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Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    So.....Liberty is out too. Well, I can't say I did not see that coming. Why don't you just get a bestselling Escape? 5-7 recalls a year don't seem to bother you, so why not?
    What does "it is all stereo" mean? It has a big "doof doof" stereo? From what I could find in 5 seconds, Tremor has 3.0L engine.....thats not a good thing. At least our prerunner comes with 3.4L (or 2.7L 150hp one). So how can you say Toyota got nothing to compare to that?
    As for JD Powers: they are also doing a survey.
    And if done properly, surveys can be a real statistical indication of the measured phenomenon. And if you want to mention JD Powers: In 2001 data, Ranger did not score all that high. Certainly lower than Tacoma.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    Wasn't Toyota the first to come out with 2 wheel drive trucks (PreRunners) that sit high and appear to be 4x4s? NOW FORD IS COPYING TOYOTA'S IDEA? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO???!!

    "it is all stereo"??

    Maybe those excessive "deafcibels" have taken their toll on tbundy's logic...
  • Can't you debate without personal attacks or insults?

    Scorp---> The tremor package is a lot more than just a 3.0l engine.

    Kinda overkill to me, but would be cool to be factory equipped. Only 6000 will be produced. Sort of like the limited edition Mach I mustangs coming out, and the ultimate GT-40 to be produced.

    My 93 Ranger has a very similair sound system, except mine is totally aftermarket, without a subwoofer built into the cab. I could see a younger me contemplating a Tremor ranger. At least it would have saved me a lot of time running wires all over the place under the carpeting and to the battery.

    Pluto---> Ford is trying to appeal to the consumers. That's why they offer the monochromatic package with 4x4 suspension, various audio packages.

    Your hatred and animosity towards Fords and Rangers only prove how much your fear the competition.

    So let's just appreciate the diversity, and chill out on the insults.

  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I have been monitoring this since inception and have yet to see as childish group as T&S&P. Get a life. People buy the vehicle that suits them. If it works for you fine, but don't go taliban. I have driven Fords for over 35 years. I am a big fan, but my current truck is a Dakota. It has the power to pull what I tow, the room to haul four and fits in my garage. I have been very pleased with the reliablilty and love the looks. This is what ownership is about-finding the vehicle that makes you happy. Toyo is not one of the biggest manufacturers because it puts out junk and neither is Ford. (I'll pass on GM)
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i never said they have info on 2003's, i just said they have it on the '01's since they named awards for the '01 model year. and "your" article only has '99's in it, and we're already close to '02 model years. just proving how outdated your little article's information is. and it is. and scorp, their award's a little different than a survey or poll. its what they think is good. and like you said earlier, its whatever is pretty new that gets it. after all, the gmc sonoma and envoy won this year. and according to your highly intelligent (uh, yeah) cohort pluto-baby, gm's quality is the shtis. whatever. im just waiting for his response to stang's posts on the other board. seems tacoma isn't as good as he thinks others think it is. scorp, you need to chill. everytime i mention something the ranger has or can be had on one, you totally ditch it and call it stupid or retarded, ie. mp3 player, 6 disc in-dash cd changer, two towhooks, but you took that back now didn't you. just cuz you can't get a factory supercharger on a solara, and you can on the new cobra, do you think it's stupid too? just be happy that we live in a country where a person can get pretty much any vehicle that suits their needs from the factory and not have to do anything to modify it. a 600 watt stereo or whatever it is with the look of a 4x4 is a pretty sharp truck to the person who is looking for something like that. i would think that this truck would be pretty popular down in california or florida. dont ditch it cuz toyota doesn't offer it. jeez.

    and all-wise one- the ranger "trailhead" came out in 2000 as a pre-runner. the edge was introduced in '01. don't know when toyota came out with fake-runners, dont care either. i personally hate these types of trucks. sorry sad. just mo.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    So..tbunders point about "does Toyota offer anything like that?" refers to a deafying sound system, rather than a truck itself? Well, I can't say I'm impressed. Why does Toyota need to compete with that? I can get a prerunner with strong engine, put an aftermarket stereo system into it, white face gauges (or flaming). All that stuff is available aftermarket.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    actually, i think the new tremor has a new gauge cluster. white faced too. just like the new explorer sport's, special seats as well. you got us on an engine though (although getting the V6 on an otherwise stripped down tacoma would cost an arm and a leg as compared to getting the 3.0 V6 in the tremor standard). but, just like your s/c argument, that sound system you put on your truck wouldn't be warrantied. i cant believe you went there anyways. cuz everytime we say we could just buy an aftermarket s/c for a ranger, you throw that back in our faces. slip up?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Ah, yes, the award itself is useless. But have you looked at the rating they do? Don't look at the awards, but rather rating system they have. Ranger loses.
    Charger in a cobra? Great. It's a hotrod, it's bound to come with a charger.
    PreRunner: it came out in 1999. So who's copying who? Oh, wait, you don't care.
    I'm not ditching things just because. I definitely don't agree with having mp3 players in trucks: those two don't go together. A big-[non-permissible content removed] stereo belongs in a rice burner, not a truck.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    You don't get the picture about charger:
    is Ford going to give you full warranty on it?
    Toyota will.
    Of course, V6 in Tacoma would cost an arm and a leg. Considering that 2.7L I4 is nearly as powerful as your 3.0L, I think it's not a problem.
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    The PreRunner came out in 1998 with the new body style. One of my friends has one.

    tbunder - so you are saying that you might by a Double Cab Tacoma now? you said they were cheaply built and overpriced.???
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    will ford warranty the s/c on the cobra? uh, yeah.
    will toyota warranty your aftermarket stereo you said you'd just put in a tacoma pre-runner? no. you didn't address my issues in my post. what "awards" are you talking about? nice bow on the s/c issue i threw your way. you can put in an aftermarket stereo to compete with the FACTORY equipped tremor truck, but we can't put on a paxton or vortech s/c on a ranger from the aftermarket?

    tgravo2- yeah, i do think toyota's are overpriced. but yeah, i would buy a d/c for the right price. i dont hate toyotas, just dont think they're built as rough as a ranger. its obvious. all you have to do is look at axles, shafts, skidplates, sheetmetal thickness, frame thickness. but i do like them. gm doesn't build a ZR2 crew-cab. that new ZR5 is a joke. its just flares and other stuff. i dont like the dodge. the nissan is okay, but a little iffy to own one. the tacoma and ranger kinda resemble each other in style. so that's why i'd buy it. i probably will wait until august to see if ford comes out with a 2003 crew cab ranger or something. but if not, i can see myself in a tacoma dc. i have decided i definitely need a truck. i will be hauling my motorcycles in it, wheels and tires, moving crap, etc. an suv is useless with that kind of need. later
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    How can the Tacoma be rated so superior in quality over the Ranger by virtually every major publication (less repairs, etc.) yet not be built as rough as the Ranger? The Ranger obviously only appears that way to you. If the Ranger was built better it would have far less repairs on average than the Tacoma which isn't the case.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i said rougher, with heavier duty parts (go compare door and hood metal thickness, or frame thickness). whether or not those parts dont have the quality of toyota's is a matter of opinion. both sides have provided links saying the other truck is better. its all opinion. the buying public happens to think the ford is the way to go since ford sells boatloads more than toyota.

    ford gives you better (dana) sturdier axles, thicker driveshafts, larger engine, more horsepower and torque, yadayadayada. you can't see spot-weld marks on any ranger. they're all over on the tacoma. the ranger can tow more and haul more. it is just a more heavy-duty/work oriented truck. it is an all-around designed truck. it can work and go off-road. whereas the toyota is obviously only designed to go off-road with its huge TRD decals. ford fits their trucks with standard stuff they know the buyer is going to need to work it. all that stuff is optional on the tacoma. also, the government says the ranger is safer too.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    According to stang's link from the other thread:

    "...if you think you're ready for a formidable compact pickup, there are none tougher than Tacoma. The 2001 Tacoma is just the latest in a long line of tough Toyota trucks. Forged on a girder-like chassis, Tacoma wields an available double overhead cam multi-port fuel-injected V6 powerplant. With towering ground clearance and a strapping stance, this rig is all business."

    We all know how you hang on every word that stang posts and take it as gospel. Doesn't this directly contradict what you just posted above? You're in quite a quandary. You don't want to disagree with your idol stang. Now what are you going to do?

    Oh my! Stay tuned folks, the suspense is spiraling out control...
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i honestly feel sorry for you pluto. are you human? i can truly see that you have no one who loves you. its quite obvious as well that you are an angry person, and an introvert at that. one who can type away, but when it comes to actually doing anything face to face, you avoid any type of interaction. maybe that's your whole problem, you need this exchange. you need people to answer your little challenges. after all, you post numerous ones each day. do you ever notice you're the only one who does this day in and day out? i mean, you have never mentioned your truck or anything about it. do you even have one? or do you just like to fight about them? my sympathies to your pitiful little life.
  • if I am wrong but I heard you guys discussing the supercharger as they don't come factory and aren't warrantied by the manufacturer. Ford does warranty the Mustang and the supercharger that they install- But only on the Ford SVT Mustang Cobra. Just thought I'd throw it around.

    Has anyone checked out the new 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra-390 HP and 390 lbs.-ft. of torque.
    Yikes!!! I've decided to sell my 1999 GMC 2500 4X4 just so I can go order a new Mustang

    Here's the link for the 2003 SVT- Don't get mad at me for talking about a sports car in here
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Ok. I can see where you are going with that one. While I agree about the warranty and aftermarket issue, what troubles me is that a big stereo is nowhere near like a charger. Neither in price, but more specifically in the negative effects it has on the truck. You can put a charger on your Ranger, but not being covered by warranty, if you run into any problems with the engine, you are royally screwed. Time to get a new engine, 'cause Ford will definitely reject your claim that "supercharger did not cause this problem". A big stereo has a negative effect on your ears, for the most part, and ears of others.
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    Yes you can get a nicer stereo in the Ranger and it is warranty by Ford, that is an advantage over the Tacoma stereo, but what I think the Toyota guys are trying to say and are right about is how is this stereo going to help you in the work field or off-road? That seems like a good argument for the charger from Toyota being under warranty. Why doesen't Ford offer one? The stereo they offer has nothing to do with what a truck should be. And don't even say it is because they have a big enough engine already, cause Toyota also makes the charger for the 4.7L V8, and I'm sure they will make it for the new V6 coming out.

    BTW-its off topic but has anyone seen the new Ironman Stewart edition Tundra, its supercharged, and the interior is better, it looks pretty cool. I'll try to find the link.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    "i honestly feel sorry for you pluto. are you human? i can truly see that you have no one who loves sympathies to your pitiful little life." - posted 1:18 AM Pacific Time on Friday night.

    Hmmm, don't you have better things to do on Friday nights in the early morning than obsessing about what happens on What were you saying about "pitiful little life?"
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