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2011 Hyundai Elantra



  • eng4244eng4244 Posts: 1
    My 2012 GLS just did this for the first time at 27,000 km. Huge cloud of white smoke during downshift & acceleration. Oil level is correct, no engine fault codes but I can see that the coolant expansion bottle is empty (the radiator is still full).

    Have booked the car in to a local dealer for inspection but I am not comfortable with their initial responses.

    I suspect a cylinder head gasket problem or worse.

    Although it's too early yet, I'd like to understand the root cause of this problem so that the correct long term solution is applied.
  • lhwang78lhwang78 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem twice too!! definitely something hyundai needs to look into. Anyone know if Hyundai has been looking into this??
  • penizepenize Posts: 6
    Just had my 2011 elantra in to dealer again for starting issues. This time they said a code was in system saying transmission relay switch needs to be replaced. Dealer ordered part. I sure hope this is the problem and that its fixed once and for all. They told me its a relay to the starter and it might show its in a different gear when infact its in park and that would cause the car to not start. Ill update as soon as i can...
  • Same problem happened 2X on my 2011, they replaced a defective PCV valve we shall see if this makes a differance
  • nlunanluna Posts: 5
    I have the same car..About 5 months ago I was getting my car started to go to work ( I always like to warm up my car before I drive it).. Car was parked in the garage. Well, I tried turning on the car and the car would not start.. It gave me a clicking sound the radio did turn on).. so I made sure that the steering wheel was not locked before attempted to turn it on again. No luck. so I thought, could it be the battery? but it had been 2 years since I bought it (brand new with 24miles)and I have never had to change a battery this soon on my past vehicles. They usually last 4-5 years until the battery needs to be replaced. So I had my uncle look at it right there and then.. and for some reason the car just turned on.

    So I called the dealer up spoke with my service rep and told him what had happened. He advised me that next time I should video tape it and have it towed to the dealer. (However that was not the first time it had happened to me. The first time it happened I did not pay too much attention to it because it started right after the third time I tried turning on the ignition, this was like months before this incident)

    Well, today. I started my car ( started perfectly) let it warm up for about two mins, drove to the bank turned my car off and less than 5 mins tried to turn on my car and it would not start.. tried it several times. Again, I made sure the steering wheel was not locked. So I did what the Hyundai service rep advised me to do. Video tape, called the Hyundai road service to tow it to the dealer. Unfortunately he had to turn it on by jumpstarting it(which I did not want him to do that, and I told him not to because that way the dealer can see the issue them selves ) BECAUSE he said that the last time a man tried to tow the car (for what ever reason) got injured while trying to put the car on his tow truck. He said that the hook the car had in the back got detached from the vehicle and cause the car to roll down, injuring the poor man.

    So I called my service rep from Hyundai and told him he needed to start the car as he did not want to take any chances. Which I understand, but unfortunately for me they don't get to see the issue themselves.. I'm going to the dealer in a few minutes to show them the videos I have.. but I thought I would reply to you before I go. I will keep you posted on what they say...
  • nlunanluna Posts: 5
    Please keep me posted.. I had a similar issue.. I seriously think its a vehicle defect.
  • nlunanluna Posts: 5
    So you and I seem to have the same issue. you should look at my post #585 ( I am not about to retype.. But here is the out come..
    I went to the dealer to show them the video. The car had not been worked on yet.. so I was like great maybe the video can help them determine more less the problem.
    Well I after talking with my Rep., explaining to him the who scenario, telling him how I don't think it has to do with the battery AND showed him the video. He tells me "I think it might be a battery problem". So I tell him about the second time it happened to me and I took it in to him to have I looked at and he told me at that time that the battery was good and there was no problem wit the car. I explained to him how I think this was such an inconvenience, I bought the car brand new and I'm already having problems, well we argued a bit more.. I even told him about your situation and printed your blog and he said Hyundai does not use Blogs as a part of a technician diagnostic. I said "ok, that's fine, Im just telling you that someone else had the same problem. I will just make sure that the manufacture and corporate know about this." So I leave the car in to find out the issue.. about two hours later they call me back and tell me that it is not the batter its a problem with the fuse box and that it is covered under warranty. Since they didn't have the part they needed they provided me with a car rental and told me I will be picking up my car Tuesday or Wednesday. NOW LISTEN TO THIS...I leave the dealer to go pick up the car rental and I'm driving home.. Forgot I forgot my school permit was in the car.. this was around a bit after 5.. so I called them up and spoke with the receptionist and told her I needed to go back to pick up the permit she said that was fine.. I go back and my rep helps he and tells me that the he will take me back to my car so I can get that myself.. the garage doors to the service facility had been closed and no one around the inside of the garage. Well as I go see my car I see that the car is battery is turned ON ( the radio light and clock were on)!!.. I grab my pass and tell my rep. I don't think its normal for my car to be on.. so he goes in takes the key of the ignition and closes the car.. I am totally calling corporate Tomorrow as I tried to do it today and it was closed!.. Ill keep you posted on what happens,, But If I were you I would definitely fight for any extra towing expenses you have paid for..
  • nlunanluna Posts: 5
    My reply to : Re: 2012 Elantra White Smoke 22,000 miles was a mistake.. I'm not having this problem I'm having electrical problems... I tried to delete it but I don't know how...
  • penizepenize Posts: 6
    Hi there had the same issues had car to dealer 2 times towed once. Third time,they told me a code was in the system saying that it needed a transmission inhibitor switch, this switch tells the ignition what gear the car is in, so you might have it in park and it is telling the inhibitor switch is telling ignition that car is in drive and it wont start. They found this code only on 3rd visit. The part was ordered and installed and i have not had any issues with the car not starting so I feel confident it is fixed for now. Its been about 3 month since repair. Hope this helps.
  • nlunanluna Posts: 5
    Hi. Thank you so much for the reply, It is helpful. I'm glad t hear that your problem has been fixed. I did call corporate today and advised them of the issue jus so they can keep that in record incase more people have the same issue then they can do a recall for it, or something. I'm not sure if I mention this but we have the same year and model vehicle. Well, I hope my car comes back to me with the issue resolved, because I love it and I would not want to trade it in. I hate car payment.

    Keep me posted if anything. Lets hope we don't have to come back to this site again a research for anyone with similar issues.

    Thank you again and take care,

  • nannyfrannynannyfranny Posts: 1

    We are also having the problem with the white smoke .Second time today .Last time dealership said they found nothing .Did have them remove some of the oil after reading these blogs .Husband just now checked oil and it is not overfilled so here we go again !! There is def. a problem when we can't give it gas to get out of the way of another vehicle without leaving a huge whiteout . It is very scary ! Any help appreciated .Thanks

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