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2010 Santa Fe Navigation problems

panderspanders Posts: 2
Is anyone else having problems with their navigation system. I am finding that the nav system is trying to route me many miles off the best route sometimes on a 200 mile trip it takes me about 75 miles off the best route and actually ignoring very good highway to instead take me on a gravel road. This is not just a one time thing. It occurs quite often.

So far no response from MapnSoft.

I have used a GPS for several years and know all about best route vs shortest or fastest route.


  • purplehaze86purplehaze86 Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    There is an option when you have a destination input into the system to see different routes such as fuel economy...etc

    but yes last weekend my sante fe gps took me on some back roads that led me to a pretty adventurous drive down a .25 mile road made only of sand....i was glad to get out of there
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