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Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    I have seen the Ford commercial but they do not say anything about a truck having over 300k miles
    Im just saying it was in the brochure of a guy having 1 million miles on his toyota. A guy I knew had 259k miles on his 93 ranger, that was the most I have ever seen on a ranger. I believe Fords can last long, I just think they are the 2ND most reliable truck behind the Tacoma, In full size, I prefer the F-150 over the Tundra, but I am more of a compact truck person.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    How long did it take you to find those quotes/posts, anyway? Bored, are we?

    I'll admit, I wasn't aware my truck had an open diff when the locker wasn't on. Do I care? No. I've learned in the process that when the Ranger's LSD's cluth plates wear out it'll perform exactly like an open diff but still won't have a locker. Winning off-road combination, huh? The more I learn, the more I realize how great the Tacoma is, and how inferior the Ranger is...

    As far as mistakes go...well, we all know who said "Rangers have lockers," "Rangers outweigh Tacomas by 600lbs," "Rangers have 2" bigger pumpkins," "Rangers have their beds welded to the frames," "I jump my Ranger," "My Ranger's never been abused," ETC. Are you going to be consistent and call your fellow Ford fan to the carpet? NAH!

    Furthermore, I seem to remember a debate you and I had regarding shock absorbers and their placement. You were quite confused and frustrated. I'd like to post your remarks here but for some reason you deleted them...
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    It is time to STOP this inane personal nonsense.

    If you have a problem with another user, do NOT take your shots at them on Town Hall. If you feel the need to do that, do it in email or somewhere else.

    If you can't restrain yourselves, you're putting your access to Town Hall at risk. That's not a threat, just a fact. This nonsense takes up too much time for everyone concerned.

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  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    pluto won't die. he just directs the blame on someone else. he never makes mistakes. but others, oh the nonsense. now i know why i have no interest in visiting mexico. lmao

    pluto, do you actually know how to even change your oil? i bet you take it to jiffy lube.

    oh but wait, you're the man. ROFLMAO
  • Took about 5 minutes of searching to find that one Pluto. That's about all it was worth too. I found a few other interesting hypocritical statements, but you don't see me posting that list everytime I get bored or to throw off the conversation.

    I just find it interesting that you claim others were too unknowledgable, when you didn't even do the homework on your own statements.

    People make mistakes. Shame on them if they make the same mistakes over and over. Otherwise let the old mistakes go, or you'll be the one deserving the shame.

    I've also got your shock absorber argument right here... (you can guess where) :) No victors in that one, so why keep fighting it? It's just done differently. Next, are you gonna bring up the Ranger door locks again?

    Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Maybe you guys missed post #504.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    we didn't miss it. we're just trying to explain to others that the reason there was a post #504, is because of pluto's neverending quest to stir trouble and live in the past. he's the one on here who totally out of the blue starts crap. period.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    If the Ranger's better than the Tacoma, why don't you guys simply post comparo results where the Ranger was rated higher? We've posted links where the Tacoma outperformed the Ranger.

    All your little opinions don't mean squat without some real-world evidence to back them up.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799

    Compare maintenance costs between the Ranger and Tacoma. Ranger cost about 6 times as much to maintain!

    Your turn. I want to see some links showing the Ranger is better...

  • I was wondering if anybody knew how much a 2002 Tacoma extra cab v6 with manual and color keyed pachage with trd should cost. My local dealer here in Alaska told me That I couldn't even get a base v6 manual for under $23000. I think he trying to take advantage of me, am I correct??
    Two months ago a salesman at the same dealer said he could get me a limited for around $25000.

    Please give me some feedback.
  • Does anyone know for sure what the 0-60 MPH and 1/4 mile times are for a supercharged s-runner.
    I've heard it's fast but would like a number.

    Or if anyone has supercharged,headers,exhaust, intake,chip to a 2001 or 2002 Tacoma 4X4 V6?
  • akweiland--->Talk to a edmunds user named "smgilles", he has a supercharged Taco, not sure if it's 4x4 or what year exactly, but he may have a timeslip.

    pluto--->You didn't find that, it's smgilles find.

    All re: that link--->I'm curious about the methodology of that link. I wonder why you don't see any Tundra's in there at all?

    Also answer this question seriously, if consumer A owned a vehicle with no problems, and Consumer B owned a vehicle with many problems, which consumer would be most likely to complain or post their beef with the vehicle, say by taking an online survey?

    Factor that in with the amount of vehicles on the road.

    If you look at the breakdowns, they become convoluted. For instance, 1999 Fords compared with 1999 Ranger shows an average of 580 Dollars spent on Fords, and 360 spent on Rangers. But the breakdown into system components become suspicious. Ford Cooling system, exhaust system, and Air conditioning show little to no problems (well below industry average). Engine, Brakes, transmission(auto), Electrical and suspension all show above 1999 industry average costs. However in each instance, the Ranger shows 0 cost per category.

    So how does 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 = 360 for the year of 1999? Is this factoring in old 1983-1999 Rangers with repairs made in 1999, and comparing that to 1995-1999 Tacomas? Something doesn't add up.

    I'm not discounting the Tacoma has a better reputation, but I don't think we are looking at a broad population of consumers to make this one of those rules to live or buy from. It does make a good supporting argument, however.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Ah, you are looking at buying what I got :)
    2002 TRD SR5 Xtracab, V6 manual 4x4, with power, and thats about it, I paid 21,800 - 400 college grad rebate + TTL.
    Of course, this was in TX. I'm not sure now easy it is to get a truck in Alaska, but lets say that: I went through the net, wrote to the dealer that I wanted exactly these options, calculated invoice price on them, gave him 3% holdback (they already get 2%, so 5% is not too bad) and that was my offer. I ended up paying, with rebate, $100 over the invoice (there are some tricks: SR5 package enjoys a nice $700 discount off the MSRP, but when you buy it invoice, you sort of have to pay the full price). I spoke with a dealer, he told me he'd have to get it from the distribution port, and it'd be 2-3 weeks. 4 days later he called me and said it was in the parking lot waiting to be picked up.
    For all your charged needs, go to , it's a tacoma offroaders board, they have plenty of people with charger, headers, air, etc.
  • Thanks for the Information scorpio. Up here in Alaska, trucks make up probably 55% of the vehicles. However, there is only one Toyota dealer in the whole state and they are trying to rip me off.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    I have a S/C 4x4 and have ran low 15's (15.2) was the best time, but I also have 32" tires. I imagine a S-runner is in the mid to high 14's with just a S/C and lows with exhaust and headers. I am just running S/C and a better filter. I am currently looking to upgrade exhaust and headers. Check out the website scorpio gave you, lots of good info. there.

    Do not buy the Jet chip. They do not work with our Tacomas because the ECU is not reprogrammable. So basically they are snake oil as far as I am concerned.
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    I've seen posts with the S-Runner supercharged running 0-60 between 6 and 6.5 seconds.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    well, i finally did just check it out. i find it amusing that pluto tried to claim it as his, when smgilles posted it here and the other forum us close edmunds forum users use. "look what i just found". hehe

    anyways, ok, that's a good argument for you toyota guys. good points. but, stang is right. that argument or article really doesn't represent the whole buying public. surveys don't mean squat. they are just a sample of the general public. kind of like election polls, they mean jack. everyone knows parts for a ranger are cheaper than any toyota part. also, if you're going to post links like that, AT LEAST maybe they could be current? i mean, we're almost into 2003 model year territory and that article was still using 1999 models.

    pluto- im not gonna try and find an article for you. i simply don't care. i like the ranger AND the tacoma. whatever one suits my needs, i will buy. they're both good trucks. i just happen to be a ford guy and always will be. if ford doesn't make a crew cab ranger for '03, ill probably end up getting a tacoma for a year or at least until ford makes a crew cab ranger. im passing on the liberty or any suv for that matter. i actually don't care what others say about what truck is best. for me, the ranger is just as good, and better than the tacoma imo. it is just as good off-road with some real tires and even an aftermarket locker if you think you need one. i never did. they have more power and more creature comforts along with a sturdier built chassis. all for a lower price. and even with better tires and maybe a locker on the ranger, you're still looking at a truck that's cheaper than any tacoma w/o any of those things.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    "if you're going to post links like that, AT LEAST maybe they could be current? i mean, we're almost into 2003 model year territory and that article was still using 1999 models."

    You have a dazzling intellect, tbundy. I would really like for you to explain to us all how reliability surveys can be conducted on 2003 models. You see, tbundy, when such surveys are conducted, they need to encompass trucks that have been around for a while to see how they held up...hence 1999 models and such being used in the survey...

    "pluto- im not gonna try and find an article for you"

    Why not? I've always found it easy to find articles where the Tacoma beats the Ranger! I think what you're really saying is "I CAN'T find an article!"
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    im saying I DONT CARE. grow up, how old are you anyways?

    and if your theory is right, how come jd powers can come up with real world data in a year?

    why dont you find some current material, instead of posting about '99s and your ancient '98. everyone knows that the ranger was improved in a lot of ways for the '01 model year. yesterday i even saw a pre-runner version ranger called the TREMOR. it is all stereo. what's toyota got to offer to compare to that? oh yeah, nothing.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    "and if your theory is right, how come jd powers can come up with real world data in a year?"

    Well, now how can JD Powers do that with the 2003s? Have they been out a year? Now you're saying JD Powers has "real world data?" Except when it rates Toyotas as superior, right? LOL, you are the most consistently inconsistent person I've ever "met!"

    OOOH, the TREMOR!!! I'm trembling! Come back and talk comparing trucks when Ford equips their off-road specific trucks with things like lockers instead of MP3 players...
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