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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    How about

    (C) We ask for clarification rather than baiting with provocative polls?


    tidester, host
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Yes, some people are more concerned about themselves or small children being injured by a side airbag than they are concerned about injuries sustained from the vehicle not having side airbags in a collision.
    Plus they save some money by skipping the side airbags that they can apply towards other options, and dealer-installed accessories etc..
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I must apologize. I did not think that there were knowledgeable people in the world who did not want a vehicle equipped with life saving side air bags and air curtains. But then again, I cannot imagine who likes sitcoms with piped in laughter, mobile homes, cheea pets and those hanging light fixtures with Venus in the middle surrounded by wires that drip some kind of oil, yet those products sell. I guess I got my answer as to why Toyota manufactures so many of its vehicles without side air bags. Thank you for your clarification.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    so you are saying its wiser to delete the airbags and buy splash guards or side step bars than it is to save a life? get real!
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I take it you are voting Choice B, rhouser2? Something tells me you own no cheea pets. You probably don't smoke cigarettes either.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    you got that right. life is was to precious to throw away.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Thanks rhouser2

    So far we have: Choice A (afraid of being killed by air bag) 1

    Choice B (afraid of being killed by another driver) 2

    Even at this early stage, I would think a 2 to 1 margin would warrant Toyota equipping at least some portion (how about 1/3?) of its RAV-4s all across the country with the side air bag option.
  • jcliffro

    your proposal makes sense , but i thought toyota made side air bags an option,especially for buyers who picked [A] or [C} . thats what nice about toyota , you have about at least 15 options to select from . So if you want save $650 and not have side air bag option , you have that choice . I just bought 04 RAV4 with side air bags ,guess that gives you a vote for [B ] .

    To those who decline side air bags ,i have a question : they can always replace your vehicle , but can they replace you ?

    Ride Safe and Smile
  • Scottdude

    when you mentioned that you noticed that every RAV4 was driven by a woman , i myself have noticed that also . but when i shopped for new SUV , the RAV4 was hottest looking [in my eyes] small size SUV out there . So when i bought my 04 RAV4 , it was white L . i forgot all about 'gender' and focused on what I WANTED . let me know when you get your RAV4 .

  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I am glad you contributed to the demand for side air bag equipped Toyotas. Note that my gripe with Toyota has never been that side air bags are an option, it is that Toyota equips NONE of their RAV-4s, base Highlanders or SR-5 or Sport 4-Runners with those options in the entire Gulf States region, Southern California and, I'm sure, other sections of the country as well. What that means for people in these regions who cannot wait to order a vehicle is that they have NO CHOICE as to side air bags and I believe it is that policy which is shameful and reprehensible. If it is Toyota's distributor that orders the vehicles that way, I still believe Toyota itself should step in and right that terrible wrong. You are so lucky you live in an area of the country where you have a choice. Just for the record, may we all have that general area where you live?
  • certainly , i reside in baltimore area, i test drove 3 '04 RAVs at 3 different Toyota dealerships . and every one of them had side/curtain air bags in them . So imagine my surprise to hear the good folks in Gulfs,West Coast,other locations, not having a CHOICE . i couldnt even imagine a Highlander or 4Runner without side/curtain air bag option. Yes , i agree whomever made that policy is 'shameful and reprehensible'.
    If my Toyota dealer told me i had to 'wait' for airbag option for my 04' RAV , i would had 04' CRV EX [side airbags standard] parked in my driveway now .
    your suggestion about Toyota Corp. stepping in and correct this wrongful practice is good one .
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    yes you have a choice. refuse to take one of the lot and order one with what you want on it. it's that simple.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    It isn't that simple to order a vehicle for someone who suddenly finds they want a new car and cannot wait 3 to 5 months. Toyota needs to fix this wrong or more people will do as Postal40 Hondas or other makes. And when Toyota is offering rebates on RAV4s, Highlanders and 4Runners ON DEALER LOTS of up to $1500, do you think it is fair to have to pay over $2,000 plus tax (loss of rebate and cost of side air bags) just to get that life saving option? I might consider looking in the Baltimore area rather than give my business to dealers or distributors who are contributing to this injustice.
  • No ,i do not think its fair that some of you have to pay over 2 grand and the rest of us dont ,for the right to own side/curtain airbags . those Toyotas are expensive investments,you buyers deserve better . I bought my RAV4 L from Carmax/Toyota dealer . while i was in showroom , i read that Carmax has locations in '20 cities'? Maybe you wont need to come all the way out to Baltimore to get your RAV . I also read that Toyota $750 rebate expires 8/31 ,any word on whether Toyota would extend it ?
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Now helpful information like you have provided is what makes chat postings like this so invaluable. Great idea on contacting Carmax directly and thank you so much for your response.

    PS Maryland and WVA are the only 2 states to which I have not been, so picking up a new Toyota and seeing Annapolis, Baltimore, Cumberland and whatever there is to see in WVA and then winding my way back to New Orleans doesn't sound too bad to me. Kind of like those who take delivery of a new BMW in Germany, tool around and then ship it home.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    who told you it would take 3-5 months to take delivery of a vehicle you order? that's a bunch of crap! the salesman i talked to said it would take 6-8 weeks. not much longer than a domestic company. you have got to stop getting pushed around by these sales people.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    were you present? was I pushed around? you have to stop making statements about situations you know nothing about. perhaps the sales people you talked to were taking you for a ride. you do seem like the gullible type to me.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
    Can we rave about the RAV and not about each other please?


    Steve, Host
  • JCliffro,
    you are welcome,i am glad to help you and other Toyota owners in this chat format. I myself , certainly learned a few things in here . Based on my experience , you would be satified with Carmax with their 'no haggle' prices [ my homework shows their prices match Edmunds' TMV prices]. That would give you more time to visit all the Maryland cities you mentioned . West Virginia is only 2 hour commute from here . Your idea is not bad at all , better than paying the local Toyota dealer a king's ransom and make you wait as they want you to endure [honestly ,who really knows how the delivery would take? ]

    Ride Safe and Happy
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I urge anyone thinking of purchasing a Toyota RAV-4 to read the brief Associated Press report dated July 2004 on the test of a RAV-4 with and without side air bags/air curtains. The results were subsequently reported on DATELINE NBC. Just copy and paste the following link to your web browser. Note also that the Insurance Institute's full testing results can be found by clicking on the Insurance Institute's link found at the very bottom of the article.
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