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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Posts: 209
    Hi from another military member:
    well, this sound /noise could come from the antenna, mud flaps,wipers or windshield gasket but this truck is not that aerodynamic either.
  • Can anyone out there tell me what kind of original spark plugs are in a 2004 V6 3.4?
  • 2004 Tacoma Toyota V6 3.4 Spark Plugs
  • kattmankattman Posts: 2
    In my 2005 double cab I have quite a bit of wind noise and I though it was because of the wind guards on the windows. But I also have a lot of road noise as well.
  • kattmankattman Posts: 2
    In my 2005 V6 automatic Tacoma Double Cab the air conditioning seems to be acting different than when it was new. When I turn of the recirculation switch I expect to smell the humidity from outside. Now that the truck is several months old the smell of humidity from outside comes and goes even when the switch is set to recirculation. I can also feel the air temperature from the vents rise at the same time. This will happen every 20 to 30 seconds while the air is running. Does anyone know if this is normal or if not what the problem might be?

    I live in Florida and it is quite warm and humid right now.
  • wparker1wparker1 Posts: 13
    Thanks Ken thats good to hear. Took my first little trip this weekend and was very surprised by gas mileage. Variety of speeds (some Interstate) averaged 22MPG for 589 miles. That was with premium BP fuel. Noticed wind noise on interstate but guess thats just the way it is. Can't wait to get my cap put on to hold the rear end down better. I'll ask everyone again, Has anyone ever put cat back dual exhaust on this 2.4 Ltr V-6? If so what was overall effect on performance? Borla makes a single cat back for this model. Also K&N has a FIPK for this model. Thinking of putting both on! anyone have any comments?? :blush:
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    The V6 is not a 2.4litre
  • I just bought a 1999 Tacoma and was wondering if it is hard to change the trany oil, does it need special tools and what kind of oil does it take.
  • eric666eric666 Posts: 2
    Hello all,,I have read some posts about front end shake/shimmy on 05 Tacos,,Mine also does this,, but I have stock Dunlops.. Anyone else have the problem with these..I find it a little odd that several tire companies having the problem.Has everyone had the problem fixed 100%. Or like me, one balance and better,,but not there yet..I wonder if it is more of a Toyo problem than tires,,Thanks for any input... Eric
  • lakerlaker Posts: 1
    I have a trouble with my 99 Tacoma 4x4 65k miles today. It totally stopped on Hw on my way to work. I believe it is related to problems of its clutch. because lately my friend and I both felt much less power to speed up and I had a plan to take care of it on the coming weekend. It just couldn't hold breath longer enough. Anyway, I never have any experience of clutch repair. It will be so appreciated if some experts can give me some advisors. I have an estimated cost of $821.83 including clutch pressure plate-R&R ($459.57), clutch pressure plate ($97.89), clutch assembly ($146.95), clutch braring & bushing ($91.36). Are those charges reasonable? What else do I need to pay attentions on? Thanks in advance.
  • wparker1wparker1 Posts: 13
    You are correct. I meant to say the 4.0 liter V-6. Now has anyone here ever had exeperience putting dual cat back exhaust on this truck before. I put Flowmaster cat back duals on a Dodge Dakota a couple of years ago and ruined the performance of the truck. Loss of back pressure killed the torque at low RPM's. Don't want that to happen to my new Tachoma. I love the looks of duals coming out the rear of my truck and would like to put cat back duals on it. :blush:
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    Labman2: My 4low problem has been fixed. I had the tranny replaced. It works fine now. If you have your dealer look at the part number for the tranny, you'll notice it's been changed! Because the tranny has been updated, probably! Toyota claims that a shaft seal from the tranny to the transfer case is leaking and contanimating the oil in the transfer case. Apparently toyota doesn't know that they use the same oil!! I bet if you check the stock at toyota you'll find that they actually have a bunch in stock. Why would they stock so many or any trannys for a brand new truck? My bud is actually my mechanic at the dealer, and has told me that they have had two more tacomas come in with the same problem! It's only with the 6 speed gear boxes. One guy said he'd take it back to his dealer, and the other taco is still being investigated! I guess toyota doesn't want to dish out new trannys! well good luck any more Q's just reply or e-mail. I hope this helps you cause factory toyota wasn't so good at helping the dealer out!
  • jennymjennym Posts: 2
    I am looking for info on how to purchase a fold-up cup holder for the backseat of our 99 Tacoma. We need another one in order to place two forward facing car seats in the back.
    When I called the dealer they stated they needed a stock # from Toyota to order another tray. When I called Toyota they stated they don't sell the cup-holder tray as a seperate item. Thank you so much for your help. I would like to eventually ride in the front again, without having to buy a new truck! Jen
  • chad4auchad4au Posts: 3
    Just got the 05 Double Cab SB 2wd with the TRD package and the engine seems a little louder than expected. When accelerating the engine seems to knock loudly. Has anyone else run into this? Is it normal? I talked to the service writer at my dealer and they said to give it the 3500 miles to break in and if it still was happening they would look into it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. CP
  • We are having problems with our tacoma leaking water under the drivers and passsenger side floors. It leaks when it rains and when the AC is on. The service guy at the dealer said that something was clogged in the AC unit and that wouldn't be covered under warrenty. Does that sound right? I've heard that the rain water problem seems to be something wrong with the windsheild seal. Could the AC unit be giving us problems with both water problems? Any help yould be GREAT, we don't have the money for toyota to jerk us around if we can fix it ourselves.

    Thanks so much
  • Could anyone point me in the right direction to the "Service Bulletin Board"? And I have one more stupid question. What is a Service Bulletin Board?

    Thanks Again
  • sgwynnsgwynn Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem last year. The fix for mine was to remove the Mass Air Sensor from the intake path and carefully spray the two tiny wires inside with electronic parts cleaner, and re-assemble. Cleaned up all hesitation and starting problems since then, and cleared my 'check engine' light also. (this after 300.00 worth of O2 sensor replacement which didn't help).

    Cleaning the sensor is cheap, and you only seem to find out about it online.
  • tacoguytacoguy Posts: 12
    I finally set up a page with pix of my Tacoma "paint chip mobile".
    05 Tacoma Paint Chip Mobile
  • tacoguytacoguy Posts: 12
    In response to vwoatech statements...

    "...Integrated closed-box frame with unibody construction is extremely rigid and 93 percent unique to any Honda vehicle..."

    NOT A TRUCK?...YEEE... NO!:
    "2006 Honda Ridgeline Is First Ever Four-Door Truck to Earn Top Government Crash Test Rating"

    "2006 Honda Ridgeline Earns Best-Ever Rollover Rating for a Pickup"

    Not bad truck ratings for "a SUT". Besides, what do you suppose the "T" stands for in SUT?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Hi Missy

    I believe you're referring to TSBs - Technical Service Bulletins. These are bulletins sent from a manufacturer to dealerships identifying a problem among a common group of vehicles and how to repair them. The best place to find applicable TSBs for any given vehicle is

    kcram - Pickups Host

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