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Camry 2011 transmission problem



  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited March 2011
    Very unlikely that there is anything wrong with transmission fluid in your car. I bet this is transmission software issue. When current gen 4 cyl Camry came out (2007?) there were all kinds of complaints on it's 5 speed transmission performance, you can try reading older posts. It took Toyota almost a year to improve transmission software to the point that complaints stopped. Cars produced earlier needed to be taken back to the dealer to get new software flashed in. I'm sure most Camry buyers are not noticing any problems, there are very few who are, otherwise their sales numbers wouldn't be as good as they are now. Toyota most likely already working on improved software for 6 speed transmissions but they doesn't think this is a high priority. If you guys keep calling their customer service with complaints then you might see new software sooner.
  • Everything you said in your post is true. But i must say, i live in FL and for the past few weeks, we have been having 70degrees weather, and my car is still doing this. No matter when i get in my car, whether it is cool outside or warm, my car idles up really high when starting. I have to press my pedal to make it idle down.

    I test drove a Camry the other day, same style of car, and the car drove good. No jerking or anything. I think you are right, when you drive your car for a number of miles, the problem comes out.

    I called the Toyota Customer Experience number and was advised to test drive another one. They will be calling me back on Monday to see what I found. But from the way that guy was talking, he said if they speak to the mechanic at the dealership and they say they couldn't duplicate the problem, there is nothing they can do about it. Sound very script to me because the mechanic at the dealership said those exact words "can't duplicate the problem" to me. Something is strange going on...The rep also told me i can take it to a 3rd party arbitration...has anyone done that yet?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Every new car leaving the factory has the various controlling ECU's loaded with a full set of DEFAULT, closest approximations, parameters. As the car is driven for the initial, say, 200 miles, these parameters are adjusted on the fly in order to get the parameter set to the most optimal setting.

    The longer you drive the car the more resolution thse parameters will have regarding things like DRIVEABILITY, FE, EMISSIONS, etc. Beyond 200 miles these parameters will still be modified but now more in accordance with part wear rate, sensor drifting, etc.

    Many of these parameters can be reset to the factory default by disconnecting the battery for 10-15 minutes.

    So, many of these modern day cars will behave differently, sometimes in really odd ways, in an initial test drive vs down the road road about 200 miles.

    But I'm pretty sure the following "symptoms" will now be with us for a VERY long time as they have to do with rather serious FE gains.

    A) Shiftiness, continuous up and down shifting of these new 6(10) speed automatic transmissions in cruise mode due to the vargaries, however slight, of the roadbed and terrain.

    B) 1-2 second re-acceleration downshift delay, DBW system ENFORCES a delay in rising engine torque until a downshift can be completed that QUICKLY follows an upshift sequence.

    C) Repetitive downshifting as roadspeed declines during a coastdown period to accomodate the new coastdown fuel cut technique. As you coast down from say 50 MPH the transaxle will downshift again and again to keep the engine above stall speed with NO FUEL. As you reach a slow enough speed that this can no longer be accomplished fuel flow will be restored and the tranaxle will now upshift. Making matters a bit worse, the final "coastdown" shift, into FIRST, will now not occur until the car comes to a FULL stop.

    Weird set of "seat-of-the-pants" feelings, jerkiness, there.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The operational temperature of your catalytic converter is in the range of 800F. The design is such that the QUICKER the converter rises to that level the quicker the emissions are lower to the EPA standard.

    The design "thought" might be: On initial engine startup there may be no intention to drive away immediately, remote start for instance. So the engine is left at "high" idle, UNTIL there is an indication that the car is about to be driven, put in motion.

    You may also notice that the car will not shift into/use OD for the first mile or so. That's for the very same reason, keep the engine RPM "high" until the converter comes up to operational temperature.
  • 4lisak44lisak4 Posts: 4
    I have the same problem, but dealership doesn't hear it. Mine seems to be getting more frequent. Is yours?
  • jr125jr125 Posts: 1
    I was experimenting the same issue, after I got a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. First they reset everything and told me that the computer was on the learning proccess (2011 Camry with 23000 MILES) and the car did not have anything. That happened on a monday on friday the same week I was getting the same CHECK ENGINE warning. I took back to the dealer and the had to replace the entire transmition system. (CODE P2770). It's really scary when I read all this complaining. I hope that this help...
  • I am having issues with a noise in the front end, between the tires every time I start the car and take off. Its a clunking noise and bugs the hell out of me. I am in the car business and leased it from a dealership where a friend works. I mentioned the problem to my friend and he said bring it in. I have had it 4 months and have 4000 miles on it. I finally had some time at 7:30 am to drop it off for inspection. Had to get shuttled to work. Anyways the mechanic says...if I don't hear the noise....then, I have a problem. What? He says its the ABS sytem filling with fluid and this will occur everytime I start the car and drive. How obnoxious. I feel this is a system flaw and there should be a recall. I have owned other cars with ABS and have never had this issue. Whats the recourse. I am taking th e car to a Toyota Certified mechanic outside the selling dealership. These prices are sooooo steep on these Toyotas....there should NOT BE ANY UNUSUAL noises that you have to put up with...every single day! Ridiculous!!! Any similair issues out there?
  • I have the same issue on my 2011 Camry SE......A clunking noise every time I start the car and take off.......Its obnoxous and I do not pay big money every month to have to listen to that damn noise. Seriously!!!!! My car has 4000 miles on it and has made the noise since I took it home....did not notice on the test drive....possibly because the salesperson was talking so much. Hard to find time to take back to dealership...but did this week at 7:30 am before work and received shuttle to work. The findings? Mechanic says ABS system filling with fluid at each start causes the noise. If I don't hear the noise....then I should worry. I am very unhappy with this car and the answer received from the dealership. Give me the complaint # to call...please!!! Thx sunshine43....I knew I wasn't crazy!
  • I agree...very unhappy with the 2011 Camry SE I have on a 3 year lease. The best thing about the car is the bluetooth and the 3 free months of XM radio. The clunking ABS noise is ridiculous. Class action suit???? Let me know!
  • The SE seems to have problems too. Supposedly the clunking noise is common and comes from the ABS system filling on each start and take off in the car. Seriously sick of hearing the noise. Mechanic says if I DONT hear it I should worry then....Give me a break!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you research thru the forum, you will find other posts questioning the noise, as well as the fact that it's documented in the owners manual. It seems to be very noticeable when the vehicle is new, and I immediately noticed it on our 2007 when it was new.

    Seems like after a couple months, you won't even hear it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..clunking noise is common.."

    While I wouldn't call it "clunking"(***) the noise is common to ALL new cars. The ABS does a self-test shortly after you put the car in motion.

    *** "soft" clacking, or pronounced "clicking".
  • Wow!!! Unbelievable...i keep telling the service tech at the dealer that I believe my transmission is the problem, but he insist there is nothing wrong. I even test drove another 2011 Camry Se and it drove better. Could you please elaborate on exactly what your car was doing before the transmission gave out besides the check engine indicator?

    My car is pulling back as it changes gears, similar to a yo-yo effect. Also, when it changes gears, it clunks in to it. I am also noticing more that more when i press my brakes. It would jolt me forward a lot, pull back, then take off. And if i have to stop suddenly, then give it gas, it jerks me a few times as it is jumping in gear. Sometimes I think my brakes are slipping. Driving that car is a task instead of a pleasurable journey. I really hate driving it now.
  • Well my "clunking," noise happens as I am driving. One day it clunked so loud i thought i ran over something. To me it seem as if something in there, like a belt has popped.
  • Yes, this is an issue of mine along with many many others. My car is a piece of crap. I hate driving it. I called the Toyota Customer Experience at Phone: 800-331-4331. Right now they advised me to go to the dealer and have the service mechanic ride with me in the car (this was already done before though) and let him diagnose the problem with me. Like you said, finding the time is hard. But i guess i will have to take off one day to do so. It a shame you buy a brand new car and less than 2 weeks you notice issues that they don't want to own up to. They were so persistent in convincing me to buy the car and once i signed the paper, they knew i was the proud owner of a "piece of crap!" I bet they laughed as i drove off the lot. Keep me posted on what happens when you call that number. Good luck!
  • Hello,

    How is your car driving now? Just checking to see if it had improved. Mine is driving worst now, every day it is worst. Did you ever file your complaint?
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    no, no improvement yet - have 3500 miles on it now and it sucks
    have not had time to file the complaint but will be off a few days in april so may pursue it then, also may call the dealership again this week
    and refer them to these posts
    to reiterate - i was thinking of trading in for a ford escape but have read many issues with their tranny as well !!
    this is just so disconcerting -
    i pray every time i get in this car that this issue will resolve itself but so far no luck
    we all need to call toyota headquarters and we all need to file with NHTSA to see if it does any good at all
    it is finding the time to do this when you work full time and take care of a household - spending time on car issues every day is just not feasible and that of course is what Toyota is banking on, us just going away and living with it
    also, i am afraid to keep having my vin # recorded on service issues due to when trade in time comes it may effect the value when they pull a car fax !!
  • alipoushalipoush Posts: 1
    yes body i am h aving same problem from 2 weeks ago and finally this morning i got off couple houers and took it to dealer.the technition test drive it and said it is normal.i hate to drive like this .this is a brand new car man i work hard to pay the payments.i dont realy know what should i do.i hope it is realy normal.
  • I will speak to a Toyota Certified Mechanic today an see what his response is concerning the noise and let you know. This friend does not work for a Toyota he will tell me the truth. I will share the response.
  • Yes, please find out and share what he says to us. I'm going to post another comment to this forum explaining what happened to me when I took my car to the dealer last Friday.
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