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FX35 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

I have a 2008 FX w all options except the rear seat entertainment. I have been having trouble with my TPMS in that it always loses its reading and warns of low tire pressure.

The dealership has attempted to fix it by resetting the system and replacing the computer in the dash. Nothing has helped. Have any of you had any problems?


  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I had similar problem when I replaced my tires at Discount Tires. One of the tire kept loosing air. The TPMS was fine but there was a gap between the seal and the tire. Somehow it was installed too tight and they couldn't get it out without breaking it.
    I ended up replacing 1 TPMS unit (< $60) and the problem was solved.
    Infiniti/Nissan didn't pay for it because the unit was fine.
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