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  • on the buypower site for gmac financing, leaves a lot to be desired, the word: express app, would imply, save yourself the psychological hassle of mr. finance-man at the dealership, at least con-firm approval or apr & amount or something that could be financed, after i submitted the usual information, to determine my credit worthiness, i received a charming email stating: you have successfully completed step 1 of the app process. Now print the app certificate and present it to the dealer, etc. Now the clencher; printed at the bottom. Application certificate rules: this certificate does not constitute an offer of credit. Well duh! I can easily get financed at my bank, they don't offer o% financing, i know they did a credit inquiry, with experian, i checked, so why not constitute an offer, who needs unnessasary inquiries on there reports, if i need some adjustments in my thinking here bring it on.
  • I ran into this last week, I am the GMBuypower manager for my store and talked with a girl who went thru the exact thing you did. It turned out that she was not credit worthy and I bypassed everything by faxing in her credit app to GMAC. I will look into this and get back with you on the whole confirmation number.
  • anybody having problems with GM Buypower new set up? Its confusing which options you need to do first to open up other options, I liked the old set up much better, or maybe I'm not doing it right?
  • In some ways I like it a little better than the old version, in some ways not. I still wish it would show all model years at one time.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    The site is brand new and based on a completely different platform. It may take them a while to knock all the kinks out and add needed features.
  • All screens need the fullsize option instead of that, partial upper left corner block, that can't be maximized, which you have to scroll left and right up & down just to read. It's a pain.
  • I would like to use the GM Buypower site to locate a dealer to work with in Central Ohio. I would like to pay Edmunds True Market Value price for an '02 Yukon without a lot of hassle. Do the BuyPower dealers actually stick to the price they quote a customer by email or does the price change once you get to the dealership?
  • I'm shopping for a new Camaro using Buypower. I am just using it to locate cars I want, i.e., color, options, etc., then make my own offer by phone or email. One car I did make an offer on had an 'internet price', but later I found out they also had $200 'admin fees', etc., so I didn't buy.
  • I am the GMBuypower manager for a GMC store in New York state. The price I quote includes everything except for taxes and DMV fees for the vehicle in question. I don't think you will get jerked around with a GMBuypower quote but I speak from my experiences. The only problem I have ever had was with a customer that wanted to cash in a rebate and take advantage of GMAC supported finance rates when the program was choose one or the other but that has happened with non GMBuypower customers also. Edmunds TMV does not account for my ad fees that are charged by the manufacturer to the invoice for the car but that is a relatively easy obstacle to overcome with a levelheaded customer.
  • and without pulling an invoice it looks darn close to what I would want to do for a 2002 Yukon.
  • Thank you for the information. One other question I would like to ask you is: when I search the local dealer inventory for 2002 Yukon SLTs (not XL's, just Yukons), the MSRPs range from $40,000 to $42,000. Now, obviously I can't see the stickers on the computer to know what options and extras these vehicles include, but don't these listed prices sound way out of line?
  • Should be available for any GMBuyPower car: click on the car you're interested in. Then on the following page, click on the small image of the window sticker, which will bring up a readable/ printable sticker with all the options & $, just like on the car on the lot.
  • prices don't seem out of line, kkollwitz is correct there should be a line under MSRP that says clisk here to view window sticker
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    I have used GM Buypower website extensively over the past year to learn about their cars. Initially, I was impressed with the site. However, as I progressed from the learning phase to the buying phase, I had problems.

    1. Several times when looking for an Impala, I tried the quote request function. Never received a call or quotation. Then, I called the local buypower manager...after several messages, I finally received a call back. THey were vaguely familiar with the web site, and were only interested in selling me a car from their lot. (I thought the web site would send them info. on the kind of car I wanted).
    I could have gotten this same result in a lot less time without the stupid website.
    2. After this wasted time and losing interest in the chevy buying process, I tried the quote request for an Oldsmobile. After a few days, I got a call from a dealer (40 miles away) who said " I don't know why I was given your name, since we don't sell oldsmobiles"

    Some other beefs I have with the website are:
    1. When a particular dealer does not have the model you are looking for, the website will inconsistently allow you to view your car choice at other dealers. Sometimes it gives you a list of cars, other times it doesn't.
    2. The website allows you to believe it will find the car with the options you want. However, after going through the option selection process, it does nothing more than tell you where the dealers are and what they have. It does not find "your car" for you. THis is a big disappointment and a waste of time.
    3. The website is much slower than the chrysler website, and is harder to read.

    I like what GM is trying to do, but they need to more to give the customer what they want...not give me a gimmick to sell whatever GM wants to get rid of. Tie this system in with the dealer locater and allow me to truly find what I want.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    My wife bought her Alero through GMBuypower and got an excellent response from the local dealers. Maybe it has something to do with your geographical location. If I decide to get an Intrigue this year, I'll definitely at least try GMBuypower.
  • I live in Central iowa and have used GMBuyPower to "contact" several dealers in the area about purchasing a 2002 TrailBlazer. Despite being promised to hear from someone within 24 hours, it's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard from anyone.

    I figured there must have been something wrong, so I contacted the GMBuyPower Center and was promised to hear back from them within 24 hours, and I never heard from them. That was 2 weeks ago. So Maybe GM doesn't like people from Iowa??

    Besides that I like being able to browse the dealer inventory online. I wish it was faster, sometimes I think I could browse their inventory faster by driving out to the dealer. I don't think the speed would be that much of an issue if the search feature worked better. Near as I can tell, it finds any vehicle that is the same model that you are looking for regardless of trim and options desired.

    Overall it's a good idea with poor execution.I would have probably bought a trailblazer 2 weeks ago had someone contacted me.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    I also wish I could restrict the search to specifically optioned vehicles; what I do to compensate is know the MSRP price range I'm looking for. I don't check any car not in that range. It saves a lot of time.
  • I am the GMBuypower manager for a Pontiac/GMC store. I get BURIED with faxes as soon as a request is sent to my computer. If a customer sends a request at 11pm at night when I am home in bed when I get to work in the morning there will be literally like 10 faxes waiting for me telling me I have a request waiting at the website. Your experience makes no sense to me but I do believe your story. Some dealers/employees have no idea how mad people get when a request goes ignored.
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    The reason these problems don't make sense to you is because you frequent this website, which means you aren't the run of the mill rep.

    Almost everytime I shopped for a car, I knew more about vehicles than the sales reps. Much of that knowledge came from edmunds. For this reason, I tended to look at encounters with sales reps as an amusing test.

    You clearly have more than a casual interest in your professsion. I wish most sales reps were so professional.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I used the GM BuyPower site just looking for the Yukon I wanted. The great thing about it can sit at home and find a dealer that has the car you want. After I settled on a few I decided to email a "best price" request (what the heck....might as well). What do you know.....I actually got real numbers from all of the dealers I emailed. No beating around the bush! I've not bought yet, but at least I have a good idea of their best price and the trade won't be all "smoke and mirrors". I've been known to spend 6 weeks trying to get to a dealer's bottom line. When they email you with a price $25 under invoice less the GM rebate, I'm satisfied. Now all I have to do is wiggle outta my trade payoff and I got a new Yukon! I think the GM BuyPower site is great even if it's just a way to locate the car with the options you want. Getting a real price without spending more than 30 minutes on the internet is icing on the cake.
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