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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Good points. I've never leased a car before, so I am unfamiliar with excessive mileage fees --> thanks for that information. And, no I don't feel comfortable buying a demo. My thoughts are if the dealer wants to make it a sweatheart deal, then I can chance buying a demo, otherwise, it's wait until the incentives come in for the 2009 models.

    From an extended warranty standpoint, I think at 6000 miles the ext-warranty would treat the vehicle as used.
  • What I want to know is WHY Edmunds is saying that the True Market Value (TMV) of a 2008 EX-L with leather and RES (no navi) should be around $25,780?! After reading some of the posts lately, it seems like it is way more.

    I had been offered a 2008 EX-L leather with RES (no navi) as I posted a couple of days ago for around 27,500. That's starting not to sound too bad, but DARN I wish it was cheaper.

    Some seem to feel the prices will go down, but will there still BE 2008's? And doesn't the dealer cash incentive (which, incidentially I thought was $3500, not $1250!) only work for 2008 vans ON a particular lot? Meaning if you can't find it locally, you're out of luck...!?!

  • krh294krh294 Posts: 11
    I should have mentioned this is a 2009 EX-L w/RES no Navi
  • camy4camy4 Posts: 9
    since current incentive ($12500) expires feb 2 - what will be next?
    anyone get the "feeling" ?
    i am pricing 2009 ex-l no RES/NAVI
    this forum is great!!!
  • camy4camy4 Posts: 9
    correction -incentive $1250
  • iburibur Posts: 3
    where did you get that quot.I am in the process of buying my self
  • iburibur Posts: 3
  • What says

    Though scheduled for a complete redesign next year, the 2009 Honda Odyssey remains our favorite choice in the minivan segment.

    If the above is true, is that means, 2010 model will be all redisgned? In that case, how is it good to buy 2009 model?

    Any help is highly appriciated.

  • (Hody - keep in mind, that my response is based on the information that the 2010 Odyssey will have hinged rear doors in place of the current sliding door and the sliding door being important to my wife & I.
    If this is in error - please forgive me.)

    I think it depends on what you like about the Odyssey and find a priority.

    For example, we were going to wait a bit before buying a new car. I mentioned the re-design to my wife when I first heard about it and she was concerned mainly because of the elimination of the sliding doors. The whole argument about getting a minivan for us was because of the ease of sliding doors in relation to:
    1 or 2 fussy kids
    Someone parking too close to you in a parking lot that makes getting the kids into their car seats more difficult or impossible :)
    The fussy kids and someone parking too close to your car would most likely occur when temperatures in Phoenix would be in excess of 110 or so. :D
    A car with a hingled door would make it harder to get kids into the car and buckled in if someone parked too close on that side of the car.
    To us, it was important to have the best chance of getting the kids into the car quickly, efficiently to get out of the heat. If my wife is by herself, she needs to be to perform this manuever / feat by herself. If we didn't have a proper car, guess who would be getting a phone call of frustration at work because of the fussy kids, someone parking too close and the heat of Phoenix Arizona. ;) ME!!!!!
    The ease of life the sliding doors provided was important to my wife & I. We broke down and purchased one within the last month.

    So, I would try and find out what major changes are occuring to the Ody for 2010. Then proceed from there. If the changes are not major, that answers your question right there.
    Hope this helps.
  • mogpodmogpod Posts: 7
    What about the holdback value of %3 on MSRP wich comes to about $900? Should it be negotiated further?
  • Holdback is 2% of the base MSRP (before destination) there is an additional 1% that gets paid quarterly to cover fixed costs.

    On the 2009 Odyssey EX the holdback is $590.00 :)

    Remember, dealers are still "for profit".
  • I am looking to buy a '09 Touring NO PAX and the quote I have so far is

    $35,400 incl. destination + TTL in the San Jose bay area

    Please let me know if this is a good price or if you have better quotes.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Thank you Dave. If possible can you point me some link where can I find the more details about 2010 model?
  • krh294krh294 Posts: 11
    Update: Just received an out the door quote from a different dealer for this van @ $32225. Just emailed the other dealer to see what they can do. Will be approx $175 cheaper than my first first $32,402 OTD quote. Would like to go with the first dealer since it is right down the road so we'll see if they can beat or match.
  • mogpodmogpod Posts: 7
    thanks, for your reply. what's the deal (for reference, of course) on this at Twin Cities?
  • Alig26Alig26 Posts: 7
    Hey I'm curious, since I found a few 2008 Touring models available, are there any significant changes between the two models? Any new features that are available on the 09 model?

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    09 is about 500 more on msrp and different front/rear suspensions. Test drive both to get the feel.
  • Well, we did it! We went through 3 different dealers, but we got it for $25.9K+TTL. This was an internet price. We wanted a 2008 b4 the dealers ran out of them, and it was starting to get slim picking. Thanks to everybody for sharing their experience, it helped us.

    Has anyone used the web to get an extended warranty?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I got quote of 08 EXL at $25.7K (incl dest) a month ago. Yes, 08 EXL inventory is limited and much less color choice.

    Getting EW online is very popular due it saves you money and get the same warranty 'Honda Care' as from your local Honda dealer.
  • Our invoice is $200.00 higher then the base national invoice because all six metro dealers co-op advertising (newspaper, radio and web ad's).

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