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Chevy Tahoe Door Lock Problem



  • zboaterzboater Posts: 17
    Update: car out of warranty - took into dealer and they took care of the issue and replaced at no charge and no questions asked. My dealer over the last 15 years has always done their best to do the right thing. We will see if/when the others go out and how those are handled. I agree that GM needs to do a re-design and re-call on this issue. Thanks to this forum and users for great insight.
  • gbburbangbburban Posts: 1

    How do I email you my VIN? I have these same problems?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013

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  • Sarah,

    I am so tired of having to worry about my 2006 suburban rear doors again. The other locks work just fine but this rear door and rear window will not lock. Is there some kind of recall? There should be, it seems that many of us are having this same issue. I cant keep spending hundreds "just to tell me what it is". How can you help?

  • well, I have the same problem that everyone else is having and the jest of the 500+ messages here is that GM knows about the problem, yet is unwilling to make it easy on their customers to fix the problem. This after the American public funded the GM bailout. How do they repay us, by building crappy vehicles and not standing by them and sending much of their business to China. It sounds like the best solution for me is to fix my vehcile and go buy a Ford Expedition. Buy American, just not GM. I have purchased over 10 GM vechiles in the past, but no more....fool me once, shame on you.
  • jaginbluejaginblue Posts: 4
    Add yet another 2009 Yukon to the list of failed lock actuators. Mine is a Hybrid with 53,000 miles. So far I have had to replace the rear view camera and have the entire top end of the engine rebuilt. The engine had "corrosion" on one cam lobe. Now both right side lock actuators have crapped out. I have always been a believer in GM , having owned a Camaro, a Buick century, an Impala, two Suburbans and this Yukon. After reading how GM is not stepping up to fix this lock problem - which is a true safety/ security issue - I am done with GM. Was considering a New Caddy. No longer even thinking about it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    edited July 2012
    Thank you for taking the time to post your frustrations and concerns. Have you spoke with your local GM dealer and/or Service Manager about your concerns? If not, I would definitely recommend doing so. Please feel free to email me with your contact information, VIN, current mileage, and dealer of choice and I am happy to look into this further for you. I hope to hear from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • blocksmblocksm Posts: 1
    Just emailed re: my denali...which i purchased private party three days ago. Imagine my dissappointment when this morning my driver's door lock won't work. We'll see if I get a response or any help -- why on EARTH hasn't GM recalled this particular issue???
  • Update on my Tahoe...after a long drawn out battle GM replaced the motor in my Tahoe and I ended up paying $450 to them and $450 to my local mechanic who found the issue and alerted me to the mass problem. They would not agree to fix my door locks even though the local dealer has documentation that it started prior to my warranty expiring. I will not purchase another Chevrolet. I feel like if they truly believed in the quality of the product they were selling, they would not hide these issues and make you find it on Edmunds. Also they watch this website for a reason, to make themselves look better in the public eye. They should have told me about the issue with my Tahoe, I shouldn't have had to rely on an honest local mechanic to alert me. :lemon:
  • Christina,

    I too am having this problem with my 2009 Tahoe, this seems to be an issue, is GM planning to address this issue with a recall? I am now upset about it because my wife is expecting and we need access for obvious reasons such as getting my newborn in and out of the back seat. Overall, I have been pleased with the vehicle (other than the paint peeling from the dash buttons) but these2 issues are causing me to rethink buying another Gm in the near future. Can you assist?

  • Sadly I wouldn't hold your breath on any recall. I've been told numerous times from the dealer, and the 1-800 customer service number that since it isn't a "safety issue" no recall is warranted. You'd think GM would want to do the right thing but since they use the same garbage actuators across their product lines basically every GM vehicle needs a recall. Nice.

    Take a look at the Chevy Malibu forums for some real fun threads over there.

    I've had 2 of them replaced, they still don't work properly, dealer couldn't reproduce sticking issue this time, NO satisfaction. The damn things were sticking on me again this weekend. :( Pathetic.
  • Here's another "pearl of GM wisdom", you have to buy the whole locking mechanism, not just the actuator so the part is around 3 bills instead of 30-40 dollars for the actuator on a site like

    If you're handy and can take the door apart I'd recommend going that route. In fact I'm pretty sure the parts from Dorman carry a lifetime warranty. Only one you cannot do yourself is the rear tailgate actuator, I haven't found one online yet.

    One other thing I'd report it on the government website as a safety issue. Like not being able to get your door open with a baby in the backseat isn't a "safety issue". Not in GM's eyes obviously.
  • Good morning Dennis,
    We would be happy to look into this further with you. Please send the following information to and we'll get started: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hello! I have a 2008 GMC Yukon Denali as well. Both passenger side door power locks are not working. I have 4 kids, so this is verry frustrating. Has there been a recall on this yet? I need to get this repaired ASAP. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • After experiencing all four of door lock failures on my 2008 Suburban, am I surprised that I am now dealing with the rear hatch actuator failure?? Absolutely not!! GM's name and reputation are now synonymous with with any adjective describing poor quality and poor customer service.
    GM is in the vehicle "making & selling" business. They are not the least bit concerned about the consumer or their product after the purchase.
    They are well aware of the issues that thousands are experiencing and I've been told that there is no current recall, nor will there be a recall on defective actuators.
    I contacted GM, and one of their CSR, "Glen", has been so helpful in trying to assist me in contacting my local GM dealership to make an appointment for a $110.00 diagnostic test and following costly repairs, " ALL AT MY EXPENSE!"
    Excuse me, do you really think I need GM's help to do something I am perfectly capable of doing myself? Assuming I have the $700-$800 it's going to cost to repair my rear hatch actuator? Which, incidentally, I don't happen to have.
    Thank you, AGAIN, GM for not taking care of your once loyal customers. I will not purchase another GM product.
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    So after having my 05 Tahoe for a few months my lift gate and the glass are stuck in the lock position. There is no manual key hole in the button, which I find odd that some models of the same year has them and some dont. I was told by Kuni Chevrolet it would cost $150 to test the actuator and about $325 to replace it. I explained to them the actuator works and you can hear it trying to lock or unlock when you hit the remote entry button. I filed a complaint with the NTSB since I have a 3rd row of seats and in my eyes with a loaded vehicle passengers in the back can not get out the back. There is no manual way either to open the lift gate or glass from the inside as well. I find my Tahoe is now an over priced 4 door peace of crap since the point of having an SUV is the ease of accessing the cargo area which I am now locked out of :-(. I have been told that it is a quick cheap fix which GM should fix free of charge instead of making owners cough up hundreds of dollars to parts they do not need.
  • warren_sealewarren_seale Posts: 8
    edited August 2012
    I just had my 2nd lock actuator replaced on our 2008 Yukon out of warranty for no cost. It was a simple procedure similar to what I did for the 1st one that went out. Call the GM service number tell them about the problem and get a case #. Have them call your favorite dealer and arrange to have them see the truck. The dealer's service dept confirmed that it was the actuator just by flicking the switch with no lock action. They took my case # and put it in the shop for repair. The part was in stock. 60 minutes later it was finished and I was on my way. No sweat, no hassles. Thank you very much.
  • What is your case number, jmbcc2008? If you were to email that to us at, we would be happy to check into this.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Good evening branflake75,
    We would be happy to look into this further; please send an email to with the following information: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership. My coworker Christina, who responds to incoming emails from Edmunds, will assist you further.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • It appears that I am not the only one that is having this issue with the door locks. I have had the back 2 door locks replaced a couple years back and now my front driver side door lock actuator will not work. The local dealership has offered to pay 1/2 of the cost, but $200 seems like a lot of money to pay for an issue that they have already fixed twice. I have been a life long Chevrolet person (Eurosport/Corsica/Illumnia/Trailblazer and now Tahoe) and this is the most problems I have had out of a vehicle (cracked dashboard, broken door locks, inside trim buckling)......very frustrating.
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