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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2003 earlier)



  • sj1bj1sj1bj1 Posts: 20
    When you called your dealer, did they have something from Toyota telling them to change the drums, or were you just persistent enough to have them do it for free? Do you have the part number for the new drums? What area of the country, or what dealer is doing this change. I still am getting nowhere with my dealer. Thanks.
  • actually , I'm not persistent at all. I knew b4 I purchased the van that they had a tendancy to squeal. didn't realize it was that loud.
    I figured , toyota needed time to address it . when I got the recent info from this site ,(about a fix being available ) I became persistent.
     I did told them the the van squeals like a pig. it's a new van, did it from 1500 miles, has only 10,000 now and it's unacceptable.
    I'm in westchester ,n.y. I mentioned to the dealer service dept. that I had a part # . didn't tell him I got it from this site. he wasn't interested in it . said he'd check if there's an applicable fix using my vin #.
    when he called me back , all he said was that they would order the parts , & schedule an appointment when they came in .

    the service inv. says
      472021 rear brake shoe R&R
    2 42431-08012 drum brake
    1 04495-08010 shoe kit,brake
    2 47427-08010 plate, parking brake
    I hope this helps . I havent driven it more than 50 miles . not long enough to see if the squeal is fixed. I haven't felt the brakes to be grabbier yet,but , I will pay attention to it, after reading one of the above posts.
  • sj1bj1sj1bj1 Posts: 20
    Hey thanks, I appreciate all the info!!
  • If anybody replaced a mirror on Sienna 2000 LE(or similar)please share your experience. I have to replace damaged passenger side power heated mirror and wondering if any gotcha's to do it yourself.
  • One of the lights which illuminates the temp gauge and the left side of the tach has burnt out.
    How difficult is it to replace it; can a mere mortal do it, or is it surgery of the type that I should have a mechanic tackle?
    thanks for your input!!!
  • Passenger seatbelt warning light doesn't work correctly. Mine works the other way around ( It blinks when the passenger buckled up, but if the passenger keep pulling the seatbelt all the way out it stops blinking ) It won't blink if passenger doesn't buckle up.** 99 Xle
  • paysonpayson Posts: 32
    I have had the same problem for the last 3 months.I did a search on the web,and found a couple of others with the same situation. One woman took her van to the dealer,and was quoted $200+ to fix. When she picked it up,they told her it was no charge. She was out of warranty.My 2000 XLE has 48K miles.I live 60 miles from my dealer,and haven't had time to take it in. I don't think it is a safety issue,just a sensor.Please post what you find out,if you take yours in.
  • I had dreaded the day that I would have to own a mini-van. However, I am now a born again mini-van owner. I bought a used '99 Sienna with only 35,000 miles on it and I have fell in love with it over the past 6 months. It is awesome! Especially with a new born and a 100 lbs. golden retreiver. Now I can't imagine not owning one for the rest of my life. Especially a Toyota. Its so awesome.

    However, I have now run into a little problem that I would greatly appreciate some help with. My CD player won't let me put a CD in it. I'm pretty sure there isn't a CD in it. I have obviously hit the eject button and nothing comes out. However, my wife was driving it the day before I noticed the problem but she does not remember putting a CD in it either.

    It seems that there is a single bar within the unit that prevents a CD from entering the player. I would guess that I need to hit a reset button our something, but I don't know how or where it would be. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to have to pay a mechanic for a seemingly simple problem.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    Try this and it might work. Disconnect the battery and reattach after say 10 mins or so. This should reset everything and hopefully the CD player as well. Ofcourse you'll lose all radio settings and the clock.
  • Thanks deepan. Disconnecting the battery did the trick. CD popped out and works fine now.
  • cnuckcnuck Posts: 1
    Why would exposure to rain or driving through a puddle cause the a/c button to blink and the a/c to shut off?
  • Anyone out there have any advice re: removal of the dash/instrument cluster to replace a bad bulb behind one of my gauges? How tough a job will it be......Should I do it myself or should I leave it to Toyota to do for me?
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    It happened to me a couple of years ago when
    I drove through a big puddle of rain water on the
    I still don't know why the AC light blinked and
    the AC shut off.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    I've had experience with electrical problems behind the instrument cluster of my 1980 VW (vw are notorious for electrical nightmares, even in today's models believe it or not) Dasher Diesel back in Fall of 1986 when i was in College. I know i can tell (warn) you if it's going to be anything like that, don't go it alone, have proffesional help. My advise to you is to have the dealership do it no matter what the cost. I've almost set the my car on-fire by crossing a hot wire. I smelled melting rubber in the car till the day i gave it away! Long story on my VW "Dunkie" as i called it.

    I had to take it to the dealer to get the dashboard lights to work again. They fixed it, but it was never the same, the dimming feature never worked, and i was always wondering when it would eventually cut out on me again.
  • Well, nobody answered, so I figured it out myself.
    The instrument cluster can be accessed using nothing more refined than a phillips head screwdriver. Just pay attention to where the screws came from. It will also be necessary to disconnect the electrical plug connectors to the mirror, emerg flashers, rear vent wings and rear fan, etc. but this is simple. Plan on it taking probably an hour or so to do. One piece of advice....if you are replacing a bulb as I was, beware of the fact that there are different sizes of bulbs which illuminate the instruments....unfortunately, I had ordered the wrong one from toyota ahead of time, so I needed to drive around without the instrument cowling for a day or two (it was either that or put it back together and take it apart again when the right bulb was available).
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,409
    Thanks. This is the kind of stuff I read this board for. -Mathias
  • Response to message #2766. Yes. My 2002 Sienna pulls left in general and particularly when braking. I had a local (non dealer) mechanic work on the allignment and although to spec he could not get rid of the pull. He assumed that something had been damaged by a pot hole. Today the van is with the dealer her in Morristown, NJ which is a big dealer. They are also looking into the allignment problem and the brake squeal which , so far, they claim to have no knowledge of.

  • My dealership fixed the squeal today. New drums.
    Thanks for all of your help. I do not think that they would have done the fix had I not gone in loaded with the info that I received here. It still pulls to the left but they tell me it is the tires. We'll see!!

    Thanks again,

  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Now that you have the new drums, have you noticed any more noise eminating from the rear under medium and higher braking pressure?
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Note to all getting the rear drums replaced; mine is in right now to have the shoes replaced as well. Had the drums replaced 2 weeks ago, but noticed a definite rumbling bnoise on aplication of the brakes. Apparently shoes are part of the TSB, but dealers are only installing them if you whine about the new rumbling noise! Seems Toyota wants us to visit our dealers twice for the same issue.
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