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Chevy Tahoe Door Lock Problem



  • mjl0204mjl0204 Posts: 2
    I too have a 2008 Chevy Tahoe LTZ Flex Fuel. I can honestly say it will be THE LAST Chevy I EVER buy!! To date I have owned nothing BUT Chevys from the time I was 16 and I'm now 48. I have had my actuators fail many many times and have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to get them fixed!!!
    I was offered compensation in the for of free oil changes for 3 years and EVERY time I went to the dealership I was turned away as if I were a fraud!! I don't have time to deal with this any more. It is a shame because I ALWAYS spoke highly of Chevy and even have them advertised for FREE on my BASS boat.
    But I'm done, and I encourage you to be done as well. Obviously they don't care about the customer post sale. I always bought Chevy because my father bought Chevy but this is one legacy I will NOT be passing down to my children. It ends with me and it ends with this vehicle!! So long Chevy, you really blew this one!! I know you don't care, I'm just one customer, but I will be sure to be a non-promoter going forward. You don't know what customer service really means!! I will be buying Ford in the Future.
  • dabadaba Posts: 2
    Checked in after a year and a half and people still having problems with no recall from gm. I'm still driving with my lock broken.
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    Look on forum for the repair details in this thread : -27064/index3.html#post249087

    GM isnt going to solve this issue, they are still hoping the internet cord gets kicked out of the wall ....
  • I must be the 10,000th person with this same issue. All 4 doors open with the key FOB, however the rear door is stuck LOCKED. I filed a complaint with US Department of Transportation after calling Chevrolet Customer Service-and being told this was my problem, not theirs. Very rude "customer service" woman who could have cared less that I have NO way to get third row dassengers out in the event of an accident, fire, etc. My family has owned Chevrolets for decades, but this will be the last for any of us. I cannot believe that Chevrolet will not recall this issue...thousands of posts out there not only for Tahoe but also Yukon and others. NO KEY HOLE to use a standard key to open the tail gate or window, no interior handle to open the tailgate either. I don't have $500 to go to the dealership to fix this obviously DEFECTIVE part...shame on Chevrolet for hanging all of us out to dry! PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT, it is the ONLY way we have any chance of Chevrolet doing what is RIGHT for all of us, this is a serious safety issue. THE LINK IS HERE TO FILE A COMPLAINT and read others already filed:
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    Did you read the post above about the repair? It solves the problem for $60. GM isn't going to fix this, that why this thread is nearing 1,000 posts. The gov'ment isn't going to solve it either. You are better of doing the $60 repair and moving on with life (and dealing with the cracking dash issue). Otherwise, they are decent trucks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    I am sorry that you feel that you did not have the best customer service experience. You can always inform us of your concerns by emailing us at


    Jennifer T. (Assisting Amber)
    GM Customer Care
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    edited July 2013
    Jennifer, you just read her concerns . If you didn't get it the first 775 times, the GM lock actuators are rubbish. GM used a sub par cheap electric motor which shorts out very quickly. See the repair link in post 773 referencing the repair above for pictures of GM elec motors failed.

    Either offer a solution or quit posting. This whole thing is unbelievable. $50k trucks having such a stupid problem, and GM's total lack of acknowledgement of their fault.

    How many multi GM owners have already vowed to never buy GM products again, just on this thread? What more does GM need to hear?

    The Internet is not going away, the cat is not going back in the bag. Issue the recall, solve the problem, and move keep your long term loyal customers.
  • gramparongramparon Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I'm trying to remain calm and objective as I write this. It could go south quickly. The third door lock on our '09 Tahoe became inoperable about an hour ago just north of Dallas Cowboy stadium and this time it's the driver's door.

    Initially our dealership jumped on the first door problem and repaired it quickly, with their usual smile and extraordinary customer satisfaction. Really. Being honest, they told us the door would likely malfunction again and it was likely all or some of the other doors would cease to unlock. They were right. The malfunctioning doors are, of course, out of warranty. That's $1,200 that I must pay to repair a known product defect in 3 doors including the door which was repaired first.

    It's going to take an unspeakable human disaster to garner the attention this problem deserves. I have three grand children who will no longer be riding in this Tahoe.
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    Remain calm. There is a simple repair that takes care of this issue, see this thread : - -27064/index3.html#post249087

    These are decent trucks, aside from this issue (and the cracking dash issue). I really have no idea why GM is handling the fault like this. Merely throwing bots like "Jennifer T" at it with social media, giving scripted, useless responses, and then hoping the internet gets turned off somehow. It isnt working, GM.

    And you are right, GM should recall the trucks. I have about 50 of these actuator units in my shop right now, I already posted pictures of what the motors look like that came out of the units. They are completely burned up due to incorrect brush material used in the electric motor. Some look like they caught on fire inside the door. GM knows all this, they probably have thousands of dead actuators at the Tech Center in Warren, MI by now from all the warranty work at dealers.

    Ok Ive ranted long enough, "Jennifer T", please give us your scripted, useless response.
  • I have already posted on this forum about all 4 of my Chevrolet Suburban door lock actuators going out and I am reminded of my disappointment in GM daily when I realize how many tens of thousands of loyal GM owners have been affected by the lack of quality in GM parts. Not only the lack of quality, but a lack of concern for the safety of these loyal customers.

    I am now reporting, not surprisingly, that the actuator on my rear hatch has also gone out. Our friendly GM CS representative was kind enough, again, to let me know that my nearest dealership will be able to assist me in having it repaired - at my expense.

    Does anyone have a link or thread I can follow for this part as well?

    Thanks & much appreciation to my fellow GM Actuator Victims!
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    I would email and ask if he can fix it. They are already repairing the door actuators, it is prob a similar part.

    How are u opening hatch if actuator is dead? Hopefully it died in the unlocked position.
  • lumylumy Posts: 1
    Have you found the solution ?
    I have a 2008 Yukon and it has 2 bad actuators and the 3rd one intermittently goes bad, I need help PLEASE !!!

  • a2t ~
    We were able to get my rear hatch open a few times, but it took about a half hour and 20-25 tries to get it open. When the actuator tries to work, you have to try press the release button at just the right time. Hopefully we can get it open to remove the failed actuator out for repair.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion to email I gave him my vehicle vin#. He did not have the part in stock, but offered to repair my original actuator for $60, which would be much cheaper andlast longer than replacing it with a new part. He said it would take about a week to repair & return it to us.

    My fellow GM actuator victims, I urge you to take a2t's advice and contact for help with your replacement parts/repairs.

    By the time GM decides to recall these parts, there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of accident victims due to their negligence. Apparently GM has no conscience or concern for their loyal customers welfare.

    This will be my last GM vehicle and I don't plan to keep it much longer.
  • Thanks so much for the link. This is not the first time someone has posted this link, and unfortunately when I click on it, it will not open the website.

    Is this link for a website that is still operating?
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    Link seems to work for me, email or see their website in the MISC section on left hand side
  • a2ta2t Posts: 21
    the bots have been quiet, did they abandon this thread?
  • I just took my 2008 Tahoe XLT to the dealership and they said my actuators are covered by extended warranty but not the handles. They want to charge me $200 a piece to fix which is insane since this isn't the first time they broke but they were then covered under 35,000 mile warranty. My front passenger handle is literally hanging off the door, I went to open the door and it just popped out. I know this is a reoccurring problem with these chrome like door handles. Plus the service guy was explaining stuff to me like I was an idiot, I felt that if it was my husband who answered the phone it would've been different. If this is happening to everyone else then this should be a recall or they should re-design the plastic inserts that make the handles stay. UGH!!!!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello ssarahh,

    I'm sorry that you're having this issue with your vehicle. However, I would like to look into your concern. Can you please email your issue with the Tahoe to (attn: Marlea)? I look forward to your response and assisting you.

    Marlea W.
    GM Customer Service
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