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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • I used to detail used cars for a Ford dealership. Febreze masks the smells for days or maybe 2 weeks tops. The solution for you if a thorough cleaning of the carpet and seats doesn't do the job, is to replace the headliner and carpet - probably a $300+ expense. You might find somebody in a dealer's (doesn't have to be Toyota) bodyshop who does this on Saturdays in his home driveway. My Mother had a new headliner put in her beautiful gigantic '84 Olds 98, by just such a guy. Looks and smells like new.
  • user7user7 Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced any maintenance problems or issues that might lead to recalls with the 2001 or newer Toyota RAV4? The particular problem I am experiencing is clunking noises from the breaks engaging when you switch the automatic gear from reverse to drive or vise versa. I took the car to two local dealers, but both of them claim they can hear the noise but that it is normal and don't need any repairs? Is this right? Other friends who have this exact model RAV4 don't have this noise problem.

    Thanks for any help.
  • rav4manrav4man Posts: 21
    yes, if you paid $17,900 before tax you did not
    pay too much, about retail. you could get a new
    2003 as you equipped for about $19,800 plus tax
    if the dealer is honest. I personally went through the same delimma, new vs used. The problem is used 2001-2002 rav 4's dealers and private parties keep the prices up, but they do sell. very high resale value on these things.

    if the $17,900 was out the door including sales tax, you got an excellent price.

    I ended up buying new. Reason is I knew where it had been (from factory), recieved full 36,000 mi
    warranty (worth a lot to me), did not have to worry about smokers or hidden damage. But I did
    pay more for new I agree.

    I want to everyone about my friends experience.
    My young blonde friend went in alone,
    She went to Grand Rapids dealer, they did not have the vehicle, would not quote a firm price,
    wanted her to sign agreements to buy without seeing the car. Just wanted $100 on her charge card so they could get the car here. would not talk to me about price. I sent her to Lansing
    MI Spartan Toyota. Kathleen there gave a no nonsense bottom line price which blew away the Grand Rapids prices, plus they have a huge inventory. She waited while they prepped it and drove it home on a Saturday afternoon. Wow, I love Spartan Toyota E Lansing !

    Then Grand Rapids Dealer called her, she explained she bought over the weekend, salesman
    got upset (probably because he lost a huge commission) and told her he would not refund her $100 because he had already ordered a car.

    It took calls to manager to agree to not do that.
    Just poor business. PS She has the same cowl/
    windshield rattle as mine did 6 months ago, so
    Toyota still has not fixed this small, stupid,
    simple fix problem. I cannot wait to borrow her car to do the felt/insulation, screw, fix, as I
    did on mine. Otherwise, her car is also perfect.

    If anyone is concerned about rav4 construction
    quality, do not be. This is the real job#1 quality
    built vehicle.
  • ltd2ltd2 Posts: 14
    just wondering if anybody got their 2003 model
    RAV4 at close to $1000 below invoice in Southern
    california area recently?
    it seems to me it is doable.
  • ltd2ltd2 Posts: 14
    hi all,

    this site has been silent for a while, here is something new!
    i just bought a new RAV4 for my wife in S.CA.
    2003 RAV4 L package titannium color with sunroof, rear spoiler, keyless entry,roof rack and alloy wheels, paid $21600 including fees.
    my wife loves the small baby!
    thanks everybody in this forum for the valuable
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    Did that price include taxes too?

    Steve, Host

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  • ravenousravenous Posts: 13
    I'd say you did quite well. Hope you enjoy "The Baby" (our nickname for it, too!) as much as we have. Did you get a 5-speed? We did and love the acceleration.

    On another front, I think I'm hearing the famous windshield rattle again, folks. Can I tighten the cowl myself and save another trip to the dealer? I see some bolts near the wipers. Are they the ones to tighten?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    FWD or AWD?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • ltd2ltd2 Posts: 14
    i got a FWD automatic, i heard the windshield rattle and loud engine the first time i drove it,
    i guess that is the way it is according to this
    forum's feedback...
    also, it comes with the dunlop tires, was hoping
    to get the Toyo ones, not sure which one is better.
  • rav4manrav4man Posts: 21
    My 2003 Rav came with dunlops. They sometimes
    seem a little squirley when wet, could just be me.

    My only experience with toyo was a new datsun I
    had, came with toyo tires. They wore like iron.
    I retired it with toyos. They are an excellent tire. I would select toyo over dunlop if I had that choice.
    I did not know toyota is using them.

    This week my new American Racing chrome alloy wheels ($357 for 4 were on sale, go on sale periodically) plus yokohama geolander tires
    (at $95 apeice installed) from the sears retail tire store. Looking forward to see if I get a ride/traction improvement, will let the board know. This leaves me with a set of steel wheels
    and dunlops for winter or whatever.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I don't believe tightening the fasteners will help. I hear it's a foam thing.

    Sounds like dealer time.
  • rav4manrav4man Posts: 21
    exactly right. needs more felt and foam insulation on the brackets supporting the black
    windshield cowl. you cannot see this from the exterior of car. need to remove screws to get to this. it really is an easy thing to do.
  • edllkfedllkf Posts: 2
    My RAV4 ,WHEN it is NEW TO 3000 miles had serious bounpy problems on rough surfaces roads includes freeway above 40 mph, 3 times to toyota delears & they said that is normal , just get used to it.
       My friends said that is not normal, suggest dealers to get at least tire balancing but the City Toyota at Daly city decline. I have suffer for 5 months on that problem, now it is 4500 miles & it is better on higher speed 70-75 mph, but still dips & vibrates on lower speed like ~ 45-60mph on rough surface roads. Anyone had any problems like that ?? I test drive another new RAV-4 on freeway & I don't feel that problem.
    But that City Toyota dealer refused to do anything ABOUT IT, any help or suggestion ?? Is the TOYO tire really too hard & causing the harsh/rough bounpy ride ?
  • ravenousravenous Posts: 13
    I suppose you've checked tire pressure? My Dunlops take about 29 PSI.
    Mine does fine on interstates, but rough roads do make for a bouncy ride, no question. Also some elevated freeways and overpsses (seams between sections perhaps are uneven).
    But the word "vibrate" does not describe my experience (except for the much-discussed and easily remedied windshield rattle). "Dip," "bounce," yes. I can only assume you've been on much rougher terrain than I have. The RAV ain't a Hummer.
    Hope this helps. Perhaps others have more data.
  • ravenousravenous Posts: 13
    A minor consideration, I admit, but I can't seem to find a litter bag or waste can that fits well in the RAV. Anybody?
  • caseycwcaseycw Posts: 11
    I have a small plastic trash bucket made for cars to go over the center drive hump. The bottom is curved and has spikes to keep it in place. Works pretty well. It is a few years old, but got it at some discount store and have seen others around. Might try that. I have mine in front of the back seat, behind the console on that hump.
  • ravenousravenous Posts: 13
    Thanks. I have one of those type trash buckets also; was trying to come up with a more convenient location for it. But I imagine reaching back a little won't kill me!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    totalnet - Thanks for your info earlier. I think I am closer to buy one. But I do have a question. Maybe you and someone can help me.

    Toyota is offering 1.9% APR for 36 months for the RAV4 and most Toyota vehicles, plus $300 manufacturer to dealer incentive (may be combined with special APR offer). One dealer offers $300 over invoice for any RAV4. Is this a good deal? I quoted earlier from other dealer for $21599 plus 198 doc. fee for 4WD, Auto, "L" package, ABS, and rear spoiler. Am I also taking an advantage of this $300?
  • ltd2ltd2 Posts: 14
    not sure which state you are in, here
    in CA you can get it below invoice as i did
    (refer to my earlier post).
    wondering what is your invoice price?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    I think my price is close to yours. I am also looking for the same car with the same equipments: 4WD, Auto, "L" package, ABS, sunroof and rear spoiler. But I got this quote properly two months ago.

    What seems to be a problem with the windshield noise? People said this is no more than a trip to service department to tighten some screws. But Toyota knows about it and nothing has been done about it.
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