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Camry 2011 transmission problem



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The "sling-shot effect", or the feeling of being bumped lightly from behind, is the result of the transaxle UPSHIFTING once roadspeed declines to the level that the full fuel cut costdown technique must be terminated.

    As you coast down in speed with the gas pedal fully released this technique inproves FE. The engine is fully STARVED of fuel but kept turning above stall speed via sequentual downshifting of the transaxle as roadspeed declines. Once roadspeed is too low to sustain the engine RPM fuel flow is restored and the transaxle is upshifted to alleviate/reduce the engine load.

    It's that final upshift that gives you the feeling of slight acceleration or "unbraking".

    Look at your owners manual for a description of the ESes "hill-hold" technique.

    With the advent of so much use of the torque converter lockup clutch it has been possible to make the TC much less robust, not as much drive, torque, to the driven wheels with the engine simply idling.

    The hill-hold technique has now been widely adopted to combat the resulting "roll-backwards" (or forward) issue. On some models hill-hold will only be engaged with a little extra push on the brake pedal after coming to a full stop. Hill-hold uses automatic TC, Traction Control, braking to hold the car in place.

    As a result, once hill-hold is engaged, you will often experience a slight delay in gas pedal engine response to give the brake system time to release.

    Then there is the 1-2 second "re-acceleration" downshift delay/hesitation.

    Remember that final coastdown full fuel cut final upshift...?? If you happen to try to accelerate just as the transaxle begins that upshift sequence then DBW will be used to delay rising engine RPM until both the upshift completes and then the required downshift can be completed.

    There are quite a few instances wherein this "re-acceleration" issues raises its ugly head, delayed engine response to gas pedal depression.

    Most because the transaxle has for some reason selected the wrong gear, or is in the process thereof, and now some driver action, "re-acceleration, say, requires the use of DBW to delay the application of engine torque until the proper, "newly" proper, gear ratio is estabished.
  • 1. From Park Gear slams into drive with force when foot is on brake

    2. When taking off faster, shifting up seems smooth, but not always

    3. When slowing down with foot off gas, gear downshifts with hard jerk into lower gear about 25 miles per hour.

    4. When taking off easy, gear slams in hard into second gear shift sometimes.

    5. Shifting up and down is not always smooth whether vehicle is cold or warmed up.
    My car is one year old with less than 10,000 miles and is currently at the dealer. I'm told there is an internal transmission problem and the transmission needs to be dropped and checked out.
    has anyone else have this problem?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    This is a Toyota forum, not Ford /!?!?!?!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Yes, you're in a Camry Transmission Problems discussion. You can find Fusion discussions here:

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  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I drove a 2012 Camry L, and the rough shifting a lot of us have complained about on our 2010, and 2011 Camry's is not there. I still like my 2011, though. 16,xxx miles, and no problems. Very comfortable. Maybe get a job 38 minutes away, not worried about the commute at all.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    Got the job, 30.12 mpg, back, and forth! Think part of the problem I was getting with my last job, and mpg was that the speed limit was 65 up and down the 15 miles of highway I was traveling everyday, back, and forth to work, and now it's 55. Also, a longer commute, and longer days mean less city driving. Whatever is doing it, I'm liking it. Plus, this car should hold up to high miles. Figure I'll be doing about 20,000 per year, unless I move closer. I like my Camry.
  • ppodppod Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 camry . My complaint is the hard shifting in between gears.Hot or cold the tranny shifts hard as it drops in. The dealer said its normal/ a natural computer problem. Unless alot of peole complain they will not address it. He agreed when we drove it but said the computer giving the signals to shift, down shift etc.. is not as fluid as it could be....I would not buy this car. I have 4 toyotas.
  • 3patch93patch9 Posts: 1
    Well my 2011 with the "normal hard shifting problem" left me stranded on the interstate last night. This past week I noticed the engine almost dying and then revving back up. I thought maybe bad gas? no other problems till last night. Everything fine on drive to restuarant. When we got in the car check engine light on, ABS light on and the transmission would not shift out of 2nd gear. Read book and it says make sure gas tank is full??? Not sure what that has to do with it but filled the tank. ABS light went off but car would still not shift out of 2nd gear. Called Triple A and had it towed 75 miles to the nearest toyoto dealership. Should have kept my Honda with 170,000 miles and no problems!!! Seems like this is a consistent problem with Toyota and wonder what kind of run around I will get on Monday about how normal this is???
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    edited December 2012
    I modified my intake (removed the carbon filter). The problem with shifting went away and I had significant more power (no downshifting on hills) and 2mpg increase. It didn't happen right away because the computer had to learn the new air flow. After 2000 mi I'm convinced.

    I think the Canadians and other none 50 state cars don't have the carbon filter and I was wondering if they had the same problems we've experienced
  • In Canada Toyota has a tech bulletin can-tsb3526.

    It largely adresses the knotty shifting, coast deacceleration and general smoothness.

    Not sure of original date but it is a software update.

    Dealer had tried many things, but this seems to be it.
  • I have a 2006 toyota camary that the shifts sticks when trying to go from P to R or D. The other night got out at a store (the parkin lot was no more than 10 to 15°) killed the car and didnt relize it was still in drive. The keys came out( remember still in drive) and as i was walking in the store looked back and relized thee car was rolling into the middle of the parking lot. So i ran to it and saw it was Still in drive. I run to it pull it back to the spot and put in P . when i got back in it i put it in Drive and tried to start it and guess what .................... U GUESSED IT, the car started and moved forward like i was driving. Then i put it in park and started it and I didnt need my foot on the break to put it into gear. I mean wtf? I always thought toyota was "THE BEST" . someone please tell me this is a recall.
  • Did you ever get this issue resolved? I am having similar problems with my 2011 Camry ..
  • Took the car in, the servie rep said that's how they drive. Second time we took it in, one of the local techs said they should not drive that way. They reset the computer, same issue, we took it back they replaced transmission, same issue, Toyota Rep came and drove the car. He said that's how they drive. My wife (her car) wants to file claim with Toyota, but I have heard they won't do anything. Has anyone one filed a claim and get resolution?
  • I have reported transmission problems every time I have have had the car serviced. It is now at 23k. I got the same feedback about the braking, The Toyota Area tech had them erase and reprogram the transmission software to "re learn my driving habits". No change. I had my second occurance of a specific issue that I want to know if anyone else has experienced. Coming off a ramp to merge into high speed traffic, when it was right I stepped on the gas to get to speed to merge into the traffic. At the time I assume I was going about 35 mph. When I applied the gas it felt like to me the transmission went to neutral. The engine roared and I went no where forward. I had to swerve back into the merge lane and onto the shoulder. I thought the transmission had broke. My wife screamed at me. Then when I tried the gas again it drove like normal. I have merged many times and this is only the 2nd time it has happened. This one almost cause a major accident. I told the Dealer yesterday to fix it, or I was going to put it into their dumpster. No car/transmission is worth my family's safety. This happen to me once before but fortunately there was no traffic around me that time. The Dealer that time said no problem was detected. No code was found in the computer. Maybe they should define a new code for the computer to use. I had 170k miles on my 1999 Avalon, I want it back. We have 3 other toyota cars in the family, so this is not a hate Toyota message.
  • Hi I have a 2011 Rav 4 that did this and it was because for some reason the brake pedal sensor was not installed correctly go back to dealership and talk to them ask them to inspect the brake pedal sensor if the computer sensor says it is baking and accelerating at same time it cuts power to engin we found out our problem because brake light started staying on all the time hubby was following me and noticed it one day
  • Thanks for the response. I have emailed your info to my Toyota Tech and Service manager for thier response.
  • Did your service tech ever explain what happened when the transmission felt like it went to neutral while driving. I have a 2011 Camry LE and the same thing happened this past weekend. The techs can't find a problem. Unfortunately, the car doesn't engage. Thanks,
  • bhusek1bhusek1 Posts: 1

    I have an '11 with the harsh downshifting problem. Dealer would not apply the TSB because they said it did not apply and said it was a bad deceleration sensor and it would be $1150! No check engine light is on.

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