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2010 Nissan Maxima CVT Issue (?)



  • Thanks for your response. I also had the CVT valve body assembly replaced and everything seems OK now. When I initially took the car in I printed your response and it seemed to move things along better. The dealership claimed they haven't heard of this before.
  • gs42gs42 Posts: 54
    I second everything you have said. Mine was done this week and was the FIRST one done by a pretty high volume dealer. Yes, everyone who can get it done should do it.

    Responsiveness is now better than good and a car that was a lot of fun to drive is now so good it is hard to not make excuses to get in it and go. The car always had an animal inside but the gate had to be unlocked and the door there is no gate, no door, it just goes. Down shifting is smooth and very hesitation. I would not trade this CVT for any 6-7 speed automatic. With the TSB flashed, it is superior to any I have driven.
  • Well, after months of anger and it being in the shop - they took this thread that I had printed and applied the first fix recommended...I can't believe it took them so long as I took this in the first time I complained and I know they replaced all kinds of stuff before deciding to do what was mentioned.
    Sorry it took so long to come back on here, but glad the ordeal is done!
  • First of all, I am glad that others are having the SAME issue as me... and ticked off that a $35k vehicle should NOT be having these issues. I've printed off this thread to present to the dealership. I'm thinking this is going to have to be taken to the manufacturer... maybe even a lawyer for the Lemon Law.

    I'm a car junkie... buy & sell cars of different makes & models every 1-3 years (until I met my wife) and never have had serious problems like this before. Yes, I'd drive the heck out of them.

    We bought our first Nissan in May 2010, after hearing how "awesome" Maxima's were. Plus the body design & size along with the raw 290 HP attracted us.

    1) Immediately I noticed it was difficult to back-up the car into the garage. It was like the 1/2 inch concrete lip was a pure challenge for the car. So, we now park it forward.

    2) At less than 1k miles we noticed the car was lagging anytime we backed the car out of the garage. Completely stopped. Put in drive and pressed the gas. It took a good 20+ seconds to get any "power" to really move forward. It now has 11k miles and the issues persist.

    3) We took it on a vacation and after we got off the highway, we had to wait to cross a divided highway. I darted across the first two lanes into the "suicide lane" and paused. We almost got a good taste of that suicide! I saw an opening and gunned the car and... nothing. WHAT?! Let off the gas, gunned again.. nothing. Flipped to Sport mode... nothing!! I heard the engine revving, but it was as though the engine & tranny were no longer connected. We were slowly moving forward. After almost getting creamed, the car started to pick up and go. I think we both just about peed our pants.

    4) Stop & Go city traffic... lack of power again.

    They kept the car a few days and thankfully experienced the same issues.
    "Fix": Reset the transmission's computer.

    Reaction: Wow, it was like the 290 horses woke up! It was awesome... Even the RPM's were higher, which was fine. I found it odd, personally, that they were so low in the first place.

    Problem: A few days later... the issues returned.. # 2, 3 and 4 listed above. We never tried backing it into the garage.

    They again experienced the same issues.
    "Fix": The transmission from the factory came with too much fluid... only a thimble size. They drained some of the fluid back to what it should have been from the factory. Supposedly that additional fluid was messing up the parameters the computer was setting. They said the transmission was going into a "fail-safe" mode to prevent itself from damage & therefore there was lack of power. They also reset the transmission's computer back to factory settings.

    Reaction: Wow... it's working again. The car is alive!

    Problem: A few days later... "You've gotta be kidding me..." .. The issues #2, 3, & 4 have returned!!

    Okay, this doesn't make sense. We fix it. It leaves working. A few days later it falls flat on its face, again.

    What's next? A new computer? A new transmission? What's after that??

    * Does that ' Valve Assembly Replacement ' seem to work for folks?? * Maybe there's a leak. :sick:
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Just an FYI, after the 3 fix, if that doesn't work like the previous ones, you'll qualify for lemon law in your state. Most states have it that the dealership has to try 3 times to repair an issue and if they don't then you'll qualify for lemon law. Just make sure you have everything documented and you bring the service receipts for every time you took it in. I was also find out the full name and position of the people who told you they experience the same problem when they had it at the dealership!
  • During the 3rd visit to the dealership for the same issues, they decided it would be more cost effective and better to keep their customers happy and safe by putting a new transmission in the car (than going through the Lemon Law). The repair notes state they found debris inside the old transmission! We've only had it back a few days, so we'll have to see if this one falls flat on its face, too. It's usually after a week. We're hoping that's not the case!
  • I've been reading this thread and am in the process of possibly buying a 2011 Maxima myself. On your last post you signed off informing us you were receiving a new transmission. So did this fix your issue? Is your tranny still acting out or did you end up 'lemoning" the car?

    Thank you.
  • Since the new transmission was installed all 100% of the issues disappeared! It's been absolutely perfect. I think Nissan is aware that they have bad batches of transmissions and tell the dealerships to go through all the hoops before reaching the "Lemon Law" phase, which is a royal pain the *ss. It really messes with the trust of your purchase. Maybe they figure the little "fixes" will resolve the issue. The car hasn't had any of the issues we had since the new transmission was put in.

    My Dad went forth and just traded in his 2007 350Z (bummer!!! That was such an awesome vehicle to drive!) and bought the same 2011 Nissan Maxima SV but got his with the Sport and Technology Packages. He hasn't had any issues with is CVT transmission. The paddle shifters over-ride the whole system so you can use them whether in normal or "sport" mode.

    Overall, I really like the Maxima. I can see us keeping it for many years!
  • I thank you for your quick response as we are in the midst of awaiting our 2011 Maxima to arrive. I currently own a 1997 Maxima I bought new and it still drives like a dream. I'm glad your Maxima is trouble free. After I read your blogs this morning I immediately called the Nissan dealer I was planning on buying from and asked about the CVT issues. He told me they were resolved and that Nissan is confident in the issue. However, the 2011 Maximas are not covered under the new extended CVT warranty such as the '03's and 10's are. The 2011 will remain with the standard 5 years/60k. I hope it really is fixed. Believe me, if not, I'll make sure to post. Thank you again.
  • jglockjglock Posts: 1
    thank god im not alone, i reported this last june after a trip from chicago to florida. and then again on my way back. went to my dealer, brought the car in and they where unable to find the issue or find any codes. almost 1 year later i take another semi long trip and it just happened again after a 140 mile trip. i brought the car to the dealer tonight hoping while still hot it would happen for them. car sat for about 15 minutes and would not re create the lag issue. now i have proof to them it exists.

    Thank you!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased the 11 Maxima in Canada and now facing the same vibration issue at low RPM when driving. The problem goes away after it passes 2000RPM.

    Took it to the dealership this morning and they said it is normal for the transmission. I showed them the NTB and said it applies to only U.S. Models, and no Canadian NTB exists.

    My question is has anyone in Canada experienced this problem and tried to resolve it?
    Also why would this problem be only limited to U.S. models? Its the same transmission, am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance,
  • I have 33000 miles on my Maxima and was told yesterday that my transmission needs to be replaced. I noticed a whiney sound as the car increased speed. Very noticable in the 30 to 40 MPH range. I also had both wheel bearings replaced in the last month. I love the car but I hope I'm not in for a lot of problems. Anyone else have these problems? BTW the dealer has been excellent at helping me. :(
  • arodinarodin Posts: 1

    My maxima 2010 purchased in february 2010 made 47k miles last week and the cvt died completely.... All it could produce was noise .... It happened on a highway at around 80 mph with lots of vehicles left right and center... Was lucky enough to get to the roadside without bothering anyone... Was towed to the service center in a short while... the dealer warranty of 36 months or 100 000 km - whichever comes first - already expired in february, but on nissan assist site I came accross the info about extended cvt warranty, something like 5 years and 60k miles, which is still a long way to go for me.... The question is - if this extended cvt warranty still working ?

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