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2002 Mountaineer Tail Lights


I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer (it's actually my 18 year old son's vehicle but mine to repair). Anyway, the right rear turn signal and brake light do not function - the reverse indicator does work. The bulbs have been replaced but the indicators still don't work. The first thing I considered is a blown fuse. However, I have to believe that if it were a fuse then the left rear indicators also wouldn't work but they work just fine.

Any idea what could be causing the malfunction of the indicator lights?

Thanks for your help.



  • Ok well I brought mine to the garage and they can't find a reason it sounds like a deisel.I am thinking it's the Pulley going out of control but I beleive he checked it out and said things were running fine and in good condition,anyone else have this issue?
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