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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oagrdroagrdr Posts: 2
    What anafe fails to recognize is that the MSRP of comparably equipped GM, Toyota, and Chrysler minivans is, on average, 29-31K, and invoice is 26-28K, the same as the MSRP of the Odyysey EX.

    So you can pay "invoice" on a Toyota or GM, etc., and still be paying the same as MSRP on an Odyssey.

    Noone pays more for an Odyssey than they do for a comparably equipped van from another carmaker, invoice or not. It amazes me how some people can't figure that out.

    For me, driving what is now generally recognized as the best minivan in the world makes the price less relevant, but knowing I didn't pay more than anyone who bought a GM or Toyota at "invoice" makes it even nicer!
  • jph4jph4 Posts: 2
  • In post #194 above, anafe wrote the following:

    "I never said that my SUV or minivan were domestic
    products but you have obviously assumed as much. I
    can tell you right now that they are not."

    However, on the same day, in post #86 in the "Odyssey vs. Dodge Caravan" forum, anafe wrote the following:

    "I've owned a 96 Grand Caravan ES with the 3.8
    liter engine since October 95. I purchased it with
    the trailer towing package. I've used it to pull
    two boats and a tent camper all weighing in excess
    of 2700 lbs. I've never had any problems with it
    and still own it. It's been an awesome product with a lot of versatility. One other thing I like about Chrysler is that they are the innovators in thismarket. Honda and everyone else just does a good job of copying what they have developed."

    Since more than one individual cannot have the same username, in my opinion, anafe is a liar and a fraud.

    Am I wrong? Any comments?
  • anafeanafe Posts: 5
    Did you ever hear of multiple people sharing or using the same work computer. I don't have to justify anything to you or anyone else. You might want to rethink any issues before you make accusations about fraud or someone being a liar. You just make yourself look like a fool.
  • dyer4dyer4 Posts: 1
    We just had a pleasant dealer experience at Hansel Honda in Petaluma CA. Our salesman was Tim Scriven -- nice, honest, not pushy at all. They delivered our Honda weeks before we expected and Tim stayed in contact with us throughout the whole process. He even came in on his day off when we came to pick up the vehicle. They were also the only dealer in the Bay Area who allowed us to test drive a model.
  • chip28chip28 Posts: 11
    OUCH! That has to hurt! Sorry kipple23, but I was impressed by your investigation.
    anafe: Please do all of us a favor and tell us what brand of autos you do in fact own. Obviously, you have an issue with Honda (particularly the Odyssey).
    Maybe your time would be better spent on a consumer watchdog site as the whole "ripped off Ody owners" is getting old.
    However, this is a free country, so speak your peace in whatever site you wish.--Happy Ody buyer!
  • Just bought our new Ody for 300 under MSRP at Courtesy Honda in Memphis. I'm fairly sure if I was willing to wait a year, I could get a bigger discount, but fact is, if you are happy with the deal you got, than you got a "good" deal. There will always be somebody somewhere that pays less for it than you or I did, and I will be "dad-gummed" if I'm gonna get so wrapped-up in the numbers that I forget the that the whole point is to get a good, reliable vehicle, at a manageable price. It is sorta like when I lived overseas and would go bargaining at the market. As sure as I came back with a handful of goodies, I would find someone who paid half what I did for twice as much! I learned to stop checking around, and be happy with my deal. If you believe you got a good deal, than you got a good deal. Maybe naive, but it sure makes life more enjoyable!
  • Thanks for the tip on the 2001 SS EX-NAVI at Metro Honda. I'm flying down from Northern California on Sunday to pick it up.
  • ustinyustiny Posts: 6
    I just ordered an Odyssey EX at MSRP and zero dealer prep. Total price is 26840. I looked at the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Nissan Quest, Mazda MPV, and Ford Windstar. Now personally I had a tough time battling myself to pay list price. It is something I had never done before and I was totally against in principal. I also have a buddy who owns 2 Toyota dealers where Icould pick up a Sienna for $300 over cost. But after looking at all these vehicles I tryed to pick out what served my needs best. The Sienna and MPV were lacking on interior room, especially the cargo area with all seats in the proper position. You could not fit more than 4-5 people in these vans with cargo. The Dodge and Ford had more room, however I really do not like to buy domestic because of the slaughter you suffer on resale value. So we narrowed it down the Toyota and the Honda. Although I could get a great deal on the Toyota, the bottom line price I paid to equip it like the Honda would have still come out near $28,000. I would of had to go with the LE and add a ton of options or go for the XLE. So after careful consideration I justified paying list price by assuming the following. I said to myself if I put all of these minivans mentioned above together and equipped them all identical and knew I had to pay $28,640 for any one of them without knowing the invoice or list price which one would I buy. The answer was clearly the Odyssey. So Anafe get over your hang up about paying MSRP.

    On another note I own a 1998 Honda CRV-EX. When I bought that vehicle these babies were also going for MSRP. I was able to get mine at $1000 off MSRP and paid $20,500. The vehicle is 30 months old and has 48000 miles on it. I just sold it for $16,000. So I did not get slaughtered on resale value as you stated earlier Anafe. Even if I would have paid MSRP at $21,500 like most folks did, a $5,500 depriciation for 30 months and 48,000 miles is pretty damn good in my book. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • It is a violation of Edmunds User agreement for different individuals to post under the same user name. Each user must have their own identity. Perhaps you and your "work group" (yeah-right!) should re-read that part of the agreement.

    Nice try.
  • Glad to hear you got it. Now, if you come across a White EX, please let me know
  • gil14gil14 Posts: 3
    I thought I'd be ordering a 2001 LX at MSRP at Pace Honda/BMW, New Rochelle, NY, this morning, but when I called last night I was told they are now getting 500 over MSRP for 2001's, with no mandatory options, and no games with a waiting list of 3-4 months. So am back to searching for a deal at MSRP (or less). Those Ohio and Indiana prices I've read about sound great, but that's a bit further than I'd like to travel. Can anyone recommend a dealer in the NY/Connecticut area?
  • On the Honda board you complain about Hondas and say you don't own a domestic minivan, while on the Caravan board, you complain about Hondas and say that you own a '96 Caravan.

    Then, when challenged about your contradiction, you imply that there are mulitple users sharing a your computer and logging onto Edmunds and posting under the same name - "anafe".

    Does anyone else believe this guy?
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Come on guys, play nice! All of this is not helping any current, new or potential owners and that is the purpose of this topic.

    Anafe, if you feel that the Odyssey is not worth the money, then simply don't buy one. I think that everyone here is clear about your feelings by now, okay?

    According to the Townhall user agreement, you agreed to use one consistent login identification name within Town Hall because it is important to the Town Hall community that you maintain a consistent identity.

    If you are unclear as the specifics of this agreement, please click here to review it again.

    Thanks all!
    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • I didn't mean to come across as 'nasty', but this guy was such an obvious fraud, it brought out the "Joe Friday" in me. I promise no more Dragnet on this board!

    If it would only quit raining, I wouldn't spend so much time on the dang internet...but then I probably never would have caught this type of nonsense!
  • MSRP is merely a SUGGESTED price from Honda. This means that the dealerships can sell cars any way they want. Unfortunately, with Odyssey being so popular, dealers see a chance to make more $$$ than ever. Yes, I'm still kicking myself for paying a few hundred bucks more than I should have. But, c'est la vie. It could have been a lot worse.

    Before you add on any of the accessories, be sure to call the parts department and ask them how much each piece is. That is when I found out my dealership was not being honest about the price. How can you have two different prices for the same piece of equipment within the same dealership???
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Thanks Sara! As Karen said, it's pleasant when
    everyone behaves, plays fair, and stays on the topic in question. I hope that everyone else will co-operate. This topic has been very informative so far (after all, we're on the 7th iteration!), despite the little bumps on the "road".

    Forget the rain, send some snow over my way please :-)

    Best of luck!
    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference

    P.S. Karen, the scribbled posts above were mine.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

    Vans host

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    want snow, move to Mich. upper pen. They got 10 to 18 inches last night.
  • kelsenkelsen Posts: 10
    I picked up my car for MSRP ($26880) in Montgomery, AL. The tax is 2.9%; I know that varies from state to state, and I think it's fairly low here. I also bought (with no choice in the matter) the $89 pinstriping and the $259 'weatherproofing', or whatever they refer to this pack as. I consider it a good value for the price, and essentially agree with those who point out that the ultimate cost compares very well with that of the products selling for "$500 over dealer invoice". That said, I don't think that the dealer has earned or deserves to make $3700 profit for their part in the transaction. Like most of you, I gather, the salesman didn't have to make the sale to me. C'est la vie, however, and I'm pleased with my vehicle. I guess I'll call it Space...;^)

    Dave Kelsen.
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