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Camry 2011 transmission problem



  • I took mine to the dealer again and the technician said it is a characteristic of the car and it is normal. Funny how they are using the same term, as if it is scripted or they were told to say that.
  • I finally took my car back to the dealer last week. When i got there to have them check it out and drive it, the car wouldn't duplicate many of the known issues. When i told the mechanic that i just drove my car from one side of town the the other pushing 80mph, he suggested that my car was probably warmed up; therefore, it wouldn't duplicate the issues at the time. That was a very good analysis. He asked me to drop my car off and come back the next morning, so they could see if the issues occur when the car is cold. However, I couldn't make it back up there due to personal issues to get that done. I will definitely be doing that soon though.

    I think this mechanic made a very good point though, that when the car is cold, those issues may occur more often. This is just a thought.

    In addition to taking my car on that test drive with the mechanic, he did tell me that this car has a hard downshift or something like that and many people are complaining about that. He said he don't know why it is doing that, but it is all probably related to the computer in the car. He said that Toyota needs to send out an update for our car so it will stop doing that. My suggestion for everyone who is having issues is to KEEP COMPLAINING to Toyota and hopefully they will see this new transmission that they have put in our cars is a piece of crap and do something about it. The mechanic would drive my car because he said he know what is going on, but there is nothing they can do on their part.

    Rest to assure that we aren't the only ones complaining about this. But i think it is awful how many of us are being told the same thing about this being a "normal characteristic" of the vehicle, a learning process, etc. I think this is trickery because when we first drove the car, it did not drive like that. But after so many miles, the truth comes out about the vehicle. I really think that is trickery and so fraudulent on their part. Because had i known this car is running off a "learning process" I would have never brought it. I thought this car's engine and transmission was as powerful as the other cars I test drove (Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, etc). Instead, this car is a piece of crap and it is difficult driving it. The other day i went to jump into traffic and the car stalled a bit before the transmission decided what gear it wanted to jump in. Oh and by the way, the technician told me that this car does have to decide which gear it wants to go in and that's why we feel that downshift at times. How about that! I don't have time for my car to be trying to figure out which gear it want to go into when I'm trying to get out into traffic. That is DANGEROUS! It should already know.

    My suggestion to all is to keep complaining. We paid too much for this car to be unhappy. Please keep us all posted on what happens on your part.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..jump into stalled a bit..."

    You undoubtedly experienced the 1-2 second downshift "re-acceleration" delay/hesitation common to the fleet since at least 2003.

    Toyota seems to be doing their best to eliminate or shorten that 1-2 second delay but the fact of the matter is that with the new (as of 2000) real-time ATF line pressure control technique some delay, mostly random appearing delays, are inevitable.
  • The car stalls when I'm driving it as well. Not just when i jump into traffic. As i am accelerating, and it is switching gears, i feel it. Regardless of the fact, when i brought this car, it drove better than it is now. No customer should have to go through this!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    Or does the engine simply not respond to a depression of the accelerator pedal for a brief time...?

    As of 2008 there is a firmware routine that "watches" the rate at which you lift the accelerator pedal. Slow/easy and the tranny will upshift assuming you now mean to moderately cruise along. Quick/rapid and assuming you were previously accelerating, even moderately, the tranny will remain in that lower gear to afford you a bit of compression braking.

    In the latter case if you should then return to acceleration fairly quickly the tranny is already "armed".

    If the tranny should "mistakenly" upshift, then when you quickly return to acceleration the DBW system will enforce a delay in engine rising torque until enough ATF line pressure can be attained, pumped up, to accomplish the now required downshift.
  • wwest...are you a Certified Toyota Technician? Everything I say on here you seem to have an answer for. This is how I look at it: when i test drove three Camry cars before purchasing, none of them had this downshift, upshift mess. The car drove smooth, shifting properly. When i pressed the brakes in these cars, the rpm did not shoot up to 1000 before it stopped. When i braked in those cars, it stopped. It did not jerk me forward before deciding to brake. When i jumped into traffic, the car did not stall. It took off. When i was driving 45 to 65mph, and i let off the accelerator and pressed it back down, the car didn't stalled, nor did it have to decide which gear it wanted to be in. When i got my car, it did none of the above. It finally started doing that after i took it on a long trip and it had reached a little over a 1,000 miles.

    So could you please explain to me, after 1,000 miles, why my car decided it wanted to do that? Could you please let me know, why those cars on the dealership lot, don't drive like mine. The technician i talked to even agreed with me about certain things.
  • Sorry, when i say the car stall, i meant to say the car seem like it wanted to stall. You know, back in the day when your car is running out of gas and it putts a bit before the gas flows. That's what i meant. Sorry about that.
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    I had a 2005 Camry for six years - had no issues with the car at all NONE
    now this one - one day this week it drove so well I thought perhaps the issue was resolving itself, no such luck, still jerking, and feeling like it wants to stall and braking and accelerating is rough.
    If this is normal then there are a lot of dangerous cars on the road.
    Called Toyota because I read where there is a TSB on some of the Camry's but the Tech that I spoke with has not called me back, that was 3 days ago !!
  • I have been working on cars since I was nine years old, which has been 24 years of car mechanic hands on experience, I just purchased the 2011 Toyota Camry base model, which I like the color and interior, however I was totally surprised at its transmission performance. with my diagnosis of this particular vehicle, I will try to explain how to operate this vehicle without the problems you experience, first: when you start the vehicle and begin to drive off you will hear a duh duh duh duh duh sound from the rear of the car, this is the abs system performing a test, and it is normal, I would not like to hear that but that is how it was designed. Second: Toyota says the car learns how you drive and saves the data in the cars computer, however I say learn your car, what were you doing when these problems happened, avoid repeating these processes, because it will store the bad data, here is what you do, this car is no mustang slow down, let the vehicle in front of you take off and get a couple of car lengths in front of you before you take off, don't jack rabbit just give it a little gas the car will respond, drive the speed limit saves gas saves tickets, don't follow to close to other vehicles, allow at least three car lengths distance so you can brake without slamming on the brakes when cars are turning which will avoid accidents, when braking apply steady pressure, tapping the brakes when you can, because the car has brake assist, and what happens when you apply the brakes the engine gears down and depending on your speed that just might be 6 gears to first gear { when you apply the brakes the car thinks you are coming to a complete stop so it gears down and when you give it a lot of gas it has to gear up again and it confuses the system, it thinks you want to stop and it will jerk a little until it goes in the gear needed to take off again}. Since I have been driving my Camry I take off slow, not real slow just pushing the gas just a little cruising at the posted speed limit, when braking I tap the brakes when I can, and if I have to apply steady pressure, it is constant not real hard the brake assist will kick in and stop the vehicle, you will feel the car gear down, avoid slamming on the brakes a lot which states in the manual, I hope this is some help it is hard to explain in writing, since I have done these proceedures my Toyota Camry rides great without these issues, however this does not rule out the software update needed for these vehicles. ( Problem cause, the brake assist feature) ( software Update needed). it may take days for this to be relearned in the computer you can have it reset at the dealer.
  • The new Toyota Camry from the car lot is driving on the default settings, it is when you drive the car for some time it begins to learn how you drive, these cars take a long time to processes i would rather have the default setting all the time seems more accurate, if I have to put on the brakes a bunch of times when I begin to take off again I touch the gas just a little before I give it more gas to take off to let the computer know I am taking off again and not stopping so the transmission will not jerk, these cars can not process repeated braking, and taking off fast, it just simply confuses the computer, this is why I say in my earlier post on driving slow just the speed limit, you have to drive the same way everyday any changes will be registered in the computer, If you drive fast today and slow tomorrow it takes that data and stores it, and it has a hard time trying to figure out what your doing. basically what I'm saying is we have to slow down to the computers speed which is really not that slow after you get used to driving this way, I hope this was some help.
  • Another problem I found with the 2011 Toyota Camry, is when you crank the car up after it has been running for some time, and the engine is warmed up, when you turn the ignition to crank the vehicle you get a over cranking sensation, how to prevent this is to turn the switch, and let it go imediatelly, these new cars defenitlly dont operate like the old ones, I hope this was some help.
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    the sound of the abs performing a test or setting itself is just a sound much like the doors locking on my car - only it comes from the front passenger side of the car - and only happens at about 10 mph in the a.m.
    as far as driving fast, i never do. I drive the speed limit at all times or in most cases I am in bumper to bumper traffic to and from work . I have noticed a slight improvement this week but must say I am afraid to say that !! I have been staying on othe gas pedal even when slowing down and not giving it gas then when ready to brake I lightly touch the brake pedal to let the car know I am about to brake. This is all so foolish to me - never in my life have I had to "tell" a car what I am about to do. I did get a call back from the dealership but dont know really what they can do AGAIN. At times mine will go too fast when you give it a little gas then it levels off, or other times you can't get it to move forward with much momentum at all. Only way I can describe it is - feels like a giant rubber band pulling the car back. Same thing happens when braking as well
    we shall see what the dealership says on trip #3 this week I will ask them to check out every possible issue with ECU - TCU -PCM etc etc

    meanwhile I say a prayer every time I drive !
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    sometimes I also hear what sounds like a spring being released under the car when taking off
  • the giant rubber band feeling is the engine gearing down mine does that to, if you are in slow traffic you will also feel the transmission gears feel like they are having a hard time turning loose if you are in slow traffic, you can use the s shift in 1st or 2nd or desired gear then these problems want happen. it can not gear down in s feature, i barely touch the gas pedal. the car also has a gas brake overide if you have the gas pedal and the brake pedal pressed at the same time only the brakes work, i believe a lot of these problems will go away after the cars are driven for a long time. i traded a 2003 mitsubishi montero sport in on the 2011 toyota camry, and the mitsubishi would do some crazy stuff to it also geared down when slowing down like the toyota, when my camry started doing all these problems i said wow, if i could only drive it and show you, simply have them to reset the learned memory, i drove mine fast for one day to see if it would not do any of these problems but there it was, i just cruise the car thats all i can say. i have learned that cars now days dont operate the way you want them to. all i know is it works for me, i also build computers and i understand how software thinks.
  • having a hard time believing the spring
  • olt1892olt1892 Posts: 12
    "The new Toyota Camry from the car lot is driving on the default settings, it is when you drive the car for some time it begins to learn how you drive, these cars take a long time to processes "

    Wow the new Camry learns the driver's driving style?
    Does it know that a different driver (e.g., husband vs wife) is driving it and save the settings separately?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited April 2011
    Confusion reigns supreme.

    The engine/transaxle ECU "learns" to fine tune all the sensors and actuators beginning the moment the engine is first started at the factory. Some of these "learned" settings/parameters can be reset to the factory default by removing the battery supply and must be learned again.

    The driving style learning is a separate issue/task and is reset each and every time you start the engine. The driver learning record is continuously recorded and is only about 15-30 seconds so if you change your style on the fly it will quickly adapt.
  • "The other day i went to jump into traffic and the car stalled a bit before the transmission decided what gear it wanted to jump in. Oh and by the way, the technician told me that this car does have to decide which gear it wants to go in and that's why we feel that downshift at times. How about that! I don't have time for my car to be trying to figure out which gear it want to go into when I'm trying to get out into traffic. That is DANGEROUS! It should already know."

    Ummmm, you DO know you can shift it manually, right?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " Do know you can shift it manually..."

    Most likely not....

    "..jump into traffic..."

    The downshift delay was more likely than otherwise the result of the DBW enforced 1-2 second delay/hesitation due to the line pressure real time control needing time to PUMP-UP the pressure.

    Manual downshift would have produced the same result.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Hi Clearview1:

    OUTSTANDING explanation! ------ I have used these skills on my 07 XLE V6 Camry! ----- These new vehicles DO NOT operate like the vehicles of years ago. ----- Drive by wire is VERY different, ---- especially in the snow!------ Best regards. ----- Dwayne ----- :shades: ;) :)
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