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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • pasvortopasvorto Posts: 8
    There is an investigation going on right now about this sort of thing. They (the gov) figured out, finally, that the estimated mileage advertised on cars and trucks was BS. In most cases, it was only half of what was advertised. The EPA estimates are based on lab conditions, not "real world" conditions. Big difference.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300

    $10 for 24 hr. all-you-can eat access. All documents are .pdf, and can easily be saved and printed.
  • gabetoyogabetoyo Posts: 3
    I also had a wind noise problem with my taco. i found that the seal on the windshield was the problem. my dealer new about the problem. if you have not fixed the problem, next time your driving at highway speed press on the center of the WS behind the mirror to see if the sound changes.
    good luck
  • sminhisminhi Posts: 1
    How can you install the yellowish daytime running lights on a 2006 Tacoma Prerunner? Can you do it yourself or must you bring it to the dealer? Thanks!
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Huge differences can result from driving style.
    You don't necessarily have to be agressive, though that is a common cause.

    My 2005 Taco DC gets over 22mpg hiway -if I'm not towing, and not in a headwind. In a trip to Arkansas last Nov, I averaged 22 to mid-23 thruout the trip, including the trips in small towns for church and Walmart runs.

    With a pickup, you'll see even more significant changes in fuel economy with speed. Generally the force required to maintain speed is proportional to the (air)velocity squared. In a headwind, the air velocity is higher than your travel speed, in a tailwind, the opposite is true. But with a cross-wind, the air bubble in the cargo box may be disrupted. This bubble normally keeps the main flow of air over the top of the cab from entering the cargo area and impinging on the tailgate. So sometimes a cross-wind can have huge effects on your mileage.

    Are you driving in open flat areas with a great deal of wind?

    BTW, I get 17+ in city only driving.
  • bgrovebgrove Posts: 3
    I purchased a new 2003 Tacoma and ever since I've owned it, it has a little hop after braking at a stoplight or any downward sloping stoplight. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenum? I thought that perhaps it was a sticky front brake caliper.
  • whooiewhooie Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 v6 access cab 5sp auto 4wd with 900 miles on it.My trouble are a vibration when I accelerate from a stop 1100 to1500 rpms this seem to be coming from the drive train but where i dont know. My dealer (who is very good by the way) has seen 3 others that do the same thing,we called toyota and had there district service rep check out my truck and he says its normal.This leaves my to deal with this on my own because toyota says we have no fix for your vibration and its normal. this is a load of....So if anybody else has experienced this and was told by there dealer that your vibration is normal and to live with it
    or if you have solution to this please call toyota at 800 331 4331 the only way toyota will look into the problem is if we dont stay quite. once again its a drivetrain vibration that occurs when you are lightly accelerating from a stop.
  • tokyojoetokyojoe Posts: 13
    I've been experiencing the same with my 06 Taco AC 2.7L 4cyl+4AT. I think it's caused by a shift of gasoline in the tank.
  • bgrovebgrove Posts: 3
    I don't think that's the problem on my Taco. It's definitely taking place in the front. I was also thinking it might be something to do with the ball joints. I have a recall notice on my 2003, and perhaps that hop I'm feeling is coming from one of those. Once I take it in for the recall I'll respond with the solution. If there is one. Thanks
  • mikel6mikel6 Posts: 2
    I bought a new 2006 4 door in Dec. 05. I noticed within the first week a vibration, at about 60 k/hr. I brought it in to the dealer. They took it for a test drive and said they could'nt feel anything. Brought it back 2 wks later, same thing "can't feel anything". Third time in, 1 month later, they tried balancing the tires, still vibrating. Now I'm getting pissed. Fourth time in, I'm asking the service guy (in a rather loud voice) what is the proper proceedure to diagnose a vibration. He says "well, we'll take it for a test drive" I stop him and scream "this is the fourth time you take it for a test drive! So finally they try a vibration test comparing my truck with another new one off the lot. Results: the same "frequency and amplitude". So now they say that that's the way they're made and nothing can be done. One more thing! The gas mileage they advertise 28 mpg is not even close! I've averaged 18 mpg.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    28 mpg? Where did you see that Toy claimed 28mpg for the Double Cab?

    I'm looking at the specs on Edmunds, and it lists 18 city, 22 hiway. That's pretty close to what I get w/ my 2005 DC (17+ city, 22 - 24 hiway). If you're an aggressive driver, or if you just luck up and have most of your driving that's way out of the "sweet spot" of the speeds for the tranny and rear end, you'll do a bit worse. I did find that my in-town mileage went up 1mpg after about 5k-7k miles. Same was the case for the 2004 w/ 2.7L that I had before it.

    Sorry you're having other issues, but I think you've made a mistake regardint the mpg claims.
  • geedeegeedee Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2006 Tacoma and have only 410 miles in it at 1 1/2 months. I already have a 6 inch crack on my right lower hand side of the windshield. The odd thing is that it has occurred in all my Toyotas. All 6 of them. I live in California but that shouldn't matter. I've experienced from a 2 inch crack to a crack straight across the entire windshield! This is the only problem I ever had with my Toyotas. Why is it so delicate. Does anybody out there experience the same problem? :mad: :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • whooiewhooie Posts: 5
    I am sending a reply agian because I think mine got
    lost in space.Your vibration and dealer experience sounds
    like you have the same inherent "just live with it vibration"and toyota just wants us to go away.The truth be known is that they need to see a pattern of complaints to
    launch a investigation so if you could call and complain that would be helpfull. it seems to be the 2006 v6 .
  • I have the exact same problem with my 2006 v6 tacoma. Dealer informed me that it is the exhaust and that it was normal for 2006 model. It is extremely anoying and only seems to be getting worse as I now have 3000 miles on my truck. If you find anything else out let us know.
  • I have the same problem with the noise just as you explain. The dealer told me the same thing, "Its the exhaust and it's normal for the 2006." I'm sorry, but that is not normal. I will be returning for a third time though as the problem is getting worse.
    Also, has anyone had any problems with the driver or passenger side mirrors in the 2005-2006 v6 tacoma? My driver side mirror has vibrated and rattled from the start. My dealer said it was loose so they replaced it completely. Now, two months later it is worse that it was in the beginning. I plan to have this issue resolved along with the questionable "exhaust" noise that toyota claims is normal upon my next visit to the dealer.
    If anyone else is experiencing any of these problems, speak out. It eases my mind a little to know that I'm not the only one to have difficulties.
  • tokyojoetokyojoe Posts: 13
    My brand new '06 Taco AC with 2.7L/4cyl/4AT has the same noise described as "clicking" by others at the start ups and it becomes more like a "knocking" as the engine warms up and it stops only when I remove my right foot from the gas pedal or when going down hill. It is so annoying that I'm even afraid of accelerating on a long uphill road. When it's fully warm up it seems slightly quieter but it's still there. It may be something to do with the timing chain and/or the engine cooling fan which seems to be always revolving even at start-ups no matter how cold it is(I live in Chicago area)which prevents the engine from reaching the normal operating temperature quickly. It just reached 1000 miles yesterday and my daughter who just came home for spring break and rode in my truck for the first time said "sounds like an old car". She drives a '96 Taurus which developed the knocking noise last year as it reached 90000 miles but runs good now with premium gas. I fed my Taco with some premium but it did not help to quiet the noise.
    The dealer said(of course)it was a normal sounding engine and I hear a lot of noises during the break-in period but I know this is not normal. After compalaining to both Toyota in US & Japan, I received a phone call from the executive office in CA. Now my break-in period is over and I'm supposed to call them so that they can arrange a test drive with a tech at a local dealer. I will post any outcome after test driving with a tech.
  • mikel6mikel6 Posts: 2
    Hey whooie,
    I agree we should be complaining, but to who? Like I said before, the dealer doesn't seem to give a damn and just wants me to go away. Yes, mine is the 2006 double cab v6 4X4.
  • whooiewhooie Posts: 5
    Hey mike16
    We should call the toyota customer help line in california
    1 800 331 4331 this will help all of us and get your vibration on record with the factory. When toyota said this was normal I asked if I could get a abnormal truck without a vibration. It looks as though I must go thru
    arbitration the factory has left me with no other choice
    keep you all posted.
  • I have noticed other people have had a chirping noice from underneath my new-to-me 2001 Tacoma Xcab Prerunner. Does anyone have a fix on this??? My truck is only a week old and it is driving me crazy. One guy I work with said it sounded like it was coming from where the driveshaft meets the transmission. Please if you have had this issue and know of a resolution, fill me in.
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