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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    White smoke is usually water or coolant. (Blue is oil, black is excess or unburned fuel)
    Did your truck get wet, as in partially submerged?
    Is it possible that you got water in the fuel tank? (Although I would expect that if water was picked up from the tank it wouldn't run.)

    Do you have any water in the crankcase (oil)?

    Is the coolant level staying normal, or do you have to add?

    If the intake, head , or block are leaking coolant, you could get some of these effects. If the coolant level is staying constant, does it show oil? If coolant level is dropping, fill it, then leave the cap off and start the engine. let the engine get up to operating temp so that the thermostat opens and notice if you see any bubbles coming from the coolant reservoir which could be exhaust.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    brake- master cylinder is expensive. wheel cylinders a bit less, but should be replaced in pairs, calipers are expensive. So, bleed the heck out of those suckas before you give up on them. Another, but less likely suspect is bad brake hoses (btwn master cyl and hard piping and btwn hard pipe and wheels). If the hose reinforcement is going bad it may swell as you apply brakes, the change in volume taking some of the fluid that should be moving the piston at the wheel cyl or caliper. You would need 2 people, one to apply brake, the other to observe to see this. (wear safety glasses)

    clutch- hope for air in the line and bleed it. otherwise, my best guess is synchronizers.

    if ignition successfully gets the engine to turn every time and it just doesn't always start, it's either a fuel delivery or ignition system problem. W/o diagnostic lights, you need to go one step at a time. First, check history or condition of spark plugs, then fuel filter, etc. If filter hasn't ever been replace, try that (though that's not the most likely cause, if it's really old it should be replaced). if plugs are bad, change them. Things require diagnostic equipment after that (plug wires, coils, injectors and pump, etc.)
  • jrfathjrfath Posts: 1
    I have an 05 double-cab 4x4. My CDs get WAY hot...almost too hot to the touch to eject. Especially after playing for 30+ minutes. Had one skipping the other day, but do not know if that was b/c of the heat, or if it was a poorly burned CD.
  • About a year ago I started noticing little orange specs popping through all over on my paint. I knew it was rust but I was baffled at how my truck was rusting so soon. I live relatively closer to the ocean, but I take care of my truck. I thought perhaps I'd done something wrong, but the paint is really prone to chips as well. Anyway once I figured out it was a defect in the paint. I took it to the dealer & they tried to tell me "oh yeah ....that will wash off." WTF??? Um, ok they also said it would be an ext. warranty issue since I'm am over my 36,000 miles & that it was my problem & good luck getting them to pay. I finally put my "thinking cap" on & read my warranty regarding anti corrosion. Now I have to go back & fight with them because everyone says it looks like a bad primer job. I'm really confused as to why I should have to "fight" about anything??? It's on paper! Has anyone else gone through this before?
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I don't have the warranty in front of me, but I think if you read it carefully, you'll find it says 5yr for rust-thru or perforation. In other words, they don't warrant the finish or appearance at all, merely that the panel won't rust so badly within 5yrs that it has holes in it. Not much of a warranty, but all automakers have that.

    As for others experiencing paint prblms- yes, just a few wks after I had picked up m 2004 dc taco, I noticed rust stains on the black weatherstrip near the threshold when I opened the door. Looked underneath and noticed that the corners of each door had no topcoat (white) and the driver's door had a thumbsized spot with absolutely no paint at all.
    A friend w/ a 2002 had the same spots of no top-coat (champagne), but no bare metal.Several other trucks in the parking lot looked the same, and reports here on Edmunds were common.

    When I brought it in and argued that with only a couple of wks ownership I shouldn't be seeing bare metal rusting, pointed out that the truck bed topcoat was so thin I could see gray primer thru it in spots, and so I felt that if they were going to repaint it, Toy should provide a letter that would note the problem and cover any future defects found in the paint for at least 5yrs, preferably 10, they wouldn't discuss it. Months later, I'm cleaning the truck and notice a blister where the original rust was. The repaired paint was rusting from beneath. Brought it in, they botched that a couple of times as well. Thank goodness. It progressed so badly with the incompetent svc mgr that the owner eventually offered to fix it, replace the doors, or refund my full purchase price. Because of the way that upper mngment handled it, and the fact that I didn't want to not have a truck, I asked that they sell me a new 2005, and apply the refund to that purchase. They gave me the same discount that I had on the orig negotiated 2004, so I paid the difference in the discounted price of a 2005 vs a 2004. In essence, I drove the 2004 for nearly a year at no cost to me. (Didn't hurt that the resale value of the 2002-2004 models had gone so high and I had very little mileage on the truck.)

    So, after the above rambling, the bottom line is, I think Toy had a lot of paint issues in those model years. I was lucky enough to get into a new truck and so far don't have the fear that my truck will turn orange.
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    My 05' tacoma had an engine light too! I took it to my dealer, they plugged it in to their computer (hand held device) And got a fault that a chip in side is no good. I forget the actual fault code. The tech was unable to clear the fault, and the solution from "e-tas" was to replace the ecu!! I had mine replaced and the problem went away. I'll also wanna quickly mention that I've had 15 warranty claims in under the first year!! i did go talk to the owners of my dealership politely about my concerns! I was told he would see what he could do. Well this sat i go to pick up my 06'!! Not 100% free, i am paying a small amount for depreciation. I'm very impressed the way my dealership and toyota handled my situation. My toyota customer service has been more than excellent! :)
  • My 05 DC with 4.0 is having an idling problem.

    Yesterday I was riding and noticed everytime I stopped at a light, my engine was not idling properly. The Tach was moving from 500 - 650, @ 600 it ildes smooth as silk. When it drops to 500, it gets rough, I am hoping this is somehow due to the very wet conditions, but none the less find it troublesome just the same. Has anyone else had this type of issue with their truck?
  • Well I recently upgraded my speakers in my DC. I was unpleasantly surprised to see multiple orange (rust colored) spots on the bottom of the rear passenger side door. There appear to be 5 or 6 tiny rust spots, the size of a pencil tip. None the less, pencil tips turn into eraser tips in under 5 yrs. My concern is that if the obvious areas are rusting, what it happening in the not so obvious areas ?

    Everyone, check your trucks with a fine tooth comb, and lets see if this problem is bigger than we thought. Then we can deal with the resolution issues.

    Good Luck
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Was A/C or windshield defogger on? (ac compressor running)

    May be a low idle issue and the higher speed w/ the a/c on smoothed things, or could be that the idle is not going up when the compressor kicks on, and that's dragging rpm down. The latter shouldn't happen as the ECM should be maintaining rpm regardless of load, but...
  • Intermittent vibration problem at 60 to 70 mph. It seems that this is a common problem on the 2005 Tacos. The truck has been back to the dealer 9 times and it is not fixed. The problem has been on the truck since new and it now has 10000 miles on it The tires have been balanced, replaced (Dunlop to Firestone),road force tested and balanced, front left axle replaced. I would appreciate a post from anybody that has this problem fixed. I have thought it was fixed only to have it come back a few days later.
  • come to think of it, yes the de fogger was on

    However, in todays day and age that shouldnt affect things with all the advanced electronics on this truck or for that matter any car. Something that bears watching to see if it has to go in.

  • Hi - I am having the same problem on my 97 Tacoma 4x4 v6 125K miles. I have looked at the clutch pedal assembly and I don't see anything loose or broken. I am wondering if there is a hidden spring somewhere that has failed, or there is a pressure issue with the clutch itself. I don't think the clutch is engaging completely since I started having this problem. I have had problems shifting into first gear but once I am rolling it shifts smoothly.
  • cosmo5cosmo5 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, the gas mileage has dropped. I took the truck to a dealer and they said the mileage has dropped because of the year(old truck).
    I have been using premium gas with iridium plugs. I wonder if the catalyctic
    converter is going. Let me know what you find out.
  • Need help solving problem with Tacoma 2.7 with newly installed AEM intake. Truck idles rough and triggers the check engine light each time i come to a stop. Cleaned the MAF and still have the same problem... Anyone had touble with aftermarket intakes on the Tacoma? I don't want to take it to the dealer and would like to know what else it could be besides the MAF. I tried unpluging the MAF and the truck idles fine, drives like sh*t, but nonetheless idles fine. Help please.
  • sam452sam452 Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Tacoma, with automatic transmission, having had a Honda Civic before. Up to now, I have done the required maintenance on it.

    Repair people kept telling me that the Hondas *must* have their timing belts replaced every 50K miles or the engine will lock up.

    But no one is telling me of anything the Toyotas must have to stay alive other than what I'm doing. Surely its timing belt is due to go?

    What kind of things must I do in addition to keep the truck going great? thanx, sam
  • I have an '05 Tacoma TRD Sport with 6-speed MT. At completely random times, the transmission "pops" out of gear and back into neutral while driving. There appears to be no pattern to when it happens. The engine could be cold or hot, towing or not, under accleration or cruising. Of course the dealer could not replicate the problem when I brought it in for service and so the problem persists. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. The cure is simply a matter of engaging clutch and placing it back in gear - but this should not be happening. Any ideas/suggestions ?
  • The fluid noise is most likely coming from the transmission lines. My 05 has the TRD Sport pkg which includes the transmission cooler in front of the a/c condensor. This may be allowing an air pocket in the lines since the lines do move uphill considerably to the cooler. Each time I start to move the vehicle with any appreciable speed, forward or reverse, it makes a swashing, cavitation sound. I tried turning the wheels, but have not found that to work. I also have a high pitched squeal which oscillates on and off at any road speed. The faster you go, the faster it oscillates. This may be related to the a/c. My dealer Tech and the factory are "working" on both.
  • 05 Tacoma 4x4 TRD SR5 Access cab manual

    For some reason the manual cluch start is no longer working - I have to use the electronic button to start every time. Any one else had this problem??
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Your owner's manual should have the answers all your maintenance questions.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Do you have the trouble code number (i.e PO420)...I could probably give some info on it.I don't think you have a lemon,it's more like the person(s)are just throwing parts at it to remedy the check engine light.(typical dealer)
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