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GMC Acadia Engine Problems

derekrowe01derekrowe01 Posts: 6
Lets start from the beginning....
We purchased our '09 Acadia March 9th 2009

Two weeks after we got the car, I parked in the driveway. I left the keys in the ignition... not a big deal. As i was walking to the house, the Acadia beeped.. it locked itself, keys and all.

On December 31 we went to leave our house after the car had set for about 3 days. It was DEAD. nothing.. not even a glow of a dome light. We jump it and took it to the dealer the next day. No problem found

It died again on January 21 and we jumped it.. we didn't take it to the dealer simply cause they didnt find anything the time before.

We went to leave our house again on February 22 and it was DEAD. Once again it had been sitting for 3 days prior. We had it towed to the dealer while still dead. They had it for a week as we drove a little base model Vibe. The found NOTHING!

I was running into town last night (a 5 mile trip). I got on the on ramp for the highway. I got about 3/4 down the ramp and BOOM! In my rear view mirror all i could see was parts flying, oil, and smoke. Oh ya defiantly threw a rod through the side of the engine!


  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello Derekrowe01,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are experiencing concerns with your vehicle. Can you please email me with more information so I can look into this situation further? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • hello!!!!! Is there any update about this issue??? I have 2008/SLT 1 AWD and due issues i have experienced i got Lemon buyback and it is settled am due to surrender my car to dealership on 30Aug!! And i am driving out from the showroom a new SLT 1 AWD/2011!!!!! Hopefully i wont have this kind ???? ???? !!!!! Oh no!!!
    Pls advise me ASAP..
  • We have a 2008 Acadia bought new in Jan 08. The car has 34,400 miles and started making a knocking noise. We took it to Chris Myer Automotive and found out that both the upper and lower engines are bad - upon inspection one side of each is all gunked up. GM is now claiming that it was caused by "improper maintenance"! We have the oil chaned regularly and can prove it....but they will not honor the warranty. They gave my husband a rental car for 7 took them that long to get around to looking at it. Without our authorization they tore down the engine...took it completely apart and then said too have to pay for a new engine! They then had the audacity to tell him he had to pay for the rental car for all 7 days - over $250 since they weren't going to honor the warranty. We have now contacted our attorney and will meet with him next week. We called GM headquarters as the dealer advised and gave them the story and they were to call us back today....NOT - haven't heard a word from them. Unfortunately for GM I spent a long time in corporate America and I'm not afraid of a good fight and we will fight this to the end.

    My advise to anyone is to stay away from GM cars. This is our 3rd and last. All have had problems and we kept trading hoping to get a good one....not so. Stick to the well built foreign cars.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    Do you currently have a case set up with GM Customer Assistance? If so, could you please email me the case number? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • cepierce1cepierce1 Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    As stated in above posting we did indeed hire an attorney. Chris Myer Automotive would never put in writing what "improper maintenance" was defined as nor would they put in writing to our attorney that they would not cover the engine under the 100,000 mile warranty. Our attorney wrote a terse letter demanding that the auto be repaired with a new engine, continue the warranty for the 100,000 miles and repay us for out-of-pocket rental car fees. In the meantime, we had been borrowing a friends old car and driving that around town. Several days after the letter from our attorney went out we received a call from our attorney telling us to go to Enterprise Rental Car and pick up a rental car and that a NEW engine had been ordered for the Acadia. As of this posting we are still waiting for the car...we're hoping next week but since we have a rental car on GM's nickle....they can take as long as they like. But the bottom line is it should never have come to this. Our attorney was prepared to take this to court if necessary - as were we. Interestingly, we had taken the oil filter and oil scrapings from the engine after it was "torn down" by the dealer...we also took quite a few digital pictures of the torn down engine. The pictures were shown to a lot of reputable mechanics in our area and the oil and filter were sent off to Amsoil Oil in Wisconsin for analysis. There was NOTHING wrong with the was clean, but the engine showed signs of high heat exposure suggesting a hair line crack somewhere in the engine. The technician at Amsoil did say that the GM 3.61 engine was a combined effort between GM and Suzuki and has turned out to be a BAD engine that has major mechanical flaws both in the engine and transmission. Amsoil has heard from many of their oil customers about this engine so my advice is to stay away from the 3.61 is in a LOT of cars including the Cadillac, Acadia, Chevrolet and others.

    If you are having similar problems to this....hire a good attorney. Spending $500 for an attorney is certainly cheaper than $6000 for a new engine....and NEVER buy another GM product....unless you like wasting your money. Oh and by the way, GM headquarters where we have a case file....was of absolutely no use. They told us it was a dealer decision!
  • cepierce1cepierce1 Posts: 5
    Today we picked up our 2008 Acadia from Chris Myer Automotive (see postings from April 21st and May 14th). It has a NEW engine and the warranty continues - 5 yrs. or 100,000 miles which ever comes first. I cannot emphasize enough...if you are having a similar problem don't screw around with your dealer. Hire an attorney and the problem will get resolved. Our attorney wrong one (1) two pg. terse letter and that got the ball rolling. We inquired on our own and a new engine would have cost about $4500 plus about $1500-$2000 to have it installed. Well, attorney fees were minimal compared to that. In addition, in the end it cost GMC $666 in rental car fees for my rental cars. This is because I hired an attorney. So please, don't be afraid to take on GMC - you can win. I won't say it wasn't a little frustrating...but again, don't be afraid to fight it!
  • ren8ren8 Posts: 2
    We have an identical issue to yours, I am glad you were able to your issue resolved! We have a 2008 Acadia, and we have been told by our dealer that there are pieces of an oil filter that blocked up the engine, and we need to replace. The engine is completely torn down, and we sent the oil filter pieces to the manufacturer of the filter. The oil filter manufacturer engineers have determined it is not their problem, because the oil filter was exposed to extreme, excessive heat. After we received that information, we went back to the dealer and GM customer service and they indicate it is not their problem because we used an after market filter. We are currently going back and forth between GM and the oil filter manufacturers as they are playing point the finger. In the meantime, our Acadia is in pieces at the dealership.
    I am interested if your attorney addressed the issue with the dealership or GM directly, also, would your attorney be interested in more business? I would gladly hire them - as it seems like our cases are truly identical. Thanks
  • chuck2011chuck2011 Posts: 18
    edited May 2011
    Was the oil filter company able to say how much heat is needed to cause failure of their product? That said oil filters are designed to withstand the heat of an engine bay. Did the dealer say which part of the filter caused the blockage? Did the dealer take photos of the foreign material causing the blockage? You do need a lawyer though.

    can you say which brand of oil filter failed?
  • cepierce1cepierce1 Posts: 5
    We tossed the ball between GM hdqtrs and our dealer and that was short-lived. I said screw this and hired our attorney. We had pictures of the engine torn down in the service bay at the dealer and our engine showed signs of exposure to extreme heat. We never learned why. Best I can tell you is hire an attorney. I don't know what state you are in so I don't know if our attorney is licensed to practice there. But if you check around - ask reliable friends, family members or business associates for a good attorney it should only take him/her one terse letter to get your car fixed. Hang the threatd of a lawsuit over their head and see what happens. Please keep me posted on this....I'll ask our attorney if I can give out his name. An attorney for this should cost less than $500, a new engine will cost about $6000 - you do the math!
  • ren8ren8 Posts: 2
    We are still awaiting a reply from the oil filter manufacturer, regarding details to their denial of our claim. The filter was manufactured by Wix. Once we received the letter from Wix denying blame, we responded with several questions regarding the heat source and cause of the extreme heat. It has been over a week with no response. We just recently discovered that Wix changed the design of the oil filter we used. It is still the same part number, however the design is completely different. The newly designed filter looks much closer to the AC Delco filter, which is GM recommended.
    The dealer took many photos of the blockage, and it looks to be part of the bypass washer from the filter - the new filter design doesn't contain those washers.
    The oil filter manufacturer has not confirmed in writing it was a piece of the bypass washer from their filter. We are still working directly with the oil manufacturer to get a response. The challenge is that they are not responding to our follow up calls, and we won't even get a response regarding a timeline for their review.
    GM customer service is no help, they were not even willing (and said they couldn't) get me the oil filter specifications for the Acadia. How could GM not know the size and specs for an oil filter needed for their own make?? I was on the phone with GM customer service one night for 2 hours and only talked for 15 minutes, the rest of the time I was on hold or was transferred to surveys and to people in wrong areas that couldn't help me. Also, they staff the phone lines with people in Argentina, so if you want a U.S based person, you must request.
  • I see that a number of people on this site have had the same issues as I have with my 2007 Acadia. I love the vehicle, but it is the biggest headache I have ever purchased. Shortly after purchasing it, my battery went dead. Dealer Replaced. Then the whole timing chain problem, engine had to be tore out at 59,000 miles, new "redesigned" timing chain not available yet, so without my vehicle for 4 weeks. , Head gasket replaced along with other parts, blamed my Napa oil filter and said broke apart and fragments in motor and althought they did not have to warranty dealer tells me because I did not use an AC Delco Filter, they would warranty the work anyway. Truth is if a manufacturer says you have to use their parts for a warranty to remain in tact, they have to supply you with those parts. It is a federal law. So no big favor there. Had car back less than 24 hours and it left me sit again, dealer forgot to reset something with Stabiltrak. So had to miss an appointment and vehicle had to be towed. Next the transmission breaks apart. at 79,000 miles. Replaced under warranty. Now at 105,000 miles, just out of warranty, took in to dealer befause of knocking in engine. They tear the engine down and try to give me the same song and dance as before with oil filter breaking apart. When I called GM they said if same issue may extend warranty. So tear motor out yet again and low and behold, I get the same song and dance because I used a napa filter again. The compression of the motor is tearing the filter apart. But they don't seem to think this is an "engine" problem. Napa is standing by their filter and upon talking to a napa store owner I am told they sold 160 of these filters. Not a one problem, and this happens to me twice, but Dealership claims not a motor issue. Obviously GM does not read websites such as this where there are are pages and pages of Acadia owners with exactly the same issues. But GM does not admit these motors are junk. How can that be. My motor is in pieces at the Dealership for 2 weeks now while I am trying to get someone either GM or Napa to man up that there is a problem, somewhere, most likely GM and then my dealership, Ebersole of Lebanon is whining that my vehicle is tying up a lift and that they are paying for my rental vehicle. (a grand old pontiac vibe with all the standard equipment) as compared to my fully loaded Acadia that I am paying $500 a month payment for while it sits on their lift. I really feel for their hardship. So is anyone making headway getting GM to own up that their motors are bad.
  • Have you already gotten a case established with GM Customer Service? If you would like for us to get you any available updates, please send us the number. If not, we can get this set up for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • Yes I had talked to a gentleman named Brian at 1-866-790-5700, Ext. 40718. He gave me a number which I assume may be my case number, 71-1025201733. I believe he has contacted the dealership where my Acadia is sitting in pieces, but I have called him 4 times and left messages for an update and gotten no response. A representative from Napa was there today to look at the pieces which are still in my motor, but they are convinced it is not the filter, but a motor problem.
    So yes, I would appreciate any information you can provide me with as I am going on another week without my vehicle. Thank you.
  • Good morning,
    I am currently showing that the case has been closed, but will certainly reopen it and alert your agent that you are, as I understand, at the dealership with your Acadia being looked at.
    Thank you for your patience, and I apologize for slow communication on our part.
    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • I would appreciate it if you would open it. My acadia has been at the dealership for over a week now. Since this is the second time that the compression of the motor has torn my oil filter apart, it would seem to be common sense that there is a problem with the motor. But GM keeps blaming it on the Napa oil filter. The owner of the Napa store where my husband buys our filters said he has sold 162 of this filter this year. It is hard to believe that I am the only one that has experienced this problem with this oil filter, not once but twice and no one else has. A napa representative visited Ebersole, looked at my motor and said this is not a problem with the NAPA Filter. Looking at numerous websites and reading all the accounts of the exact same problems I have had with this Acadia, I just can't believe that GM will not admit this motor has problems and fix it. I am very disappointed in GM at this point. Call me stupid, but I did think about trading my Acadia in on another vehicle, but after looking at SUV's with three seats, nothing compares to the styling and comfort of the Acadia, it is just a shame they have all these issues. I love driving my Acadia, but I have 3 children and do not have time to be without a vehicle. Between the 2 engine issues and the transmission going out on this vehicle, I am pushing a total of 8 weeks total without a vehicle. The dealer did give me a loaner vehicle, a Pontiac Vibe, while I appreciate the wheels, I can not even take my family anywhere in it. This whole ordeal has been a major headache and inconvenience. I would appreciate anything you can do and I am seeking legal advice as well in this issue.
  • Since my first message when I re-opened your Service Request, it looks as though you were contacted by your agent, a decision was delivered, and then the case was closed again. I will be discussing this with my supervisor, however, and will post back hopefully this afternoon, but if not (as he is in meetings at the moment) tomorrow morning.

    GM Customer Service
  • I picked up my Acadia this morning to the tune of $2091. Not very happy, although it was $9 under their quote. When Brittany called and told me they were closing my case on Friday, because of dirt in the oil, I told her that was news to me, at no time was I told there was "dirt" in the oil. So when I picked it up at the dealer today, I asked them about this and they verified they said no such thing, it was fragments from filter. So obviously someone does not have the facts straight. If my case is not reopened, I will be seeking the advice of an attorney. I can not believe after this has happened twice GM does not see that there is obvisously a problelm with a motor. After paying $36,000 for a vehicle I expected more. Certainly not to be making payments while it is sitting in pieces 3 times at a dealership while I am driving around a compact car. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    edited January 2012
    Good morning,
    Thanks for giving me the chance to look into this. My supervisor has looked through your current case, and has asked for me to take ownership of your case so that I can send it to your district specialist. They should be in contact with you by phone at some point over the next few business days - if you don't hear from them, please let me know.

    I appreciate your patience, and truly hope we can get this resolved,
    GM Customer Service
  • Thank you so much Sarah. I do appreciate your efforts to help me get this resolved.

    Debbie Parobek
  • GM is still playing the blame game and saying it is not an engine issue. The rep that called me made quite a few "illegal" reasons for why GM will not cover my problems under the manufacturer's warranty. So we will see what the Attorney General's office has to say about it.
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