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Mitsubishi Outlander throttle accelerator problem



  • Thank you. We replaced the sensor and it didn't work. The garage we went to said it is saying to reprogram the computer and adjust throttle body. The closest dealer is 2 hours away. We have to tow it there to see what they say. The guy that has been helping me at the dealership over the phone trying to get it repaired around here, says he will work me in as soon as I get there. With the holidays it has been hard to
    get someone to tow it and find the money to pay for it all. We have been without it since two Fridays before Thanksgiving. I think we are just going to rent a car dolly and take it ourselves. Bad part about small town living..But thank you and I will print and take what you wrote with me
  • Wow, it sounds like you've really been having a rough time. When I had my car towed, I called AAA (I'm a member) and they towed it for me to the dealership. I think the total miles towed was about 25, which cost me $100 after the 5 free miles deduction I have with my AAA membership. However, I then called my car insurance company to ask if any of this was covered in my policy and they reimbursed me for the entire cost. You might want to check with your car insurance company and ask if they would pay for all or part of the towing cost.

    If you have the same problem as I did, then it should take the dealership no time at all to locate the wire and clean off the excess paint. So, your repair cost should be minimal if the paint build-up is what they find. I had to pay 4 hours' worth of labor because they had no idea where the problem was. I've gone on 2 long trips (~800 miles) since I had my car fixed and (*fingers crossed*) the problem hasn't happened again. I'm really hoping it's fixed for good.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope that you are able to get your car fixed and that you have no more problems in 2013!
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