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Honda Pilot Sunroof and Moonroof Problems



  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    Ahh Ha, I can not give you the exact fix to your problem, however, I do know for a fact that it can be adjusted to engage the "automatic" function. Seriously though, I was given the sequence of "button pushing" ...and hold for how many seconds etc. Take it to the dealer and they have the "code" to bring it back for you.
  • Oh really? I was going to take it to the dealer but just exceeded the warranty, so I'll take it in next time something major is wrong with it.
  • 2rrr22rrr2 Posts: 2
    Found this thread -- I just bought a 2012 Pilot and the sunroof starts to close but stops and reverses when it hits the arms of the wind baffles. I haven't made it back to the dealer yet -- was hoping someone had some advice on how to hustle their research. I found the references to Service Bulletin Number : SB-10-030. I assumed that the software updates referenced here would have made their way into the 2012 models.
  • It's been some time since they have repaired ours. It has worked just fine ever since. It took multiple trips to the shop and six months later the issue was resolved. I also called Corp. to keep a file on the issue. That may also help you put the pressure on. They assigned a liaison to the case and spoke to my dealer directly. It was a software issue that they are aware of. Although, I think they did have to replace a part somewhere in there.

    Your symptoms are the exact same that we had. I'm sure it requires the same treatment. Best to you.
  • 2rrr22rrr2 Posts: 2
    Thanks. Noticed something unusual in its behavior -- food for thought not an actual fix. When the car is moving, the sunroof closes everytime. When the car is stopped, it 'auto-reverses' everytime. Still going to get it fixed but figured I would throw that tidbit out.
  • I'm Amazed that Honda will not warranty my 09' Honda Pilot's sunroof! Somehow, there is water inside of it and it makes a Swoosh sound every time I turn. Why The hell did I purchase an Extended Honda Care Package??? This is something that the consumer CANNOT control, the seals all look good but somehow, there is water in it... as a devoted household of Honda Drivers (even own a Honda Lawnmower) this is VERY Disappointing! I looked for a water bottle inside the car for months before figuring out where the noise was coming from...
    The Dealer was even amazed that HONDA Care wouldn't cover it...
  • jimsnapsjimsnaps Posts: 10
    Hi All,

    I have a new Pilot 2012. I had the factory sunroof deflector installed
    when I purchased it.

    About a week after having the car the passengers side forward pillar was wet after the first rain. Like something had leaked on it.

    After a few more rains I noticed that that same area immediately got wet. When I took it to the dealer they claimed it was the sunroof drain tubes getting clogged with debris and not draining. Basically debris would get under there, when you open the roof the debris falls into the sunroof channel (because it can't blow off the roof).

    They are now taking off the sunroof deflector in hopes that that fixes the issue.

    Does that sound right? It still seems odd to me I mean the sunroof is completely closed when it's raining, sealed. How is all that water even entering the sunroof drain area to back up?

    Any thoughts in the issue?
  • I could be writing this. Floor board has been soaked 2X from this issue, dealer has fixed both times but I keep asking the question of how water is getting inside and they say all sunroofs leak and need a drain. I am wondering if the deflector is aggravating the problem. It is due back today so I might take it off and see what happens. One more time and it is quits....
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