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Camry 2011 transmission problem



  • aaa76aaa76 Posts: 2
    Same here and it is not normal. I have taken mine for the same problems three times to the dealership and they always tell me that it is "normal" and that "they could not reproduce the problems". I don't think they are honest with us. I think they are trying to cover the problem to see if we will just give up, cave in, and stop our complaints.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    So, I take it that you would much rather learn that your ABS, VSC, or Trac is non-functional after the fact. But you should be aware that maybe only your survivors will learn that fact.

    Just think of it as a part of the "pre-flight checklist".
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Check Owners there will also tell you it IS normal, and checks the ABS system. One time, less than 1/2 second, after you start the engine and get to 10 mph. Some have even verified this a number of ways. Your car is fine, enjoy the silence 99.99% of the time.
  • Found answer about possible ABS pump noise in 2012 Camrys. They will probably have the same noise since 2012 owner's manual reads as follows:

    Sounds and vibrations caused by the ABS, brake assist, VSC and
    œA sound may be heard from the engine compartment when the engine is
    started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This sound does not indicate
    that a malfunction has occurred in any of these systems.

    So it's not a "malfunction," but it sure is irritating. Telephone customer care people don't have a clue!
  • Every recent-model vehicle I've owned has the same noise, regardless of make/model. It was particularly loud in my Infiniti G35, but it's just something you have to put up with if you buy a vehicle with ABS.

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  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    About the 60 mph, yes, that's why people complain (among other reasons) that there car is not working correctly. They drive 70+ mph and think they should get the EPA rated mpg on the highway. I'd wager to say that 99.5% of the time that people complain about mpg, that it is their fault/their driving conditions, and not a problem with the car.

    To answer your questions: It is a typical Toyota manual transmission, meaning it shifts very nicely, but throws are long. Clutch is great, no complaints. The only complaint is the drive by wire, which just about all manual transmissions have now, no mater who makes the car. It requires you to drive a little different than older manual tranny cars, because the computer keeps the revs up between shifts, even though you take your foot off the accelerator. I've driven other makes' manual trannys, same problem. "Rev Hang" is for keeping emissions lower.

    Wife is not a manual transmission fan, so no, I do not share it with her.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Yes, agree. I rode in a Mazda 6 this weekend, and heard one clunk after starting and going slow.

    Good to have someone put an end to to the worry about this "issue". And the noise is even described in the owner's manual!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " keeps the revs up..."

    In the olden days it was the carburetor dashpot that kept the revs up with a rapid release of the gas pedal.
  • Dealerships in Texas are very friendly and willing to help you though anything. They will sell whatever it is that you need, no matter what it is. The Toyota Camry is a very dependable vehicle. It is used by a ton of people. There are no concerns that it will break down. I was able to get every little thing I wanted from the Camry with Texas dealerships. Dealerships near you can be located by going to:
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    edited December 2011
    Dealerships in Texas are very friendly and willing to help you though anything.

    I disagree. I helped my sister to purchase a Sienna in 2006 and a Camry in 2010 and I think dealers in Dallas area are the worst compare to the NE dealers.

    The price is usually higher plus they have too many nonsense add on like Lusterizing Sealant, Sealant Cleaner, Fabric Guard...
  • Few months ago I bought a used Toyota Camry LE 2.5, 2011. It already had about 33 000 miles. Sometimes, when change from P to R or D, it goes hard and sometimes makes noise like loud click or something. Doesn't matter where I parked it, it happens even on flat surface. This happens very randomly: sometimes it goes very easy, even when transmission is cold, but sometimes goes hard even if just put it on P after driving. I'm a new driver so it is little difficult for me to understand if this is a real problem or it's normal behavior for automatic transmission. I went to some Toyota dealerships (I live in LA), some of them told me that it's a normal situation with AT, and they told me that if want to get my car checked, I will have to pay about $90 for their work in case if they don't find a problem, but if they do, they will give my money back. Is this normal? I thought if my car is under 60 000 miles, they have to check it for free!
    So what do you think, shall I go and check my transmission or I don't have problem?
  • pct108pct108 Posts: 4
    Just got my 2011 Camry XLE 6 speed auto with the 2AR-FE 4 cylinder back from a different Dealer than I usually use. My complaints where poor gas mileage and the notorious transmission complaint as seen right here on this site. I got the standard Toyota answer for both, No Defect Found. This is the second Dealer on the tranny gripe. They did tell me that TSB 0287-10 is out for the transmission but didn't elaborate more on it. I think it's a re flash.

    Anyone have this TSB done on their Camry? If so did it fix anything or just make things worse.
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    thanks for the TSB # I will call Toyota today and see if it applies to my VIN
    my Camry is now at 8700 miles and runs a little better than it did but there are times when the "sluggish" transmission is still very prominent
    thanks again
    hope we all find a solution to this issue one day !
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    These days the only mechanical connection between the shifter and the transmission is the one used to engage/release the parking pawl when you shift into/out of "P". All other functions are implemented via electrical switches. Allong with the "park" mechanization is the shift lock, complements of Audi.

    When you wish to shift out of park there is an electromechanical interlock that prevents you from doing so absent having the brakes firmly applied. That interlock system may be what you are feeling when shift out of or into "P".

    Look in the owners manual for teh method that can be used to manually over-ride, bypass, the electric solenoid that locks the shifter into "P" and try over riding it manually a few times and see if that doesn't alleviate the movement restriction.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Google for:

    downshift hesitation wwest

    Sluggish or a noticeable delay in downshifting for re-acceleration?
  • For those wondering, I had TSB 0287-10 applied to my 2010 Camry LE 4 cylinder a couple of days ago. The dealer I went to continued to tell me "this is how it will always be" and insisted nothing was wrong, but after I told him the specific TSB number they did apply it for free (I'm at 22k miles).

    It seems to help a little. Acceleration is smoother during city driving. However, the downshift "almost stalling" sensation is still there. Overall, glad I got it but the fundamental problem is still there and is still bothersome. Hope this helps!
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    thanks for the input let us know how it continues to run
    my problem is the downshifting so seems it would not help this situation at all
    wish they would just "come clean" and admit they have a design issue
    and fix it
    I dont like the fact that we cannot check our transmission fluid (no dipstick)
    anyway good luck
  • I'm about 80% satisfied with this car, 20% nervous about it. Me and my husband bought a 2011 Toyota Camry LE a few months ago. I've noticed the rollback on the hill issue. Was trying to get out into traffic and I let off my break and my back-end almost smacked into the Jeep behind me. The frightening part was that I actually had to floor it to keep that from happening; the roll was pretty quick and VERY unexpected. Never had an automatic do that to me before in my life.
    Also noticed the lurch in traffic. Occasionally the car will jump out from under me. It's almost caused me to rear-end a few people because it happens so quickly. I mean, seeing as we've all either driven or own one, I have the 4cyl and the thing drives like an effing v6 for crying out loud. Tap the gas even a little and you're flying. I love it, but when the lurch happens, I don't love it quite as much. I've also noticed that periodically (not all the time, but at least 6 times in a day of driving) it will hesitate when I brake. I'll have my foot slowly but steadily easing down on the brake to stop at a light or a sign, and it lurches forward when I'm NOT touching my gas pedal. That's the part that makes me the most paranoid considering Toyota has had past issues with the accelerator sticking, so I'm careful with it. I might make some people behind me angry, but I brake WAY ahead of time just to be cautious. Otherwise this has been a wonderful car. Nice features, sleek, comfortable, loud @$$ speakers lol.. Great car, just makes me nervous sometimes...
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    I have read that all of this is normal with the new automatics by many (all) car makers. Just do a little more searching here. The "lurch" forward while braking is not an acceleration problem, but it is the tranny downshifting.

    Rollback on a hill? Again, most (all?) new automatics do this. Have you ever driven a manual? Same procedure applies. Get off the brake and on the gas quick, or set parking brake. Or like I do with my manual transmission, use your foot on both brake & gas at the same time, so there is no lag between getting off the brake and on the gas. But since you have automatic, you could just use your left foot on brake when on a steep hill.

    I don't think you have any problems. However, I will say I am glad I have my 2010 Camry with a stick shift!
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