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2011 Kia Sportage



  • I think 394 a month is a pretty good deal considering you're putting nothing down. I am also trying to lease the 2011 Kia Sportage EX AWD with the premium leather package. I've been offering to put down $3,000 and the best they've given me so far is $350 a month. I'm about to go to another dealership and see what they say. Really and truly I'm trying to get my payment down to just under $300 a month (if I could get $295 that would be amazing). Does anyone know if getting the 2011 Kia Sportage EX AWD with premium leather package, for $300 a month with $3000 down is possible? I really love the style and all the add ons and really have my heart set on it but don't want to pay more than 300 a month.
  • Just bought a Black Cherry/Black 2011 Sportage LX FWD with convenience package, Navigation and dealer installed leather for $24,600 + TTL. Not a screaming deal off sticker but the inventory is so low here they aren't dealing much yet. The sticker with add ons for leather, window tint, and a pin stripe was $26,100. We don't like the EX's 18" daisy wheels, push button start or premium climate control so this LX saved us about $3500 more than a similarly equipped EX. We didn't finance it, to bad there is no cash back, as the financing was the only incentive they have on the Sportage now. It's amazing when you pay cash for a car how the top of the line models aren't as appealing as they used to be.
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    I was passed yesterday by a new Sportage and noticed just how much of a narrow slit the rear window is. Add in headrests and C pillars and the view out the back must be terrible. I know you can get a camera for backing up and use your mirrors but I like to keep an eye on what's directly behind me while driving and that looked like a mess from that respect. Side windows were a bit narrow too. Don't know if I would like that lack of a view out from what I'm used to.
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    I love the looks of the '11 Sportage, and the interior seems to be well laid out, but my main concern would be with reliability/build quality. I've never owned a Korean built vehicle before, and having owned nothing but Japanese built vehicles over the last almost decade now, I'm leary about how well the Korean makes would hold up in the long run. I know I've read lots and lots of comments and reviews by both vehicle owners and in magazine articles stating that the build quality of the Korean makes have come a long way over the last few years, but one has got to wonder just how close they are to the Japanese in terms of build quality. My Japanese vehicles have been very reliable, and the last thing I want is buyer's remorse because I ended up with an unreliable vehicle. It's just that Japanese makes aren't really offering any models that appeal to our needs, or I'd just stick with them. How's Kia's reliability compared to the Japanese makes?
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    Every time I post a message looking for feedback, it takes days, or sometimes even weeks before I get any, if I get any at all. It's almost as if when I post a message in a topic, everyone immdediately loses interest in that topic and stops posting. I don't get it. :confuse:
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    don't be so impatient you only posted the question a day ago, maybe you should have started a new thread instead of posting under this more general one. There is more active forums than this one, I've never found CarSpace to be the most active on any subject due to its poor design and setup - it needs a major overhaul. I belong to another that has constent activity which I use a lot.

    To answer your question, I've never owned a Japenese vehicle, so I can't compare, but after nearly 3 years ownership of my Rondo I can't fault the build quality (still tight and rattle free as the day I bought it) and what little I've had in problems have been promptly been taken care of under warranty. Maybe that's why they offer a longer warranty than Toyota or Honda to take some of that worry away. All I can say is that I would not hestitate to buy another Kia providing it meets my requirements at the time.

    I find that a lot of it is a "mind-set", due to Kia's so-so reputation in the past, but they have made dramatic changes over the last few years. You could get a bad one no matter the manufacturer, go read some of the Honda and Toyota forums to get an idea.
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    I don't think I'm being impatient at all. I started a topic in another forum just this morning and there are already 2 pages of comments. This forum is basically dead compared to others. Edmunds is a good place to go to check prices, read vehicle reviews, look at vehicle options, etc., but the forums are very inactive.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    glad you agree, that's what I said the Edmunds CarSpace forum needs a major overhaul - its not user friendly and consequently not very active.

    For example the Soul forum on Edmunds, 9 threads the one I normally use 234. The 2011 Sportage on Edmunds 1 thread, my other forum 99 just on the new model alone. - come on CarSpace wake up! :mad:
  • less than 300 miles on it and 2 times engine has misfired! No part available at this time intake on backorder:( Still sitting in shop starting on week 2 now! :sick:
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    I have looked at Sportages for a number of years. Last year I rented one while in Florida and was horribly disappointed. Probably a 2009 Model... it had awful headrests that I could never get adjusted and a very discouraging 6-18 mpg. Now that the 2011's are out I need some info regarding mpg and general impressions. The first 2011 Sportage I saw had 3 headrests across the rear seating and blocked much of the rear visibility. Any chance that center headrest can be removed? Also what can I really expect for mpg? I do very little city driving. Will there be a huge difference in gas mpg if I moved up to the Sorento instead. There was a time I trusted window sticker MPG's but not any more. Currently driving a Vibe that gets 30+mpg and really do not want to compromise more than 2 or 3 mpg. I have considered the 5 door Forte but from what I have read they are very small! But I have not seen a 5 door Forte in person yet.
    Also I agree with the rather low number of responses for the Kia threads here on Edmunds. Does anyone have a suggestion for a more active thread elsewhere?
  • I have my 2011 sportage fixed now it was a whole new intake manifold, seems to be fine now but only have 500 miles on it, lots of room in front and back, yes the back seating area is great. The mpg is going up but will have to break in motor before true mpg can be established 22 city driving now. I had a forte 4 door for a loaner and it was ok but I noticed a few oil drips in garage after I turned it in, 17000 miles on it( whats that about) and it was noisey inside on rough roads. seemed to be a fuel sipper though driving it a week. The new sportage seems a little stiff at first but you get the feel after a while. Watch out there is just more than mine out there getting new inakes! To early to tell till more posts come in! If you need more info. be glad to answer ;)
  • CapeCodCapeCod Posts: 117
    New Intake manifold? Same design or is there an update to the design?
    Do you find the the front seats comfortable? Like I said the Florida rental nearly ruined me for even looking at a Sportage. Hopefully 2011's are an improvement. Overall from what I see on the road Hyundais and Kia are developing quite a following.
    22 city probably means 25 or so for the highway... a bit lower than I had hoped. Locally a Sportage is priced the same as a Sorento. Only a few $100 dollars difference.
  • CapeCodCapeCod Posts: 117
    Thanks for the tip... "conwelpic"
    Not sure I could live without Google!
    Instantly find anything!
    Right now my attention span is about 15 seconds...
    before I am off to a new topic....
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  • Yes whole new intake from Korea the one put on my car caused it to misfire brand new! The design is all new and I like the seats but thats my opinion and like I said the back seat is great! I have 17 inch rims so there is a little stiffness to the ride but I live where it snows a bunch and need a 4x4, I owned an 05 Sorento and it was great in the snow in the 4x4 mode only. I went with the sportage with all wheel drive because it also has a feature that lets you lock it in full time 4 wheel but only till you reach I think 25 or 35 mph then it kicks off when your speed reduces under that mph it will kick back into 4x4 mode. I like this option. Or you can just drive it and let the awd kick in when the suv needs it but the power to the rear is less than if you hit the lock option button. Hope this helps.
  • head lights that are a little brighter, less stiff suspension and front end suspension noise over rough roads or bumps addressed, Would make my purchase complete. Kia please put this on the table for talks :confuse:
  • CapeCodCapeCod Posts: 117
    How about the rear visibility ?
    Drove behind a 2011 Sportage yesterday...
    The smallness of the rear window...
    made be think of an armored car !
    Window seemed small and very high up...
    Can you actually see what is behind you?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    there was the official introduction by Kia Canada of the Sportage SX turbo at the Montreal Auto Show

    and they also debut the UVO system
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