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2011 Kia Sportage



  • As an FYI I was able to secure a new Mineral Silver 2011 Kia Sportage SX Turbo at about 12% below the MSRP... With the 2012 version starting to appear it looks like a good time to pick up one of the remaining 2011... even if there are few if any rebates. My walk out price was abt $2,000 less then the MSRP and that included the states 6% tax. :shades:
  • regy65regy65 Posts: 6
    well its been a year now and 11000 miles on it, the new intake is doing well even though I see the misfire code now as a software problem in the tsb page. So far so good , still a rough ride my wife calls it a jeep style ride. I will be back again for yearly reviews on this vehicle. have a great day
  • Hey me again, update on sportage at 19000 miles so far so good, just a stiff ride with alot of front end suspension noise still, might have to get it checked out!
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