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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • No. It is not a good price for 2008 considering the Honda rebate to the dealer and the hold back. I just bought one at $ 31750 destination charge included. Obvious that is way under invoice. But the problem, I really have to search very hard for this one since by now most dealership in the east coast are practically sold out of the model that you and I want. You have to search for overstocked dealership. Try In general, the selling price including destination charge is definitely below $ 35,000 for a Touring model around our area.
  • Hi Molly,

    I have been doing the same thing with the internet bids except that I'm interested the 2008 EX-L w/o any extras. I've also had the same experience regarding replys. The best bid I have received so far was from the internet sales person at Northwest Honda in Bellingham. Unfortunately, her bid was still too high particularly given the driving distance. If she drops the price I would likely purchase from here since she has been the most professional.

    I would appreciate knowing how things go and who gives you the best deal.
  • I think that is a very solid price and would jump on it (I bought a similar van Nov 1st for $29,100). I doubt they are going to bend much more than that.
  • As you can see supply is near zero. As they supply goes down, the price goes up. :)
  • Hi Molly,

    I wouldn't take the comment from mpslhondadlr re: Price going up as supply goes down. This person has conveniently forgotten the "demand" part of the equation, which iat the moment is in incredibly short supply. It's a buyers market for sure and don't let any dealer tell you otherwise. Every day the inventory sits on the lot costs them money. Now that the 2009 Odysseys are showing up the 2008s are a definite problem. Anybody that says otherwise has some serious denial issues going on.
  • HAHAHA! So lets see, there are zero 2008 EXL and above trim-levels in Minnesota (the whole state). But guss what, people are still looking for them. Simply because people can still save over 3000 from an '09.

    To address this need, we bought 20 of them from various parts of the country. We own them for about $600.00 more then net (due to shipping). But rather then give up holdback and and all of the DEALER CASH, we're selling them for $2300.00 under invoice. We've had them in-stock for less then a week and we've sold more then half of them. It's still a fair deal for the consumer and the dealer.

    Or Molly, you could simply wait until all of the remaing 2008's are gone and then pay thousands more for a 2009.

    And why were they buying them from "various parts of the country"? Answer: The dealers holding them were unable to sell them. That tells it all.
  • We've got an offer for a 2008 EX-L with RES and NAV for $29,800 out the door including TTL. I'm not sure we can do much better than that but let me know if anyone disagrees.
  • I just saw your posting about an 08 w/Res and Nav for $29,800 --what part of the country are you in?
  • Charlotte, NC.
  • Hey guys.
    I am in a situation and need your help.
    I have put an email to several dealerships for a 2009 Odyssey EX-L.
    1 has come back 5% higher, but 2 are at the same exact price.
    When I inquired about doing better at one dealership, he broke down the invoice, destination, etc and it equaled the price I got.

    Any suggestions on how to get these guys to do better on the pricing.
    What I got from 2 of them was:
    $29,944 - invoice
    670 - Destination
    300 - in "Ad Fees" (My wife thinks that is a so/so charge)
    $30914 - Total

    OTD from this dealership would be $34,498.20
    Tax - 8.3%
    Plates - $578
    Doc Fee - $395

    The $29,944 is the invoice according to KBB and Edmunds.
    Any suggestions?

  • Hi Folks

    I have been quoted 31400 before TTL on a 2009 EX-L with RES in CA. Is this a good price?

    Any suggestions on what is the best price?

  • I've got quotes in NJ for a 2009 EX-L with RES and NAV to buy ranging from $32,641 to $34,440 all in except for 7% NJ sales taxes.

    That seems to be the cheapest I can get and the dealers are all in a pretty tight range and are not willing to go any lower.

    Will be doing the Honda 1.9% 3 year financing on it.
  • Take a look at dealer inventories and you will see while 2008 numbers are shrinking, they are bursting at the seams with 2009's. Even the civics are now stacking up on lots since gas prices have dropped. Honda will be bringing out new incentives on the 2009's soon. Then you will get a good price on a 2009 EXL.
  • I have a online quote for a 2008 Honda Touring with all the extras (nav, heated leather seats, DVD, Backup Camera) for $33,900. Do you think that we can talk them down anymore? What would you think a good deal would be. Oh and we are in WA State.

  • Here is my advice:

    Thank them very much for the quote, but that they will need to better. That given the economy, $33,900 feels a whole lot better in your bank than a new van. Then give them a deadline and wait. Time is on your side and all of the "low hanging fruit" for these guys is long gone. By they way, which dealership are you working with and are you happy with the way they have been responding to you?
  • bibbabibba Posts: 6
    What's amazing me is the price difference in different parts of the country. About 3-4 weeks ago, I purchased a 2008 ex-l Odyssey for $25,000 even which included the extras of all season mats and the cargo tray, neither of which are cheap. The only other charges (other than unavoidable state specific taxes and fees) was the "documentation fee" which was just shy of $300. I also purchased the 8 year 100k mile extended warranty online for $1100.
    I'm seeing best price quotes here for thousands more than what I paid. It almost makes sense with gas prices down to make a vacation out of it, buy the car in Boston (my area), and drive it home. How can there be such a ridiculous disparity in regional prices? Can regional supply and demand really account for thousands?
  • aps4aps4 Posts: 3

    I am inthe market for 08 EX-L. If it is not too much to ask, could you tell me from which dealership you bought this and who should I contact there

    Thanks in advance
  • around 19K plus TTL. the out the door price is 20500.
    plus the manufacturer's 1.9% promo APR for 36 month. down pay $4100.
    I don't know whether it's a good deal but personally I'm satisfied with the price.
    The only problem is that the NEW car already has 766 miles on odometer...I don't know how much depreciation should be on this...
    btw. I got the vehicle in Wesley Chapel Honda, near Tampa, FL.
    anyway we got our new car :) :) :)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Pls shoot me email ur798 *at* yahoo *dot* com
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