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2002 ES300 A/C Problem

The A/C light on the dash is blinking green and my mechanic says that the compressor is ok but that the high pressure switch is bad. I called Lexus parts and they don't seem to know what the heck I'm talking about. Does anybody else know if this part goes by another name?


  • I have had the same problem since December. What I found out is that the A/C itself is fine. The high pressure switch is actually a computer component that is supposed to be the "brain" of the A/C. The computer is not communicating with the A/C so the computer module needs to be replaced. Warning it is not cheap. I am getting mine fixed tomorrow. If you wnt to follow up you can email me at I am hopeful that this actually works. If you send me a cell # I can call you after I get the car back.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    No, within the A/C system itself is a dual purpose pressure switch. This switch will open if the pressure is to low, indicating a loss of refrigerant, keeping the compressor from running and therefore being damaged. It will also open when the pressure rises high enough that the compressor can be cycled off.

    Most common reason for that blinking A/C light is that the compressor input drive shaft is not rotating cognizant with engine RPM when the compressor clutch is enabled. Slipping (wet?) belt/clutch.
  • I know it has been a long while since posting Re: air conditioning lite was blinking on you ES 300. Same problem we are having now in 2012 on our 2002 model. What was the fix? thanks
  • lexus used a magnetic clutch relay that went bad really easy. the new relay at auto zone is like $20. i can find u the new part number for the new relay. i did it myself on my 2002 es300 and recharge my a/c and it works perfectly, no need for them to change parts for no reason and charge u more money
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