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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • Yes, you were driving a RAV4. The ride is not smooth at all. Worst SUV I test drove. The Highlander is a much better Toyota choice. And the Highlander has better styling.

    When I purchased, I opted for a Mazda Tribute instead. Great SUV.
  • I own a Mazda Tribute and a Highlander. Traded in a 2001 Rav for the Highlander. As for the ride, the Tribute is the worst of the three. Very noisy cabin and engine. Pros for the Tribute are its looks and acceleration. Bottom line, not up to Toyota standard of fit, finish, quality. I feel the RAV was the most fun to drive of the three.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    If the ride was rough, it might have been due to the tires left over-inflated by the prep crew (as I said, they left all 4 of mine at 50+). Recommended pressure is 29 (tho I use 32). Many were overinflated on the dealers' lots in the beginning of this model run (based on the experiences of other RAV-ers on, and possibly some still are.

    I bought an '01 RAV. Call me biased if you want, but I don't think it is noisy or rough. It is one fun ride.
  • Thanks for all the information on why my rav 4 test ride was so rough and noisy. It is possible that the tires were overinflated. I'm going to try a different dealer this weekend. I loved the HIghlander's smooth drive but I really like a smller vehicle with better gas mileage and the rav seemed to fit my need but I couldn't stand the noise!
  • Took delivery a few days ago and yes the tires were over inflated 40+ but the roof rails were correct with the arrows pointing forward. Thanks for the postings. The RAV4 [red-4WD auto]is my wifes; I drive a '99 Honda CR-V 5spd. She liked the high driving position of my car so we looked at the Escape & Sante Fe. Turned off by the Escape mostly due to the numerous 6 cyl. stall postings on this site. Couldn't take a chance that I would get one. The Sante Fe is a nice package and a good price but its a Hyundai...... The '02 CR-V looks to much like my '99. IMO the fold down rear seat feature on my '99 CR-V is more functional than the '02 RAV4 because it folds flat to the floor. The RAV4 does not leave a totally flat floor, but its seats come out easily where the CR-V do not. The dash & dash area impress as being more high tech and generate more eye appeal. The retro gauges are a slick touch and the upfront driver/passenger area has ample room to accommodate someone tall or large. The various hooks, pullouts & gadgets are clever and Toyota has that quality rep. but its way to early to comment on ride, features, convenience etc. Took a ride to AC and helped Donald Trump pay off part of his debt!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Congrats. Hope you enjoy your new RAV.

    Watch how that little 4-cylinder loosens up with a few thousand miles on it. All in all, an impressive package. Not as quick as a Mach 1 'Stang, mind you, but still pretty good.

    A lot of dealerships forget to take the almost-invisible protective clear tape off the clock and audio display faces. I wonder if they took care of it on yours. They still didn't get the tire pressure right, though. I wonder how many sales are lost due to "rough ride"?

    By the way, I just learned that the rear seat backs will tilt down rearward to a full (I think) reclining position.

    So you bought a new vehicle, then went to AC to see Mr Trump. Nice work if you can get it.

    Good luck.
  • For suvshopper4
    You posters are amazing!! Yes there was clear protective tape over the clock display but not on the audio display. The rear seats go to about a 3/4 tilt, the wheel well intrusions prevent them from a full tilt. In the future I may install a CD changer [interface] with the existing CD/cassette/radio [not an RF modulator]. Audiovox and I believe Eclipse makes one; where is the preferred location for a changer? Has anyone dealt with any of the on line vendors, etc. etc.?
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    macadam: Did you find the clear tape on the Hazard Flasher switch too? ;-)

    I just now read, on another site, a number of posters who said very good things about as far as service, including returns with no questions asked.
    If you order something from them, doing it by accessing thru will save you 15%.
  • For suvshopper4
    You were on the mark again; there was clear tape on the flasher switch. Anything else?
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    macadam: Well, I'll let you find the bundle of twenty-dollar bills all on your own.

    Found the dash change bin yet? I was poking around and said to myself, there ought to be a change bin, let's see, right about -HERE. And voila.

    Love the cupholders, especially in front.

    Very nicely thought-out rigs, these RAVs.
  • jjc7jjc7 Posts: 3
    I talked to a Toyota salesman on the phone today regarding the price they were getting for the rav4, he said last week it was $600 below sticker, this week it is $300 below sticker. He claims Toyota is slowing the shipments down after the 9-11-01 diaster. Has anyone heard of this decrease in shipments? I'm in the Philly area.
  • Nope, I haven't heard that, I was just at a few Toyota dealers and they never mention that. I think the guy was just trying to bait you a little. Here in SE Wisconsin there is a lot of Toyota deales and I'm planning to check them all out to make sure I get the best price.
  • 20992099 Posts: 59
    Thanks for the tip about the tape on the clock and warning flasher . I would have never found it! My wife bought a 2001 RAV4 about a month ago and loves it. It's a 4WD version, we have about 1300 miles on it and are getting around 23.8-25 mpg so far. Do you think this is about average? Also am looking at a spare tire cover and am wondering if the $400 dollar Toyota one is worth the money. I like the idea of the "hard" color co-ordinated cover, but am wondering if there is another option. BTW, we bought ours from a small rural dealer on October 5 and paid $700 under Edmunds TMV at the time. We are happy with the car and was the only gold 2001 RAV4 left in this whole state! Dealing with small dealer was smooth and pleasant after all the stories you read here. They didn't try to sell us any other "extras", we made our offer, they countered, I said I made my offer and if you can't do it I understand, sales manager came out and said okay. That was it. Total "fees" were $19.75!!! All in all a pleasnat experience. Thanks for all your interesting posts here about the RAV.
  • Glad you like your Rav-4, I'm trying to talk my wife into buying another Rav-4 (her's is a '96) but she said she don't like what they did to the body style. I also have a Rav-4 but I'm planning on replace it with a 4 Runner or something like that. Both our Rav's came with Spare Tire covers so we didn't need to buy any but you may what to try and go to the Toyota section, they have all type of stuff there and I'm sure you can find it cheaper then what Toyota would charge.
  • 20992099 Posts: 59
    Thanks for the quick reply. I will check out the link for the tire cover. BTW, we bought a 2001 because we liked the new body style, so to each his own I guess!! They do ride a lot better than the older ones..we test drove one in 97 and my wife didn't like the ride. Also I think there is more room in the 2001/2002...ours has the moonroof and I have plenty of leg/head room and I'm 6' 6". Only thing I don't like so far (and its very minor) is that the headlights don't come on/go off automatically like in my car. I do like the orangish color of the dashlights though.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    jjc7: Yes, I have heard that the RAV supply has diminished in the US, but have heard no reason why. Maybe they expect the worst in the US economy after 9/11, and there are other markets they want to sell to. Don't know, though.

    2099: Mileage should keep going up over about the first 10k miles. But now at 15k, I find it dropping a bit! Don't know if I am driving it significantly more agressively, but that is possible. I got up to a thousand-mile average of about 25.5, last 1k avg more like 24. Auto trans, AWD.
    I have a bare spare, and like it, so no help here.
    Glad you like your RAV too. Thanks for the kind words.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    RAV on.
  • After the first 500 miles, wifes RAV 4 has gotten 22.6 MPG, decent, but should improve somewhat after breakin. [My '99 CR-V pushes 25 MPG]. Just had keyless entry installed and the fob has an aux. for a remote start. I've looked at a CD changer that interfaces with the existing radio, brand is Audiovox. Anyone know of other brands that interface? Before I bought my '99 CR-V I considered the RAV 4 but I was unable to fit in the front with the wheel at full tilt & seat full back. [I'm 6'4 & 215] What a difference in the new model!!! Loads of room for the driver and the seat is a nice firm hold. I would not have purchased it under the old specs.
  • I'm 6'3" with a 33 inch inseam and a LONG torso. I used to have problems with legroom in cars - but now I have more problem with HEADROOM than

    I'm in immediate need to purchase a fully loaded SUV - tried out the Toyota RAV4 and Highlander. Even in the Highlander, my head was slightly bumping the moonroof. (Same in an Avalon - the new Camry was the best of all of them I sat in!)

    Are there any decent decked out ($30-35K) small/medium SUVs that have decent headroom (and legroom)?

    Side note: I had to special order a Nissan Maxima and waited 5 months to get it WITHOUT a moonroof - I would rather NOT go through that again. And I need to get my hands on a new SUV by the end of the year.

    [Also, I am trading in a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - about $36K trade-in value.]

    Bud Hinckley
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,405
    Ilive in new york.i could give you a dealer in new jersey if your looking to buy a 02 rav4.HOW DOES 100. DOLLARS OVER INVOICE SOUND.DONTlet them con is not selling rav4 like when they first changed the shape.HERE'S MY EMAIL BDARL21@AOL.COM. I always had a soft spot for philly. my mom grew up in south philly. lambert st.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,405
    i have been to 4 toyota dealers and all i see are row's and row's of 02 rav4's.if you have to go out of your state it would be worth it.the toyota highlander the salesman told me he gets 900 over invoice.what gets me is there's about 35 of them on his lot you could bet he's not selling them anytime soon.IF I WAS BUYING A HIGHLANDER i know that 900 would be down to invoice or right around there. you have to play the game. most cars,suv's are out ther to be had. thats why i love this forum. its us aganist them.I'M FOR THE CONSUMER.THESE dealers will try to rip you off every chance they get.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

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