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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sizzle7,

    That is correct, I paid $14.00 for the consumer reports printout which lists all the 2009 Odssey Trim level pricing(Invoice, rebates, holdbacks). This printout is available online as soon you pay for the report..In addition, I had to $5.95 to join ConsumerReports online. I was also considering going through Costco's Auto buying program but haven't had a chance to pursue it..Hope this helps!!!
  • emfreakemfreak Posts: 2
    pele, i'm in st. louis at well.. which dealer(s) were you able to get the best price from? thanks!
  • mkay1,

    If you enjoy the art of deal as much as I do, you can take it little further and get additional $ off from the quote you received. I have a dealer that is giving me not only Invoice minus incentives, holdbacks but also additional $500...Only caveat is they're making me pay taxes on the incentives..

    Anyhow, to get the additional $ you'll have to do little research..
    1) Find out if the vehicle being quoted is on dealers lot..More the better..If the vehicle is not on the lot, they just can't give you the best price. Do this for four to five dealers..I typically go on to the dealers website for this if you don't get the info there then just simply call them..
    2) Once your research is done then, it's time to call general sales managers at the dealership and start your negotiation..They'll give you all kinds of excuses for providing quote over the phone but stick to your guns and let them know that you're a serious buyer will buy today if the price is right and if they can't negotiate over the phone then move on the next dealer..

    3) Eventually, you'll want them to e-mail the OTD price to you so you know exactly what to expect when you walk in to the dealership..Believe me, they'll play games here with the OTD price since you're digging into their margins. Do your own math and make sure the OTD price you get is what you expected.

    4) Go make it happen!!!!
  • psrinivpsriniv Posts: 39
    west broad honda??

    who did u get your quote from in N Va.
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply. Does Consumer Reports list different rebates than the ones vinehill posted: he said there was 2% holdback off MSRP and $2500 rebate for 2009's. I'm not asking you to post what they are, but just let me know if it's worth it to pay for the report. Thanks!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    I'm wondering if it's really better to wait to get quotes at the end of the month? I know what I want right now, but should I wait? Thanks!
  • knowit2knowit2 Posts: 7
    Just so everyone knows. March 31 is the end of the month, quarter, and fiscal year for Honda. Also the 31st is a Tuesday.

    I don't think there could be a better time then this month to buy a Honda.

    Furthermore if none of us buys one between now and the end of the month Honda should be in a panic. ;) Which should make the deals even better.
  • Honda dealers in chicagoland are charging taxes on the incentives/rebates..I am hearing this is common practice. Is this true? or is there more to this story..
  • JW2009,

    Can you provide details on this deal? Would you kindly let us know what you negotiated before taxes, title and tag? Also, what % taxes do you pay in your area? Thanks!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    That's great news. Do you think I should wait until March 30 or 31 to get first estimates from everyone? Or should I get some initial quotes and then bargain hard with those quotes at the end of the month?

  • knowit2knowit2 Posts: 7
    Personally I think to start putting out for bids on the 23-24th. Then start hard-bargaining on the 29-30. Just make sure you know exactly what you want including color. All you need is the dealership that is sooo close to getting that award or volume cash from Honda for selling x amount of cars and they are x -1 or x-2.
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    got a quote of $23K OTD for 09 ody LX in san jose area. is it a good deal? or can do better? thanks. :confuse:
  • pele10pele10 Posts: 6
    Stephen Vincel had the best and Bommarito was a close second - the difference was about $60. Both have dealer installed splash guards and Vincel adds door guards. I've bought from both previously but was leaning towards Bommarito just because they're much closer to me. Bommarito is offering 2 years free maintenance which per their handout I was given means 4 oil changes and multi-point inspections; 2 forty point inspections; and 2 tire rotations. Vincel is offering a $500 gas card.

    We sold my wife's car quicker than expected so we ended up buying recently at Bomarrito for $27,671 = $27,457 (includes destination charge and splash guards) + $189 doc fee + $25 credit fee.

    Once we go pay the TTL we'll be looking at around $29,628 total.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    LOOKS good to me as the price here 3/7/09 BEFORE Taxes, Fees, etc is:
    ......LX $ 20,725.
    ......EX cloth $ 25,070
    ..... EX-L is $ 28,531
    ......EX-L-RES is $ 29,960. ;)
    My first choice is Ocean Mist Metallic EX - but none are in stock within 100 miles.
  • All,
    Please advise what would be the best price for an EXL with RES and NAV. I have a couple of offers of $30,800 including destination fees, but before TTL. I am thinking I can get a better price, but wanted to check with y'all.
  • Sizzle7,

    Holdbacks are 2% of MSRP listed on Consumer Reports printout..Hope this helps!!
  • $30,800 looks good..You're getting Invoice($34,048) minus $2500 Incentive minus $739 holdback..probably can go little lower but you'll have to do your research and make sure the vehicle is on the dealers lot. Otherwise forget about getting the additional if they have to do a dealer trade..Good luck!!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    By the end of the month I'm certain to buy either an LX, EX, or EX-L. I'm also open to either a 2008 or 2009. Basically, if I get a screamin' deal on an EX or EX-L it would be worth it to me to pay a bit more than an LX.

    How should I go about getting quotes? If they think I can pay for the EX-L, for example, then would they be motivated to give me the best price on a LX? Or do they sometimes get bonuses for selling certian models? Any thoughts? I suppose my husband could send emails about the LX (he has a diff last name) and negotiate them completely separately. Thank you!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    Since the model years are essentially the same (except the rear lift gate on the EX-L) is there any reason at all to get the 2009 if the 2008 is cheaper?
  • mm_vamm_va Posts: 1
    I got an internet quote for the EX-L with rear entertainmant for $27543. I happily went to see a dealer last friday. But I was told they quoted the wrong model, so the price was correct. They wanted me to decide whether I would drive that car home or I would have to accept their new quote $28890. I was worried that I got cheated, so I chose to leave. I saw someone got quite decent quote, like $26832, mentioned by mom28. Anyone can recommend a good honda dealer in VA/DC/MD?
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