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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • msyring1msyring1 Posts: 3
    Thanks Ken...

    I'll have the tires looked at first. Now that you mention it, I believe I am due for a rotation and allignment check.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Something like that, I always recommend looking into the basics first. Sort of like the person saying that their lamp won't work and calling in an electrician to rewire the house and he walks in and flips the switch... It's easy enough to find out if it is something more involved if needed, but always look for the most simple explanation first.

  • paulcudlippaulcudlip Posts: 33
    It is another photo shopped mock-up. The new 2006 Toyota RAV 4 will be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in October. The new 2006 RAV 4 will be almost as long as the Highlander and will have a V-6 engine option.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    It states at the bottom of the picture (in french) that it was "retouched" by computer. It definately isn't the new RAV.
  • Why, oh why didn't I see the post in another forun, which advised that you buy the tonneau cover WITH the car from the dealer? It costs only $90 MSRP then, but after-market is close to $600! :confuse: Makes no sense whatsoever. Anyone know where I can purchase one at a reasonable price? I've the rear privacy glass, but I'd feel more comfortable stowing away things in the rear when I have a cover.

    Also, any suggestions on the best kind of aftermarket security system to get installed, and where? I am a (very) new owner, and am more or less clueless about this. The dealer would be an obvious source of such info./ services, but we all know the kind of mark-up I'd have to pay there!

    Any suggestions/ help would be much appreciated.
  • I am a first time Toyota buyer. 1999 Toyota Rav 4 110,000 miles. When I start the engine after sitting overnight, I a little "blue" smoke from the exhaust. Just for a few seconds. Is this bad seals or could it be something else? No other smoke at all. Doesn't seem to "burn" any oil though.If it is seals, what is athe cost to repair? It doesnt bother anybody but me. Just another gnat bite of life, I guess. Also, I have the plastic door trim allthe way down the sides of the car that covers about the bottom 1/3. Some genius tried to wax the plastic and I have dried wax all over the sides and bumpers. Anyone have a suggestion as to how to remove this wax?
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    I think I'd ask over in Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts) or Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair about the dried wax.

    Don't be surprised if someone suggests creamy peanut butter. :-)

    Steve, Host
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I've heard of some Gen 1 RAV4s that had valve guide seals that wore out too soon. Sounds like the root of your start-up smoke problem.
    Some were factory-covered. Maybe yours are?
    Not sure if it amounts to much either way.
    Good luck.

    And, yeah, use peanut butter to remove the wax from the plastic.

    RAV on.
  • nu2rav4nu2rav4 Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I bought a Rav4 (2001) on July 22. My first! And I want to get an aftermarket remote start system with keyless entry and alarm. I want to know if I will have any trouble with the Rav4? I found a place that will do it for $399 total. Thank you in advance!
  • huszjhuszj Posts: 1
    I have owned my 99 RAV 4 for over a year and have been very pleased. However, recently there have been electrical problems with windows, and now there is a green light that comes up on the dash the reads "ECT PWR" Unfortunately my owners manual was stolen when my car was broken into earlier this year. I have asked around and taken it to a repair shop, no one seems to know what ECT PWR stands for. I am a single woman and don't want to be taken advantage of if I take my car to be fixed not having any idea what my be wrong. Any ideas?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    there is a button somewhere near the shifter that allows you to change the transaxle shift pattern. Often labelled "ECT".
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I THINK that it refers to "Electronically Controlled Throttle" and the "power" setting which means the tranny will hold the gear longer (ie higher rpm) to get quicker acceleration. I could be wrong. I don't think anything is broken, it's just running in the "power" mode so your fuel economy might be down very slightly. I always run a vehicle in the "power" mode if I have the choice, as I like to move out more rapidly -- :>)
  • hraohrao Posts: 78
    I was told that NHTSA Crash test rating for RAV is only 4 Stars ? can any one confirm this ?
  • rav4urav4u Posts: 21
    It might be the one tested without side airbags. Without side airbags it was given a poor rating in a side crash test.
  • I sent my 98 RAV4 along with my son 400 miles away to College four years ago. Yesterday, he called me with what is the very first problem he/we have ever had with this vehicle. It seems that he can raise and lower the driver's window but that all of the other windows are stuck in the down position. Any ideas or is it just mechanic/dealership time?
  • Try checking the fuses. Jim
  • Ok, son tried taking out, examining for usefulness, and replacing all fuses under the hood as well as all of the fuses underneath the dashboard. All negative. Also tried disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it just to see what would happen--nothing.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Is the power window safety lock on?
  • I thank you, my college son thanks you & his RAV 4 thanks you. He never uses that feature and I had forgot about it being there at all.
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