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Need help Replacing Engine head

jayb7jayb7 Posts: 1
alright long story short a spark plug snapped inside the engine head an instead of letting them drill it out for 900$ i decided to take it upon my self to do alittle mechanical work please no negative comment's im asking for help an help only.. alright i have included a few picture's

in one of the picture's i circled the bolt's im pretty sure i need to take out to get to 3rd base before reassembling the new head. Please let me know if these are the correct bolt's to remove also the one thing i circled with a square is the well that the spark plug broke inside please help in desperate need


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    just found my neighbors wrenching the same car you got.........luckey 4 u
    with like problemz once you take off the head you will need a new head gasket.
    to do so unbolt the air intake and separate from head. also unbolt exhaust manifold and undo the lines to the cooling on right side of engine and un plug and dress electric out of the way. you might even unbolt the fuel rail and carefully move it to the side.. then
    unbolt ten mill allen heads you circled ten, make sure to start in the middle and skip outward if it seems they might strip clean the crude out of the boltholes.....................
    make sure you dont start it back up untill you have made blown to smithereens fo sho the cams are lined up right with the crankshaft...........good luck
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