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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    I have no experience with the XS, only comparing the two based on the data availabe on this site.

    The 2004 RAV4 L has stability+traction control, autio control on steering wheel, privacy glass, and a bit better mpg.

    The XS has automatic climate control, heated seats, standard side air bags, 6-CD stereo, and a bit more power.

    I recommend a test drive of each. :)
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    When one buy a new Toyota (e.g., a RAV4), does the person get a "Toyota Care" package in the mail that includes 3 free oil changes, one-year road side assitance, etc.?
  • When I bought my RAV4 from Planet Toyota in Chicago, I asked for free oil change but the account manager said "We don't have anything like that". So, I think it really depends on the dealer.
  • Happy New Year from the south! Just celebrated the new year by purchasing a AWD RAV4, with the 5 speed stick. Though many would choose the automatic, I chose the stick because we have a weekend home in the NC mountains, and the road up is very winding, and rough. I like the extra control the stick gives you. And by the way, do you other RAV4 owners know that with the 5 speed, the front and rear wheels go 50/50, whereas with the auto in the 4wd the traction ratio is 70/30.
    Read that in one of many reviews, which I thought gave an extra plus to the stick, not to mention it is about $1000 less.

    Have only reviewed about 10pages or so of this post, but I would say the larger 4 cyl. is great, and that I do not have any dash rattle. As to this raging debate about the tire carrier and the rear end crash thing, I must agree with several of you who have observed: "just dont' back into anything at 5 mph....." and as for someone bumping you, do as I did and get the trailer hitch package, and keep the bar and ball attached, which gives at least some extension for others to make contact with. Since I dont tow anything, I may consider switching out for the bar fender pictured awhile back. I will post milage after the 1000 mile breakin...have only 500 so far. Looking forward to sharing driving experiences.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Good luck with your new RAV4 ride.

    Like Will Rogers, I only know what I read, and I've read several times that the RAV's front/rear drive split is 50/50 full-time, and no distinction MT or AT.
    I've also read that one other vehicle (Forester) does vary with MT or AT.
  • My 2004 RAV4 4WD with less than 1000 miles has the "dash/whindshield rattle" when the car goes over a pothole or a no-so-small bump.

    The dealer fixed the problem to some extend, but not completely fixed. It's a issue not so obvious, so a couple of times the dealer just said "no rattle found, your car is perfect."

    If your 2004 RAV4 has the same issue, please let your dealer know. I hope Toyota will issue a TSB because of your complains.

    Other than this issue, the new 2004 RAV4 is a very nice car.
  • Can anyone tell me how much each one cost before taxes? And which one is better in durability? I appreciate any and all responses!

    BTW, how much is APR rates if my credit is 758? My uncle said about 4% but I just want to make sure before I negotiate with my dealer.

    I appreciate your help!
  • The sports package is a $625 MSRP upgrade vs. the L, which is a $1,030 MSRP upgrade.

    The S package includes the hood scoop, "S" badge, sport fabric, overfenders, heated color keyed exterior mirrors, color keyed door handles and tubular roof rack with stainless steel finish.

    The L package includes leather steering wheel and shift knob, heated color keyed exterior mirrors, front fog lamps, rear privacy glass, tonneau cover, "L" badge, color keyed door handles, bumpers and molding and color keyed full spare tire cover.

    Fo me, I don't like the hood scoop (the hood scoop does not increase the HP).
  • I suppose in the best or worst of times second guessing Will Rogers would be un-American. Like so many of our neighbors on this post, I checked and double-checked the Forester too.
    So, I may have confused the two, and sorry. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying the stick, and thank goodness, no rattle monster yet.......
    As for hood scoops, lets leave them on the Forester turbo where they belong, along with the need for premium gas. Happy driving.
  • Thanks for help rav4driver!

    I just came back from the dealer and he said he'll sell it to me for $21,500. Destination fee included, I just have to add taxes.

    Do you think $21,500 is a good price to pay?

    BTW, would you know how much the % APR would be? I have excellent credit. Just want to ask her first so I don't get ripped off.

  • It depends on what kind of options on that car.

    A 2004 RAV4 S 4WD without any otions has an invoice price of $20,010 ($18,970 (base) + $500 (S package) + $540 (dest.)).

    The $21,500 looks high.

    Ask the dealer to write down the code for each option on the car (the list of options is on the window sticker).

    When I was shopping for a RAV4, the dealer tried to sell me a siver RAV4 S, which I believe I could buy it below invoice then.
  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I checked the website and it says that people in my area are buying it for around $21,500 under the TMV(true market value) column. Could it be wrong? Is it accurate?

  • on this site contains the following "Typically Equipped" options:

    AW 16" x 7" Aluminum Wheels
    PN Anti-Theft System w/Engine Immobilizer
    KE Keyless Entry

    Are these options on the car you want to buy?

    That's why I said to copy the code of each option on the window sticker, and then we can figure out the "invoice price" for *the car* you want to buy.

    BTW, "AW, PN, KE" are the option codes I am talking about.

    Don't rush to buy the car; do more research to fine out the details.
  • I've a 2004 RAV4 basic model and I would like to install the EC Rearview Mirror on it. The Option selection indicated that it is only available on the L or S model. Can anyone check and see if there is any wire going into the mirror on the L or S model? On the basic model, it seems like there is some conductive material on the windshield to the rearview mirror.
  • Well, I think I can corroborate the correlation between cold weather and the monster in the dashboard...Yesterday was the coldest morning of the season.....24 degrees...those of you up north try to keep a straight face....anyway, first pothole I hit downtown....clunk rattle rattle went the dash near the lower windshield area.

    BUT, as the day warmed up, it went its way as I went mine...this morning it is only 44, and as you may rattle. obviously, something is contracting and expanding, and it would seem the rather detailed fix-it link previously posted may indeed do the trick...I will try it if we have a spell of extended cold weather, which is not likely here on the coast.

    Regards to all, and happy trails..(Roy Rogers, not Will...)
  • We have a cold weather here lately (~20F). My 2004's dash rattle is louder than ever. It's so audible that it does not even need a pothole or a sharp bump to induce it.

    I have an appointment with the dealer. Let's see if the dealer can tame this "rattle monster."

    A 2004 "dash rattle" TSB will be nice to have. :)
  • I'm in the process of purchasing a compact SUV and have it narrowed down to three vehicles with the 2004 Toyota Rav among them. One thing that continues to gnaw at me is the 4 cylinder engine. I test drove it and it responded fine but I would like other's input on whether you feel the engine has enough pep for daily driving. My commute around town is normally unremarkable. Thanks.
  • I had a 99 V6 Issuzu Rodeo 4WD and now own a 04 FWD RAV4. Compare the 2 there is a huge difference driving on the highway, but driving around town, I like the RAV4 a lot more.
    V4 engine doesn't mean it's slower. However, in pick up speed, the RAV4 is quicker that my Rodeo. But it has a real high RMP and the VVTi makes the power very non-linear. Before you put your money on the RAV4, test drive the Saturn VUE. It has a Honda V6 engine. The only reason that I didn't go with the VUE was the rear drum brake and more expensive.
  • My 2004 has enough power for me. We also have a 2002. One thing that helps with the 2002 is turning off overdrive. Especially when driving at around 40 mph. Keeps the trans in third gear. Although we use it sparingly, it helps alot when we do. I rarely turn off the O/D on the 2004.
  • My 2004 RAV4's dash rattle was gone when I was driving home this afternoon. (The rattle had been very noticable lately.) The outside temperature this afternood was about 35F, warmer than the past few days. In addtition, we had a light rain this afternoon; the rain stopped when I was about half-way home.

    I'll see if the rattle comes back on Thursday when the temperature here is supposed to be between 0F and 20F.

    About the power of 2004 RAV4, it's more than adequate for my daily commute. The engine is very responsive and quiet.
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