tried this company or thieir products??
    I'm also interseted in after market exhaust products for this truck. Has anyone put dual exahusts on one of these trucks and what kind, how did it work, etc.
    Appreciate all advice as I want a nice looking and nice sounding truck but not exotic!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    If you do a search for "fog lights" in the forums for the Tacoma, you should find some instructions for how to enable the fogs to work without the headlights being on.

    You can use 87 octane, just with slightly less performance. (5-10hp difference)

    Hope this helps.

  • fracballfracball Posts: 2
    Yes, mine does that too. Best I can tell, it is air turbulence from the side mirrors. My other car (Ford) does it also. Not sure if there is a fix at this time.
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