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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Sounds to me like you have a missfire wich will make the check engine light flash.I would start with a tune up and hope that takes care of it.As far as it being the fuel pump....very unlikely as the Toyota pumps are bullit proof.Make sure you use the Toyota factory spark plugs.
  • I hope someone can give me a bit of advice on this topic. I'm going nuts trying to figure this out. Here's a quick synopsis.

    It's a 98 tacoma 4x4, 3.4v6, TRD. Brakes have always been a bit week even when I bought it stock 3 years ago, so there has always been a problem, now that I have 35" tires obviously that emphasized the problem.

    Rear brakes didn't seem to do anything so tried adjusting proportioning valve armiture. No luck, changed proportioning valve since it look pretty beat up from something. Some difference, not much.

    Thought it might be the booster, so had a shop replace that. No change in braking power. Shop said because of my supercharger I had a decrease vacuum. Ok, understandable even though I was still pulling 15 (inches??), so to correct that I installed a vacuum canister. No shortage of vacuum now.

    Front rotors were warped, so I installed some slotted/drilled baer rotors and high dollar pads. No difference yet. Just changed the master cylinder, still no difference. What the heck am I missing here!

    And for those of you that think it is the larger tires, I disagree. My braking power is so bad that even with stock tires I roll right through stop signs in normal braking.

    The calipers look fine, no leakage or rust. Before I waste money to replace them with no difference, I was thinking to go to a Big Brake system, but don't want to spend any more money with out some expert advice. Please HELP! Thanks.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I am a mechanic by trade, so perhaps I can give you a little insight. I would really like to see the truck before I make a judgement, but that is likely impossible. I had a 96 with no brake problems at all, so I know that it is not a normal thing for the Tacomas. It sounds to me like you have a lack of power to the entire brake system. It is either a bad power booster, lack of vacume or a vacume leak. Could also be that the vacume hose is connected to the wrong place. Some ports have vacume when the engine is idling, while others have vacume at cruise. You can have great vacume at the port, but if there is none at idle, it will do you no good to have a 50 gallon vacume resevoir. You always brake with the throttle closed, so that would explain if you have the wrong port. If you can get your hands on a portable vacume pump, run a hose into the cab and pump up the vacume while trying to stop. If that don't work, then it is likely the booster that is bad. It really soumds like you lost the power part of your power brakes. If you are not locking up the rear brakes, there is a definate lack of power. The front brakes do most of the work, so a problem with the rears would be minimally noticed and a problem with the front would make the rears work harder and lock up. If you are noticing a fluid loss, then it could be other things.
  • I completely agree with you, it just doesn't seem right that's why I'm so frustrated. The vacume port I'm hooked up to is the one which the Supercharger instructions showed, plus it is definitely pulling plenty vacume at idle. I've been fooling with the rear brakes with the rear tires in the air. Found that the proportioning valve wasn't adjusted properly anymore (bent arm from something). Rear brakes actually stop quickly now with the rear tires in the air.

    I haven't test drove it yet, but it still doesn't feel like there is enough power to the master cylinder. It only takes a very little pressure to the gas pedal to get the rear tires spinning when the brakes are pressed fully.

    I couldn't lock up the front tires at all, and definitely no fluid loss. I'll try doing the remote vacume test after this test drive. Thanks for your advice. If you have any more, I'm all ears.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I would check for kinked or pinched brake line tubing or hoses. Warped rotors may indicate calipers not fully releasing quickly -possibly due to pinched line restricting flow of fluid back to master. Would also slow brake response. May be a long shot, but replacing tubing or a hose is cheaper than most other components.

    I'm especially curious about piping damage because of your mention of external physical damage to the proportioning valve.

    Good luck
  • I looking at a 1995 Toyota Pickup DX that's for sale from an individual. The guy said the only thing wrong is that the previous owner disconnected the parking break handle (because he didn't know how to use it?). So the handle is in the cab laying behind the seat and he said all that needs to be done is to put the handle back in and reconnect the cable to it. Is this an easy fix? I'm fairly handy with my cars, can I do this fix myself?

  • I've noticed a vibration/shuddering on my '06 Double Cab around 5-10 mph when decelerating somewhat quickly. It feels like it is in the drive train somewhere. Of course, the dealer didn't feel it. Not knowing what it is, I'm a little concerned about potential damage somewhere down the road. I've also noticed a little hard shifting in slow and stop and go traffic conditions. My last vehicle ('00 Dakota) was smooooooth. So, I'm a little concerned. Other that, I love my new truck.
  • i am very disappointed in my 2005 Tacoma Access Cab with the TRD Package. i bought this truck expecting to be able to go off-road with little to no problems and the skid plate on the underside made me pretty happy b/c there are a lot of things on trails that can really mess ya up. i took it off road on a TRAIL (nothing harsh) ONE time and that one time something came up and punctured the radiator. the check engine light came on and i took it to a toyota place the next day not know it was the radiator and by that time everything was gone. i am having to replace the small block and heads on it...labor and all it almost $10K,insurance wont help and toyota said they cant do anything either. i am not sure exactly what the purpose of skid plate is if it isnt protecting the things that need protecting the most. this is my first toyota and probably my last. :(
  • Sounds like you and I may have the sampe problem. My 98 Taco has been intermittently failing to start. I can hear a click when I try to turn it over, but other than that there is no sound at all. After one, two, or three attempts, usually a minute or so between attempts, it will turn over and runs fine. I was told to check the 80A fuse under the hood, which appears to be fine. As of this morning however, it will not turn over at all, no matter how many attempts I have made. Anyone have any other suggestions as to what it might be? Thinking at this point it must be the starter has gone out.
  • pecaspecas Posts: 9
    make sure your battery is charged fully. Are your headlights bright? Then check the electrical connections at the starter for tightness. A loose wire or poor ground connection can cause this. If this doesn't fix it, replacing the starter solenoid would probably be in line. Note that on manual transmission models the clutch must be depressed for the starter to work and on Automatic models the gear selector must be in neutral or park. (neutral safety switch)
  • Try checking the spark plug wires. I had a similar problem and it drove me crazy. Go ahead and replace them and this should make a difference.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Surely you had more than the check engine light to tell you there was a problem. Did you not notice an increase in engine temp?

    I'm sorry for the disaster that you experienced, but you can't assume that the skid plate will protect your vehicle from every possible hazard. Yours was a freak accident. At least that was the cause of the damage to the radiator. As for engine damage- hindsight is always 20-20, but the key to avoiding that would have been looking for damage and noticing the engine temp change, so as to not drive the vehicle so far without coolant. It would certainly not be a warranty issue though, no more than the screw thru my "steel belted" radial tire.

    Good luck. I hope your experience with your Taco improves dramatically after this.
  • I have recently taken delivery of an 06 Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab. I noticed today that when going downhill, foot off the gas, (long paved country road) the auto trans downshifted by itself to a lower gear? Nothing in the instruction manual about this. I called the dealer they were not sure if this was normal. Has anyone experienced this?
  • That's normal. Mine does it at apx. 30 mph.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Yep '05 as well.
    In my opinion, it's an improvement over the programming of most trannys. The Honda Ody (2002 at least) downshifts only if you touch the brake pedal under those conditions. I like this better. It more closely immitates what I used to do with my manual trans. Longer brake life for sure, and oddly enough, in some cases, higher fuel economy.

    In fact, we live in (FLAT) south Louisiana where I get roughly 17mpg when driving exclusively in town, 22-23 on the highway. On a recent trip to northern Arkansas, we had 22 -23 mpg in mixed driving. So the short trip, stop and go (although it's really not "city" up there), had no negative effect on our overall mpg.
    Pretty cool. :shades:
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    I had the same thing happen to my T100. And some other friends. In all our cases the starter contacts were wore out. Once replaced, all was back to normal.
  • Try a clay bar. I've removed overspray with it.

    To see how to use it, Check this link, and on the left hand side of this page go to the "Clay Bar paint saving system"
  • nairbnairb Posts: 10
    well my fuel economy is'nt my issue. I need someone to talk to about a poor running engine in a 1998 tacoma(v6). possibly a fuel injector problem since I have already replaced one.
  • nairbnairb Posts: 10
    i was hping to talk to somebody that has had problems with somewhat poor running engine problems with a 1998 toyota tacoma 4WD, v-6)
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    What problems are you having?
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