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  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I used the Old Man EMU HD springs in the rear and upgraded torsion bars in the front to get a 2-3" lift on mine.

  • Just picked up two 2002 Troopers, one 4WD for foul weather in the Mid Atlantic, with 37k, and one 2WD for Florida with 43k.
    Had an old two door/five speed ten years ago, perhaps a 1987 or so, that I enjoyed [obiously] despite having 93k miles and a rebuilt engine with no power. Nice to be back in the Trooper again. Appreciate all the info in the forum.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Muttley1, Welcome back to the Trooper fold!
  • I just found this particular forum for Isuzu owners, although I have owned my 1996 Trooper since December 2000. Purchased it with 42,000 miles and now have 81,000 miles. It was strictly my weekend and mountain vehicle (where I needed 4x4) ------ until my 16 year old daughter got her drivers license in May 2007. She loves this vehicle ---- easy to see traffic, nice square shape so she can see the front and rear corners when parking. While I know lots of auto problems surface as cars get older, my Trooper has been excellent :) . I have followed most all the maintenance items, including differential oil changes, etc. Recently had new spark plugs and performance is peppier. I have only had to replace normal wear and tear items (brakes, exhaust, etc.). I did need a new thermostat and my local trusted mechanic first replaced it with an aftermarket brand. Apparently it neat not close and open exactly right and finally had to get one from the Isuzu dealer. It has worked perfectly since.

    Plan on keeping this one and hopefully my 13 year old will be able to learn to drive on the Trooper in a few years. :)
  • Thanks afdmike - glad to be back in the Trooper fold.
    Belaircarguy - like you had done, I am using a Trooper as a part time vehicle. Was wondering if you took any special precautions given the limited use. Mine is the opposite however, as I am using it in South Florida.
    I must say though that its a great vehicle for this purpose, as I just bought it and it is so far serving the purpose very well. Handles our luggage and three kids with ease, and rides well. We just took it to South Beach, among the many Ferraris, Lamborginis, and Bentleys (and "normal" cars), and it was not totally out of place (it is a Champagne 2002, with the BBS-style rims).
    Great truck.
  • Muttley1 - The only extra precaution is that I do take the Trooper to my local mechanic for service and I normally have him put it up on the lift each time and check the undercarriage. At its age, rust and other problems due to age can begin to surface, so feel good that he inspects and verifies that all is O.K. I have not had anything major go wrong, so if that happens we will see about parts availability. I have read some concerns from Trooper owners about scarce and expensive parts. Mine has leather seats and I do use a leather cream about once or twice a year to help prevent cracking (again due to age).

    In looking at AutoTrader, I see lots of used Troopers with well over 100,000 miles and still strong value, so I believe it speaks well of the reliability of the vehicles.

    As you are in Florida, I am sure the A/C will get used quite a bit. In all the time I have had my Trooper only needed about 1/2 pound of refrigerant added to the A/C. No leaks or other problems. A/C still ice cold!

    You made a great choice in getting the Trooper! :)
  • luglilugli Posts: 3
    hi, my name is Dan, i got a 2001 trooper used in 2003 ,car was 2 yrs old 32.000 miles. after gone thrue the intake gasket and a cat exhaust becouse of that, i have now 80.000 miles and i,m so happy. what a good truck on snow, and what a tough vehicle in general. love it. thank you for the forum it is great !
  • anyone know of an isuzu mechanic in or around tulsa, ok. im looking to buy my first trooper ( 98' 3.5) and need someone to check it out. thanks for your help
  • Original owner 1989 Trooper, 280,000 miles, 5spd, 2.8 V6.
    Transmission rebuilt @ 180,000
    Motor @ 230,000.

    Excellent 4wd - capabilities of the vehicle are often commented upon by others. One trip in New Mexico after coming out of the back country meet an individual hiking who stepped back, looked the Trooper up-n-down, shook his head and stated that most people don't make it through that road - it was an adventure worthy of a commercial.
  • How much transmission fluid and what type do you put in a 2001 Trooper automatic transmission. I know that it is a concealed transmission and has no dip stick, but once I drain all the fluid out to replace it how many quarts do I re-install?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You'll probably only get about 3-4 quarts out of the trans. I'm not sure what type to put in though.

  • Hello, my name is Brian from Missoula, Montana.

    I recently purchased my first Trooper. It's an 89 LS model with and automatic and 232K. A great rig and a good deal for only $600. My parents purchased a Trooper in 1984 and my dad still raves about the off-road prowess of that vehicle.

    Does anybody know if there is a lift kit avalible for this model? I've seen a 3" body lift kit but it's for the manual trans only. My 2 other cars are manual trans so this automatic Trooper is a welcomed addition.
  • I like the simple design and the off road ruggedness I hear about!

    Met some folks who did a lot of camping with a travel trailer Once they got to their destination they would unhitch the Trooper and use it to get around town and do some 4 wheellin. They owned it for years and had nothing but good things to say about it

    You could use it there in the Montana countryside I bet?
  • nqlblqnqlblq Posts: 4
    I've had my 89 RS for about 5 years now. Its got 175,000 on it and I've only put about 12,000 on it in the last 2 years.

    Great rig aside for the fact that it "grew up" in Wisconsin and is rusted out so bad that it's hard to replace anything from the waist down.

    Anyone have a spare 89 RS that is mostly rust free they wouldn't mind parting with? Let me know
  • Use Dexron III SAE specification of any brand.
  • hi everybody at last people with the same admiration for the trooper that i have what a great little truck my 2nd one mine is an 86 trooper 2 would appricate any info requards finding parts looked everywhere cant really find much of anything thanks martin
  • I am having a lot of trouble finding a good mechanic for my Isuzu PUP 1992 in Miami, I figured somebody can point me in the right direction... I am having what seems to be carburator/fuel supply issues, I used to have a great mechanic in the Ocala Area but since I moved to Miami I have had nothing but incompetent mechanics guessing and not resolving.... SOS Anybody?
    Tx, Camilo... (
  • dalepruittdalepruitt Posts: 1
    I have a 1989 Isuzu Trooper and a 1988 Trooper.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Welcome aboard, Dale! I'm curious, how many miles do you have on your '88 Trooper? How well is it running?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • agoicuriaagoicuria Posts: 2
    My name is Tony and this is my family's 2nd Isuzu product. The first was a 1994 Rodeo (stock base 5speed model) in 1995. It took us 15 years to purchase our 2nd Isuzu. We recently purchased a 94' Trooper LS. I purchased it for $1,250 with 4 bad tires and a very loud slapping timing belt and a rusted exhaust. I've owned a few trucks, but out of them all I can honestly say that the Trooper in its current condition still performed better than the others! I look foward to corresponding with you all in regards to keeping our truck on the road for many years to come!!
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