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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    if you dont mind can you give me the dealer name and number and contact sales rep. i am in ct and can't find ex below 24500. got a quote for a lx for 22500+670+ whatever fees.

    Also, if you have the email for that deal can you send it to my email add.

    by the way im menard

    thanks in advance.
  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    hi thinking of buying an lx too. do you have that deal in your email? if you have can you send it to me..if not maybe you can give me the name of the sales rep and his number. my email is
  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    hi im also thinking of buying a lx but cant really find a good deal. do you mind if i ask you for your sales rep name and number and if you have the email for this deal can you send it to my email add

  • got offer 2008 exl new in seattle 28500 is it a good deal?
  • got offer 2008 exl new in seattle 28500 is it a good deal? otd
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Is the offer incl dest before deal admin fee, TT&L or OTD?
    If it is not OTD price then get the 2009 EXL cheaper than this price, so 28500 isn't good deal for 2008 model.
  • I thought about this as well, as I don't HAVE to have the car right now. I am currently shopping for an '09, and plan to buy before the end of the month. Currently the rebate is $2500, and apparently the highest they got last year was $3500. Sure they could go higher this year, but I decided to just buy this month. I got an offer of invoice - rebate - holdback without any negotiation, we will see if I can do even better.
  • pjc89pjc89 Posts: 3
    I negotiated a price of $23.5 for an 08 Odyssey EXL last September from McGrath Honda in Chicago (or maybe Elmwood Park), so I suspect that you shouldn't pay more than that price plus tax if you buy that model today. SO, I think you are paying too much, unless your state tax and license rates are off the charts. Didn't buy the car and decided to wait until 09, and we are now in the market again, but want an 09.

    In the FYI column, on the 09, negotiated a price of $27.9 for the EXL with RES from Honda on Grand in the greater Chicago area (Elmhurst, I think). Wife wouldn't pull the trigger b/c second thoughts that she might want Sienna (also good deals there since this is last year of current model), but ultimately decided on the EXL. Going to wait until the summer to see if I can get them down to $25 on the EXL, which I think is very doable given current market conditions and the fact that we don't need the van. These guys are hurting, it is the end of the month and they NEED sales, so don't be afraid to be aggressive.
  • I am looking at an LX with a roof-rack in Georgia for around mid-$21K before tax tag and title.

    As I see it, the max upside is that I get another $500 off at year-end incentive time, if it increases. Even if Honda threw an extra $1,000 of incentive, that doesn't mean the dealers will pass that along. I would guess the dealer will absorb SOME of that via some increased profits on their side.

    The downside is that if the economy gets better or people sense the crisis is over, the rush to get deals before they are gone could drive prices right back up. I could either be looking at $22 or more or even find myself in a situation where the LX 2009 models are all gone.

    I am thinking that I might just go ahead and pull the trigger after tax season is over and I complete all my clients.

    The potential downside looks worse than the best case upside and is probably more likely to to happen.
  • ghagha Posts: 1
    Got an EX-L for $27,600 in CA. Price included destination charge. Also had an offer for $27,500 from another dealer for a white one, but didn't want that color.
  • thats total it high or should i go navi or dvd...thank you
  • thats OUT THE in washington is 9.1% so is 28500 to high or should i go lower...thank you
  • I happened to check the inventory for Go Honda 104th in Westminster, CO and it looks like the other identical White 2008 Odyssey EX-L w/ RES I referenced in my prior post has disappeared. I believe it had been sitting on their lot since about August of 2008; funny how it appears to have sold so quick after my posting just 2 days ago. :)

    Whoever you are it is time to fess up. ;) What price did you get?
  • coolkh1coolkh1 Posts: 3
    Just signed a contract for 2009 Odyssey EX-L Sterling Grey W/RES +wheel lock out the door $30,600. Vehicle price $27964 + fee + tax of %8.25= $30600.

    First Negotiated EX-L w/o RES w/o DVD @ OTD $29500, but the dealer did not have a correct color. had to buy one with RES for $1000 more.

    Since I am in downtown LA area, I added wheel lock for $100 more.

    I asked for the OTD price of $29500 or $30500 w/RED, they promptly answered yes, so deal was very easy but now I think I should have tried harder to go lower.

    The milelage was only 15 miles and everyhing was good. When I drove home from the dealership, there was some burning smell. I guess it is because it was very new.

    I hope my experience would be helpful.
  • That is what I thought. I was able to get 27755 from another dealer and sent the number to the original dealer to meet. Thanks for the input. This forum is really great!
  • I have been in this forum many times and found it extremely helpful so I thought I would share some information on my new Odyssey. I paid $29,014 (this includes destination charges only), plus T,T,L. The vehicle is an EX-L model with the DVD (RES) only and has a few minor extras, wheel locks, window tint, pin stripe, cargo shell, and mud guards. We financed with Honda, the rate started at 5.99% for 60 months. We decided to add on the wheel/tire 5 year warranty (I seem to find all the nails on the road), in doing this they bought the rate down to 4.99% and it added about $1 to the monthly payment. I live in the Dallas area, and bought at Bankston Honda of Lewisville. This was the most painless car purchase I have ever made. Thanks again for taking the time to provide such valuable info!
  • Is this a good price for an ex-l with no extras? It includes ttl and any destination charges. (located in Illinois)
  • It's a new 2009
  • coolkh1coolkh1 Posts: 3
    I think that is good enough price if that amount is including everything.

    If I were you, I would try more to get EX-L w/RES for $30,000 OTD, which I failed.
  • Coolkh1

    Which dealership is this? I am in the market for the same car EXL with RES. Maybe going for NAV also. Your OTD price is the lowest I have seen. Please email me info at I am planning on purchase this weekend. Thank you!
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