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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • I picked up my new 2005 Tacoma Double Cab Longbed 4X4 one week ago and have had the same problem. Tires have been balanced, they all needed it, and the problem continues. I will go back to the dealer after Labor Day. I have 245/75/16 Dunlops OEM tires. If your BF Goodrich tires are doing the same then it can't be the tires??? Any thoughts?
  • Also, I read on another site that an owner removed his front skid plate and this corrected the problem.
  • ok, so what type of CAMPAIGN are they describing? Not trying to be an a$$ either, but that's pretty vague.
  • I recently picked up my new double cab shortbed prerunner and it has the 245/75/16 Dunlops on it as well. I've had it back twice for tire balancing and it still has a little shake between 65-70 on the interstate. I'm putting new ProComp wheels on tomorrow and hope that will help. They are much lighter and use an 8 inch rim vice the current 7 inch. I'll let you know if this cures the problem. :(

    My question to everyone is: "Has anyone put a dual cat back exhaust system on one of these trucks and what was the overall effect?"" :blush:
  • '05 DoubleCab PreRunner 2WD with TRD OffRoad #2

    Picked it up on 8/28 and noticed vibration through the steering wheel at about 60MPH. it also pulled a bit to the right.

    Took it into Texas Toyota (Grapevine, TX) for service (not where I bought it, but closer to home) on 9/1 with about 200 miles on it. They balanced all 4 tires and checked the alignment. It's driven fine since then.
  • Can anyone tell me how to get into the air bag compartment to fix that rattle mentioned in several coversations. I recentley purchased my Tacoma used, and the owner must not have had the dealer take care of the problem.
  • I just got a used 1999 Tacoma - 2WD regular cab non-prerunner - and noticed the back of the bed is leaning to the left. I took it to a couple tire places and body shops and 3 out of 4 thought I had a bad leaf spring. I have seen a few used leaf spring sets for sale on ebay by people who install new springs to beef up their suspension and sell the old ones that are still good. I need to find out which year tacomas I can take springs from to put into my 1999. I called the local Toyota parts man and he said July 1997 thru September 2000 Tacomas have the same leaf spring part number for the 2WD regular cab non-prerunner body styles. He also said the 2001 thru 2004 Tacoma springs have different part numbers, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are not interchangeable. Does anyone know if the rear leaf springs from 2001 thru 2004 Tacomas with 2WD regular cab non-prerunner body styles would fit my 1999 Tacoma with 2WD regular cab non-prerunner body style? Would ride height and stiffness, etc., be the same? Does anybody know who to ask to find out?
  • I was watching tv last night and boom i see major recal headline. So naturally i listen there were two major recalls on the news one for FORD wich was please bring your trucks in the mototors have a huge possibility of catching on fire lol . I was like wow crazzy than they said toyota has one also for power steering wich caused vibrations and steering problems. So call all your local dealers as soon as you can i think there another major call back. Mines going in today for the recall on noisy springs and the winshield housing came apart. So far im not surprised after all it is a new truck new design its to be expected as long as they fix it i dont mind working out the bugs.
  • None of them work and the fuses are all OK. Could it be the relay (clicker) or something else?

    New to the forum and this is my first post. Thank you!!
  • There appears to be a common hot start problem with Toyota Tacoma trucks.
    I posted a message to this newsgroup almost a month ago and got several
    individuals to respond they had the same problem or to offer suggestions.
    A bright fellow who goes by samwise (and I believe it) came up with the

    If your Tacoma has trouble starting with the engine hot (usually at the gas
    station or a quick stop) you need to disconnect the IAT (Intake Air
    Temperature) sensor. This sensor is located on the air filter box, and is
    not the large MAF(Mass Air Flow) sensor. The connector to the IAT sensor
    only has two wires.
    I found this on another site. Hope it works, I will be having my mechanic testing this one out. GOOD LUCK!!! :) :) :shades:

    This will cause the check engine light to come one, but who cares. If you
    want, perhaps changing the sensor will fix the problem properly. I just
    disconnected it and my truck runs fine.

    Thanks again to Samwise for the solution. I spent well over a thousand
    dollars at the Toyota dealer and they did nothing at all except charge me.
    I hope this solution works for you if you are experiencing he same problem.
    It's people like Samwise who make the newsgroups work!
  • I have the same problem. Mine is a '99 v6 4wd, 132k miles. I have an engine code also (P0171). Any luck yet? I have a few things to look for after surfing the boards.
  • Which hose was it? Any info would help.
  • I own a 99 Tacoma V6 Prerunner Auto with 95k miles and I am having problems with my transmission. It will slip from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. The slipping usually is not to hard - feels more like it 'pops' into gear going up and down, but sometimes it will slam into gear.

    Also, starting last week it has been slipping at speed. When cruising at 50 mph I will hit the accelerator, it downshifts smooth and all is good, but when I let off the gas and it shifts into 4th (I assume) it has been really rough, almost slamming into gear.

    I would rather not have to get my transmission taken apart for someone to figure out the problem, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas that could help.

    I appreciate any insite!

  • Changing from Dunlop to Firestone is like trading in a Kia to get a Hyundai. I had vibes in my Tundra until I bought Bridgestone AT (not APT). Bridgestone is sold by Firestone, but is 100% better.
  • Not sure what is going on but My 99 Tacoma did the same thing. 2.7 litre Click when started sometimes I would try ten key turns also before it took. I went to the auto zone and picked up a cold weather starter becasue other option does not fit. i replaced the starter and she runs just fine again. Did you put the starter cables back in same place. I think they only go one way on the 99 but not sure about the 98
  • My 99 Taco did the same thing nothing but clicks then it would start. some times 10 clicks. I went to auto zone paid 160 for starter after returning core of the old one. Truck runs fine now. 2.7 litre is what I have and the cold weather starter is the only one that will fit. 2.0 kilowat starter.
  • It sounds great I have a minekee catback on may tacoma 2.7 and sounds throaty. Also a K&N cold air intake sounds very good excpecialy on the 3.4 litre
  • I have a 1998 Tacoma Pre-runner 4Cyl. Sluggish between 55-60 MPH, struggles on slight inclines. Just over 70,000 miles. I took it to Toyota of Augusta for a tune up. Toyota of Augusta said $4500 for a new engine head. HELP!!! It runs better with a half tank or more of gas. Runs real bad with less than a 1/4 tank. HELP! :cry:
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Simple, just keep your gas tank between 3/4 and full. Sorry for the pun. $4500 seems quite high, get a 2nd opinion, heck how much can a whole new engine cost?
  • I can't imagine how fuel tank level can interact w/ the engine head.

    I would look at fuel filter and fuel pump. (or even water in your fuel tank. water will accumulate at the bottom, the pickup scrn on most vehicles follows the float, so at low levels -usually more like the last 1/4 tank- the performance might get ugly.)
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