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Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre

pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
edited March 7 in Nissan
Here is the new place to discuss the Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre. This is a continuation of War of the Compacts:Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre - II .

Thanks for your participation. ;-)

Pocahontas, Hall Pickups Host


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    and I don't even own a compact truck...lmao!!
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    Yes you do, Denali is much much smaller than Excursion right??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    the excursion is not a truck....or if it's a poor excuse for one. Still...lmao!!
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    Denali, Escalde, Sub, Tahoe.....Expedition are very truck looking,
    you know, trucks with permanent shells like original Fourunner,
    remember??? LMBO

    Returning to the mini, tiny munchkin type trucks comparo immediately
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I only stated that we are more in debt with Japan because of foreign purchases,I don't care what you drive or who you buy it from.There's more to a lightning than just a 5.4 and a charger.You only wish you could afford one,13th quickest vehicle made and thats against foreign to.I only stated Japan because they trade unfairly with the US,maybe if you understood the whole picture you'd understand.why don't you try duct taping a windmill on the roof of your tacoma head for a steep hill and you'll have your own supercharger.See you in the unemployment line in 2 years when the recession hits.Thank you Tacoma drivers.
  • Lightning is the 13th fastest vehicle made? Somehow I find that hard to believe. It's probably the fastest truck made but I'll bet every model of ferrari, porsche, lotus etc. will smoke it, not to mention Camaro's, vettes, Mustangs. I probably have already included more than 13.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    "See you in the unemployment line in 2 years when the recession hits.Thank you Tacoma drivers."

    yeah, all you tacoma drivers are sending us right into a recession!! jerks! ROTFLMAO
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    GMC SYCLONE 1990 it set Bonneville (unofficial) record of
    202 mph, was limited to 125 due to tires in 1992, all these facts
    were published in "PICK-UP VAN & FOUR WHEEL DRIVE MAG 1992...."

    forget Toy-oh-ta, Datsun, on
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    Please add GMC Sonoma to topic, also add mini trucks of long ago...

    Thanking you in advance....
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    You're right, I forgot the tightened-up suspension and fatter tires, but other than those, you're driving a stock F-150 with an Eaton supercharger. But 13th fastest vehicle! I assume you meant quickest, as in acceleration from 0-60 mph. But in case you actually thought "fastest", here is a short list of cars that out-accelerate the Lightning and top out at over 140 mph . Feel free to count them: Viper, 911, Boxster S, 360 Modena, 550 Maranello, Ferrari 456, Audi S4, BMW M3, M5, 540I, Z8, Mercedes E55, Mustang GT, Cobra, Camaro Z28, Firebird, Corvette, Jaguar XJR, Lotus Esprit V-8, Honda S-2000, Diablo, NSX, Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, Shelby Series 1, etc.
    I got 24. Is that what you count? Oh, here are two more: Saleen S281, S351.

    Now, if I could afford $27,500 (Mr. America says that anyone who does their homework can get a Lightning for this price) then I guess I'd would be driving a Ford Lightning...or a Tacoma Prerunner. But wait, I do drive a Prerunner! You know, us Toyota owners are always paying too much for our yuppie vehicles.

    One last thing, and then you can spew your Anti-Japan cacaphony. You said you'd see me in the unemployment line in two years. Is this because you acknowledge that as a Ford buyer you, too, are contributing to the downfall of the U.S. economy because your money helps to support foreign car manufacturers, or is this because in two years you'll be insolvent from making $600 truck payments?
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    including my '00 Chevy C2500 made in Texas with 3:73 axel ratio, hp (secret), long bed reg cab 5.7 (350 CU IN) (made in Mexico) 9.2 comp ratio, after market upgrades with 16in tires and 0-60 times of
    6.7 secs.......

    Babyboomer who grew up with Jewish kids that were into
    hot rodding in early sixties in Monterey Park, Ca
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    to the list: McClaren Fl. O-60 in 3.6 and top speed of 200+ Personally, I would or could never buy this car, but it does qualify for the list.

    It would be interesting to see Ford take the engine out of the Lightning and put it where it the engine bay of the Cobra Mustang. I always wanted a Mustang, but I never bought one because who would I race? Preludes, souped up civics, or german family sedans? At least now the GT and Cobra are comparable 0-60, but after that you have to wave goodbye to the Z28.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    here's 2 scenarios: I buy an F150 made in Mexico. I buy a Toyota Tundra made in Indiana.

    -In which scenario am I better supporting America's economy?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Your F150 Litening is good at using imported gasoline. Driving Tacoma will decrease oil importation and decrease the deficit. 13th fastest vehicle... what good is this for on public roads and highways with speed restrictions? Or do you live in Montana or own your own private speedway? Your statement about the debt is not very applicable to trucks. Tacoma built in CA and Frontier in TN. Tariffs on all imported trucks so they are built here. The tariff worked. Buying a truck like a Ford does not mean that it has all domestic content. For example I looked at a Ford Ranger and the engine and transmission were imported from France and Germany. Buying Toyota or Nissan trucks employs workers in the US.
    About your Litening...your choice in a truck shows how the limitations of your thought process. If it is for speed then a car would accelerate quicker and handle better. If it is for work then a regular F150 would haul more cargo and tow a greater payload. It does not do truck things well or car things well. Why not just buy a jet propelled tractor. Better yet, duct tape the tractor to your head.
  • Duct tape the tractor to your head? Pretty funny even though I'm not sure exactly what it implies.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    the tractor to the head is HILARIOUS. Moparbad always seems to put things into terms everyone can understand.
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love it..... LMTAO....I thought duct tape was for a temporary mend for the
    blown heater/water hoses on domestic Toyotas, Nissans, Datsuns......
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    The lightning is the 13th quickest production vehicle made,it was quicker than half those cars you mentioned,check out popular and do a search they were the ones who did the test.I don't have the truck anymore it was sold, 1/4 mile times for the 99 are 5.6 seconds while the 2001 will do 5.2 seconds,impressive for a vehicle weighing 4000 lbs never mind those rat boxes made out of tinfoil.My truck isn't made in Mexico your vin # tells where your vehicle is made.I Think if it begins with a 1 or a 2 its made in the USA,there is a site you can check out if you want it I'll find it.I own a ZR2 now and that is why I visit this site and I only mentioned the Lightning because someone said a prerunner was the quickest truck out there.So what are you getting for xmas a karate chop from your local toyoda dealer,hows that windmill concept doing? break any landspeed records yet.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    Well, Barlitz shows his true side. Barlitz, I say you are a lying teenager who fronts as a consenting adult. You don't own a Lightning and because of all the crack you obviously smoke, I doubt you'll ever see anything more than used-up pinto or 40 year old impala.

    First, anyone who owned a Lightning would never trade it for a ZR2! Are you kidding me?! 0-60 in 5.6 seconds traded in for 0-60 in 8.9 or so!

    No, I didn't get my facts from Popular Mechanics because those bozos don't know the first thing about testing vehicles, and you obviously are illiterate. Even Popular Mechanics wouldn't come up with the numbers you gave.

    The 1/4 time for the Lightning is 14.0 seconds. I think you got 0-60 and 1/4 mile confused, son. The truck weighs 4670, not 4000 lbs, and of the vehicles I named, not one of them will ever see the tail lights of the Lightning. Most of those CARS do 0-60 in under 5 seconds and have a top speed way in excess of 140 MPH, which is the ceiling for the Lightning.

    You want to check up on my stats, you just look in the December 1999 publication of Motortrend for the Lightning's numbers and in any recent Motortrend, Car and Driver, Road and Track, etc. magazine for the cars I listed.

    Don't bother responding with anymore of your racially offensive remarks. I think I shall speak to Pocahontas and see if we can't have your a$$ axed from the site.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Somethings in life are just not worth it. The hosts are aware. What they choose to do about it may represent a general attitude of the hosts in general. Pocahontas is too busy freezin and consolidating topics. I don't envy her. So where's Meredith. No sight no hair on that one. I wouldn't worry about it too much. An online community is just has one or two of each "kind". Ya'll have a great Christmas
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