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Santa Fe Seat too Hot

tonynovaktonynovak Posts: 1
On the first long trip in my new 2010 Sante Fe SE AWD I noticed that my back was hot and sweaty. I checked to make sure that the seat heater was off and concluded that the material is just not breathable as in my cars of the past (Honda, Ford, Infiniti, etc). Apparently that seat material/design is just not good for me. The longer I drove, the more uncomfortable it became. Anyone have any suggestions? I will look into after-market seat covers that may provide some air flow.


  • hwy101hwy101 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I purchased a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe SE, 2.5 months ago.I love the vehicle, except the driver seat is very uncomfortable. Seat felt comfortable during short test drive. Shortly after purchase noticed the seat was very uncomfortable. I told dealership re: seat discomfort and asked dealership about the possibility of purchasing a seat upgrade. Dealership rejected this idea. I have tried several cushions, lumbar supports, and even paid an auto seat upholster to put a light single layer of reinforcement underneath seat carriage to give more support to the seat. All modifications were unsuccessful to correct seat discomfort. Has anyone had success with purchasing a seat upgrade or finding a solution for the uncomfortable drivers seat. I am 6'3" with normal weight.Suggestions please, as my wife and I would like to take this vehicle on our vacations.
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