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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    Hey, tape can fix lots of stuff!

    Seriously, lots of the body side moldings are held on with adhesive tape these days and plenty of front end bras and other accessories get taped on and last the life of the car.

    Steve, Host

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  • I am planning on buying a 2004 RAV4. I live in Washington, DC, we get some snow but not a lot. How does the 2WD(front wheel drive)RAV4 do in snow on paved streets. I like the fact that the two wheel drive is cheaper and gets better gas mileage, but I obviously do not want to get stuck. If it is any help-I currently have a '97 Honda Civic front wheel drive, and I have never once had a problem with the road conditions here in snow/ice.

    Thanks for any help.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    dcdoctor - FWD should be OK for you in DC as long as you put on snow tires, preferably all 4 wheels. If you have been getting around OK so far w FWD only, you s/be OK w a FWD RAV4. Where I am in Western Canada, the 4WD is preferable but we get a lot more snow (I assume). We can't even get a FWD RAV in Canada, all are 4WD. Enjoy your RAV - the new '04 is great w the new engine.
  • 325iRAV4: Could you E-Mail me with the Dealers name in Cinncinati so I could get some info on the tape that they used on your windshield? I have a 2004 RAV that has been rattling since I picked it up in October also - dealers in Mass are useless. I actually called the 3 Cinncinati dealers and they had no idea what I was talking about as far as "anti-squeak tape" PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Just sharing with you fine folks my experiences taking our new RAV4 4wd 5spd on its first road trip. From the coast to the mountains and back, over 550 miles, I averaged right at 23 mpg. As for the conditions, yesterday we returned in hard snow, sleet and mushy roads....the 4wd did its job well; the 5spd gives an added measure of control, be it psychological or practical. The contributor from Washington should consider the 4wd for the conditions they get up there. The real surprise of the trip was that despite snow, blowing wind and sleet, and 26 degree temps AND bumpy mountain roads, the dash rattle monster failed to raise his ugly head. Seems no rime or reason to mine....but please remember that some time ago, before I joined you all online, a very thoughtful contributor attached a step by step fix-it program with photos...go back quite a few pages and you should find it.
    Please let me know if any of you have found your CDs getting hot to the touch....when I eject at the end of the disc it is really warm...could this damage the discs? and yes I too noticed the difference in the CD volume and radio volume.
    Thanks, and safe traveling!
  • if your state has the Lemon law. Let the dearler fix it under warranty. A DIY fix will void the claim.
  • 325iRAV4:

    Please provide more info.

    Is there a part number for the "Toyota anti-squeak tape"?

    When did the dealer fix your rattle using the tape?

    Thanks for sharing the info.
  • rav4driver, toyotafan71 and others with the dreaded cowl rattle: I just called my dealer for some clarification on this fix. I'm in northern Ohio and they fixed my RAV4 on January 12. The fix did not come from another dealership but from Toyota Regional Technical Assistance (available only to dealers). They incorrectly originally told me that the advice was from the Cincinnati Region - now they say that it was actually the California Region. A Technical Service Bulletin is not yet issued - apparently it takes a while to do this officially. My dealer's Service Technician got telephone advise on how to do the fix from California. He went to an auto supply store and bought 3M anti-squeak tape - part number 06356. They pulled the "wiper cowl" and applied the tape (which is clear) to the windshield and then reinstalled the cowl. It works perfectly. My dealer's advice to you all is for you to call your dealership and ask them to talk to Toyota California Region technical assistance and refer to my case number (040080052). Good luck again.
  • I am most grateful for your help, because my dealer ignored me completely (If they told me that a fix is not available now, then that will be a proper answer; we need more civility in the auto business!).
  • Here is the info about the 3M tape.
  • I will be going to the Auto Parts store tomorrow to see if they carry the 3M tape. rav4driver: Are you going to try and fix this yourself, or will you go to the dealer? What part of the country are you in?
  • I have provided my dealer with all the info about how to fix the cowl rattle. But my dealer is still claiming that there is no problem. I plan to have the dearler fix it when they come to their senses(I really don't know much about fixing a car :).

    I am observing how this dealer is going to handle this issure. This provides me with an opportunity to learn more about this particular dealer (central NJ).
  • m4ethm4eth Posts: 101
    My Dealer in Dayton knew about the problem and the repair...However he did not mention teflon tape but mention a foam tape placed on the cowl.

  • performed the rattle fix which pertains to the 2003 and earlier models. I feel that this dealer does not know about the fix for the 2004 RAV4.

    As 325irav4 pointed out, this rattle is new for the 2004 RAV4. I am hoping a TSB will be issued for the 2004, so that I don't have to convince my dealer that there indeed is a problem.
  • I think I figure out a simple way to reduce the cowl rattle of my 2004 RAV4. The key is the H20 molecules.

    On my way to work this morning, the weather was cold (20F) and hazy. I used the windshield wipers to clean my windshield. As a result, the windshield cleaning fluid was spread around the base of the windshield. This kind of scared the rattle monster, and the moster nerver dared to distract me. :)

    Please give it a try and see how it works.

    P.S. This is also a possible way to mask the rattle, so dear dealer tech staff please don't try this on a customer's car. Thanks!!
  • 325iRAV4 - I was just curious if your rattle was still silent? Have you had DRY weather lately to test it out? Hopefully it is quiet - mine is driving me crazy! We have had cold, dry weather here in Boston for weeks, and I am beginning to question whether I can continue to drive it! Let me know how your is. Thanks!
  • Does the rattle disappear when there is rain or snow? I am trying to see whether your rattle is the same as mine. The rattle on my car disappears on rain/snow days. It snowed yesterday here, but stopped today. The rattle disappeared this morning.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    The cowl rattle on my '01 (that is still silent after it was fixed by my dealer two years ago) would not occur when it was wet out. Just cold AND dry.
    By the way, with 35,000 miles, no other problems, other than the rattle and the brake noise, which were both corrected two years ago. The brake issue was NOT a safety issue, just noisy. There was a TSB out for '01 brakes, they just put on new pads I think. It is interesting to note that the Consumer Reports rating on the '01 is perfect except for two categories: brakes and integrity (something like that). It got these bad marks because of the noisy brakes and the cowl rattle.
    The Rav is great with all this snow and ice!!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Yeah, I think that CR category is "body integrity", and I agree that the dash rattle would fall under that.

    Me, I'm happy to say my '01 has always been rattle-free, except for ONE instance. Go figure.
  • Thanks for the info. I think my rattle is a new kind for the 2004 model year.

    I really like my 2004 RAV4. The brakes on it feel very confident and quiet.

    Also the stability+traction control worked well. We had snow lately. The side of the some roads here still has ice on it. Yesterday morning, when I was making a right trun to get onto a two-lane road, the right wheels slipped because of the ice, so my car did not make a smooth turn; instead it was heading toward the oppoiste lane.

    Then, the dashboard beeped (indicating the stability+traction control was working) and I felt the car was pulled back to the travelling lane.
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