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Heater/ AC vent stuck on defrost?

windstar1windstar1 Posts: 2
The ac, heater and fan all appear to be working fine. However, when I crank up the fan and change the vent selector to direct air exclusively to front vents no air is disbursed. Instead, all the air flow is coming out from the defrost vent.

I've tried manually opeing and closing side vents in hopes of forcing the vent to pop. Removed front vent grill and stuck hand down vent.......

Any direction in resolving this matter would be appreciated.


  • windstar1windstar1 Posts: 2
    The ac, heater and fan all appear to be working fine. However, no air flow will come out the center or side vents. Minimal air flow is coming from the floor and the majority comes out the defrost vent.

    I have since learned that maybe the cause could be "the vacuum line used to operate the swinging doors to redirect airflow is broken or not in place".

    I would like to see about fixing before I bring to someone, but can anyone direct me on how to rectify problem or where I might find the information on-line without getting lost in the abyss of information.

    Thanks for reading.
  • I am the owner of a Ford Windstar SEL. When I engage the AC FAN CONTROL, there is a glap, glap sound from the control panel. The ac works, but I am affraid something may be going lose inside.
    Can you help in finding the solution? The car is in Africa, and I have no way to take it to a repairs center (beside they would not know what to do to it anyway).

    Also when I start, there is no power at all and on the hill is seems as if the vehicle will stop alltogether. Do you think it has to do with Fuel pump?
    Thank you.
  • Sounds like the fan control unit needs to be replaced located inside dashboard.
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