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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • reticent1reticent1 Posts: 70
    I believe that different regionas across the USA experience their build order process differently. Where are you geographically, and what region did you order-build a RAV from? I might have an answer for you. Can't promise, but I may be able to clarify.

  • berthabertberthabert Posts: 2
    Thanks. Will definitly give this a try! :o)

  • jenfer1jenfer1 Posts: 2
    #141-savvy4, yes I did leave some information out. I didn't realize it until my message was already posted.

    I test drove a 01 RAV4 2WD 4 speed automatic. The salesman indicated that I may get as much as 32 mpg; the sticker indicated 29/22. My last two cars have been compact sedans, so I'm used to very economical cars and am wondering how much more I'll be spending on gas each month. I drive about 60 miles round trip to work each day and am wondering if I wouldn't be better off with another sedan (sigh!)
  • sandthrushsandthrush Posts: 6
    Sorry if I offend anyone, but don't listen to the salesman about gas mileage. Go by what is on the sticker. We have a 97 Camry and it is getting what the sticker said it would get. We just purchased a 2001 RAV4 (2WD, 5-speed) and on our first tank of gas we got 27 mpg, mostly city driving, which is what the sticker said it should get.
  • rmcgeorge2rmcgeorge2 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the history of this engine. I was told by a salesman that this was the Carry engine from the years 1988-92,but have not been a able to confirm. My husband is very wary of this due to the fact that he once owned a Veda - with the worst engine in history. I am ready to buy, but need to convince him that this engine will be reliable. Thanks.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
    Sorry about the spell checker (I'll ask the tech folks to add camry and vega to the word list).

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  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    With this past year as an exception, I've driven 80 miles round trip to work for the past 5 years, so I know what you mean. I've been driving compact Japanese sedans for the past 12 years total. But, the RAV does get good mileage in any transmission/drive configuration, and it's the nicest mini-SUV out there that's also economical to operate, IMHO. I don't know if you'd get 32mpg on the hwy with the 2wd auto you drove, but the 2wd manual would get you really close to that mileage figure. If you're short like my wife at 5'3"(or you can't drive a 5-spd manual), you may want to "stick" with the auto, as the RAV's high seat height makes it difficult to depress the clutch pedal fully for shorter people. We purchased the new RAV to have something "different" since we've owned so many sedans. We're very happy with our purchase so far, and it's tons better than a sedan when you need it for utilitarian purposes. The folding/removable rear seats really open the little RAV up for cargo uses that a sedan can't match. Since your used to compact sedans, you'll notice the RAV won't allow you to take turns as speedy as a small car, but it does handle pretty good overall for a tall vehicle.

    Ordering...we were going to order a red exterior RAV because my wife wanted that color badly. Once we found out the red exterior color wasn't available in the L package and the wait would be 3 months to get one, we drove 3 hours west to get a white exterior RAV equipped close enough to our specs for us to buy it. We're pretty happy about the white exterior color after spending the past few months with it.

    Toyota claims this for 2001 RAV mileage:
    manual trans.........25/31
    auto trans.........24/29

    manual trans.........22/27(23/27 with the optional wide tires)
    auto trans.........23/27(23/27 with the optional wide tires)
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    I test drove a RAV 4 and thought the drivers arm rest on the door was kind of thin and the center console arm rest was a little far back. Does anyone else share this view and in everyday driving is it a problem?

    Also, on the test drive I went on a gravel road and boy was the car jerky and bouncy! Is this normal? It seemed really odd for an SUV to bethis rough... I would have thought it would have a little smoother ride over a bumpy surface. On the highway it was great.
  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    I'm 6'1" and our RAV's interior in all respects, including arm rests, is very comfortable. I think the door arm rests are very high quality and not "thin" in any way. However, I don't like the center arm rest. Its position is fine for me, but it's made of a somewhat slippery plastic...not to my liking. The worse part about the center armrest is the fact the lid only opens about 2/3 of the way and it has plastic hinges. It's very big inside, that's nice. But, I can see forgetting about the limited opening range of the lid and breaking the hinges as I open it one day. Stupid design, especially on a new Toyota, and especially for a highly used item as a center armrest. Our RAV rides a little bouncy around town, and I haven't had it off pavement yet. It's a tolerable bouncy for me, though. It has a lot to do with the short wheelbase, I'm guessing. It's true the best-riding vehicles are cars, that's just the way it is!
  • gszgsz Posts: 3
    Dear genehar:

    I'm in Northern California; I special ordered my RED 2WD/Manual/Sunroof RAV4 on December 28th. The car arrived on March 25th... almost 12 weeks exactly as promised. Best, -gsz
  • gszgsz Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    Is there a good reason for changing the engine's oil after the break-in period? I don't see anything in the car's manual to this effect but it is suggested in the dealer's own version of the suggested scheduled maintenance. Thanks -gsz
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    savvy4: Armrest/console storage lid opens 90 degrees with a detent (stays open at this angle). Just need to force it a tad to get it to 90 degrees.

    others: Bouncy ride could be overinflated tires - common oversight with dealer prep. Often they don't reduce the tire pressure from the boat ride over, close to 50 psi, to the recommended 29 psi for driving.

  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    Gsz, oil changes are cheap (especially if you do your own like I do), and they're one of the most important things you can do for your motor's health. The break-in oil change should be performed even though there's no mention of it, because as the motor's breaking in, fine particulate (metallic) matter floats around in the oil and is harmful to the engine. There's more "floating metal" in your oil during the first 1000 or so miles on a motor than there will be on future oil change intervals. I've been changing motor oil on ALL my family's vehicles for 16 years, and the RAV is the easiest oil change around. Everything's located conveniently underneath, the engineers made it really easy for oil changes. Do the break-in oil change because it's cheap, and because it's beneficial to your motor. Also, if you don't already, learn to change your own oil. It's SOOO easy!

    Suvshopper4, I'll have to check out that detent feature when I can get the vehicle from my wife tonight. I still wish Toyota would've used a different design for the center armrest/console, though. I'm sure it was a challenge with the fold-down rear cup holder feature, though.

    As for the RAV's ride, I have my tires set at 29 all around (I check pressure once a week) and it's still a little bouncy around town to me. It rides smooth on the hwy, no problems. But, I guess I'm just spoiled from owning two nice cars in a row (an Acura and an Infiniti), so I doubt ANY SUV would impress me. Cars still ride the best, handle the best, etc. But, if you have utilitarian needs for a vehicle, the new RAV comes in handy. We hauled home about 20 bags of landscape rock from Menard's last week. Just folded up the RAV's rear seats, put down our tarp, and stacked the bags of rocks on the floor. I like that. It's hard to do that with a car as efficiently as you can with the RAV. We're glad we have our RAV!
  • hannah10hannah10 Posts: 11
    Would you care to tell us how much you paid?
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    On another site someone wrote about having a problem getting the '01 RAV's oil filter off, and I think they needed a special wrench or an extension. Did you encounter any such problem?

    I'm glad to have my RAV too. I've done no hauling, but the RAV is a real good ride and the perfect size, power, and economy for my wants and needs.

  • hannah10hannah10 Posts: 11
    Anyone have some good facts on this? I absolutely do not need 4WD but do not want to end up actually paying more in the long run becuase I did not buy 2WD. Any thoughts?
  • beechmanbeechman Posts: 34
    I would recommend looking at resale values of other SUVs that came in 2WD/4WD (CRVs, Explorers, etc) configurations on Edmunds, ,, and comparing them.

    I think a lot of it has to do with what part of the country you live FLA or AZ, I don't think you take much of a hit, but if you live where it snows/rains a lot, then you might want to think twice. If you search in some of the Smart Shopper topics, you might find some of the car salespeople and ask them, they are usually happy to help out with questions like this.
  • beechmanbeechman Posts: 34
    While the 2001 RAV4 has a new engine, and it's made out of aluminum, Toyota (and most other manufacturers) have successfully designed and built aluminum engines for many years. There is no comparison with the experience you had with your aluminum engined Vega 25 years ago (they were definitely horrible)...if you like the new RAV4, don't let the fear of an aluminum engine stop you. I don't know if it's based on an old Camry engine or not; I thought it was a brand-new design.
  • reticent1reticent1 Posts: 70
    GSZ, what did your vehicle have on it? There are a few ways to "order" Toyota cars and trucks. If the vehicle you want is pretty mainstream, just scarce, a dealership preferences it and waits for one to be built out of the general allocation, and it can be a few weeks to 3-4 months. If the car you want isn't built at all "ever" due to the way your region orders that particular model, then a car CAN be built for someone specially...and that is a 3-4 month wait but you get EXACTLY what you want. To a T! We do that all the time for folks.

  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    In 1997 I purchased a RAV4 4x4 auto., loaded in Florida due to the fact I travel to NJ a lot {my 2nd home}. On the advice of one of the salespeople in this TownHall site, I sold it in NJ as I was told it would be sold faster and go for more $$$$ than if I sold it in Florida and the advice was corrrect.
    Post #159 is good advice. I can say that the RAV's do have "good resale" value as compared to other mini SUV' such as Kia Sportage.
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