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2011 Ford Edge

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,007
Anyone shopping a twenty-eleven?

Looks like it's a big enough of an update or facelift to justify a separate topic.

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  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Thank you for creating this topic Steve!

    I'm extremely excited about the update the Edge is getting. It appears Ford is chocking it full of high end features and options. Game on!!!!

    Does anyone know when this will be released? So far all I've read is "Summer".

  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Yes it looks to have great tech, but at a price.
    Can't get HID light package unless you buy a limited, too bad.
    Glad to see it will have option for HD radio.
    Eco boost engine probably not ready until late this year or early next.
    It is on my want list, we will see when it comes out.
    Old Mike
  • I've seen "this summer" too, and I'm very eager to buy one. However, my Ford salesman was told by the group buyer for his dealers' group that the 2011 Edge won't be available until "late in the year." I'm deeply disappointed.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    I dont know about late this year......It wouldn't be on Fords website with such specifics it if was that far off.

    Salesmanship 101 says sell what you have today. Many people that need a car will not want to wait if they are told a given product is "far" off. So they give in and buy whats on the lot today.

    I could be wrong who knows. I'm crossing my fingers its going to be June or July.

  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    Problem is by not being more specific on availability, the lease I have running out requires a decision. I really like the new 2011 with the new engine options. Unless something is released soon with a more definite date Ford will lose me to another brand car on my list.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    Looks nice.. But I wouldnt be surprised to see ford price the limiteds and sport at over 40000. If they do they can bl** me.
  • Regarding your desire for the "new engine options" -- if you're referring to the Ecoboost, Ford said that the Ecoboost option won't be available in the initial Edge cars, but will be released later on.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    My local Ford dealer will have a 2011 on display this Saturday, May 15th. Not sure if anyone will be able to do a test drive, probably a pre-production vehicle. Will ask if there is any pricing available. Will take pictures.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    nifty, did you get to see the 2011 at your dealer?
  • Anyone know if these are at dealers yet, or when they are due to arrive? :confuse:

    The local dealers aren't showing any 2011 Edges in their inventory on their websites.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    They're still in the quality hold stage - they haven't been released to dealers yet. Should be at least another 30 days.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    Read over on the FordEdge forum site not to expect a 2011 until September.

    Note: It was also mentioned that the 2011 will be a short build model year and the 2012MY will start up sometime in January 2011.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    A family member just test drove one of the first 2011 Edge to land on Long Island. It received a huge thumbs up following the test drive!!!
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    My 2007 CX-9 has been an excellent car, but, as a Ford retiree and one who cares about US economy, I have to get a vehicle with the Ford Oval. I'm also motivated by the excellent products Ford is producing.

    Would like something smaller, but annual migration from AZ to MI, carrying 5 months of living stuff, requires a bit of cargo room.

    I also need a vehicle that's fun to drive and proud to own. The Edge looks like the winner ... so far.

    I was considering the Grand C-Max, but question its ability to carry 6-7 people (an advantage, but not a must).

    Explorer is definitely out due to lack of select shift. I drive a lot in the west & southwest with long steep downgrades, and don't like the smell of cooking brake pads.

    I've been away from Edmunds forums for a while, so I hope to make some new friends, and hook up with some old ones. Hi Alan.

    I'll probably stir things up a tad with my beliefs on left-foot braking, outside mirror aim, and other issues. Right, Alan?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Wow - there's a blast from the past. You might want to take a harder look at the new Explorer - I think it has plenty of engine braking ability for descending hills even without select shift.

    Although you certainly wouldn't go wrong with a 2011 Edge either.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Good to hear from an old friend. Are there any other former LLSOC folks that hang out on Edmunds?

    Also good advice. I plan to drive both the 2011 Edge & Explorer. I'll also check out the Explorer forum.

    The Explorer will have to fit my needs LOT better than the Edge in order to compensate for lack of SST. As a measure of its importance to me, you may recall that I converted my 2000 LS to SST from the floor of my unheated garage in Michigan in February.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    A few still lurk around. We're still active at llsoc but as you might imagine there's not much to discuss these days. Let me know how the explorer looks.
  • My dealer just got a few 2011 Ford Edges. He said Ford was stockpiling them until they had enough to broadcast to all dealers to make sure everyone had something. He also said there's a lot of demand for this car so there aren't any incentive offers just now. He thinks that after dealers clear out their remaining inventory of 2010 Edges there might be incentives for the 2011, depending on sales.

    I test drove two Edge Limited's. I found the car generally lives up to its reputation from the reviews. The engine is strong enough to pull the car nicely, although there seems to be a lag of a few seconds between the time you press hard on the gas pedal and the engine revs mightily. And when it does you can definitely hear it. But then when you get up to speed it quiets down again. The brakes are incredibly strong, best I've experienced in a car.

    Some other things that bug me. The power steering feels heavy to me. Some reviews called it "well weighted" and "taut," but I think it's kind of heavy. I was hoping for stronger power assist. The air flow from the air conditioner vents is only adequate, and becomes kind of weak when the A/C vents in the rear end of the front center console are open. The temperature is nice and cold but I think the cubic feet per minute should be a bit higher. The car has a high belt line, making me want to raise the driver seat to its highest position, otherwise you feel like you are sitting at a table on a seat that's too low and you find your chin resting on the table.

    One thing I like is that Ford allows you to order the MyFord Touch as a standalone option instead of bundling it with expensive and useless (to me) extras like the Vista Roof. However, disappointingly, you can only get the High Intensity Discharge headllights as part of an expensive bundle.

    I ordered a Limited with the Nav and MyFord Touch and a few other items. Out the door price will be $38K, not bad, except I really resent having to pay $50 for a tank of gas, $400 for "administrative fee" and $500 to cover Ford's damned advertising expenses. Delivery in six to eight weeks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    He said Ford was stockpiling them until they had enough to broadcast to all dealers to make sure everyone had something.

    BS. They don't do this - they hold them until they're sure the production line is ready (they build vehicles with no flaws for 5 continuous days) then start shipping them. The ones that are built initially and need repairs get fixed then shipped. They do NOT hold vehicles to broadcast to all dealers.
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