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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Russell and Smith off 610. Ping me at and I'll give you the salesperson's name and some other info.
  • tripigtripig Posts: 3
    Can you please provide dealership name.

  • I live in close to Houston, Texas. I'm looking for Touring with Pax. So far, the best OTD qoute I received was $36,700 (this includes tinting, splash guards, cargo tray, lifetime oil changes, windshield replacement (for 3 times) this a good deal? I've been reading this forum...and I was hoping for about $34-$35K OTD. Am I asking for the impossible? Thanks!
  • surabhisurabhi Posts: 1
    Hi I got quote for EX-L at Honda of Joliet, IL for $29,982 OTD. It has no RES and no Nav.

    Sale price- $27,541.89
    Doc Fee- $150.00
    CVR Fee- $25.00
    7.0% sales tax- $2,115.18
    Joliet vehicle tax- $7.50
    New Plates- $143.00
    $29,982.57 - Total out the door price

    Is it a good price? any thoughts?
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Glad to...It is Honda on Grand. Best of luck!
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    are there any good honda Dealers in North Jersey.
    getting tierd of this crazy prices they offer. :confuse:
    i am reading all the priced and i am not gettting any where close to it.
    they just look @ me like i have 4 head. :surprise:
    best so far is $29,900 out the door for EX-L no dvd or navi

    help me out

    Thank you
  • wenhg,
    Could you tell me the dealer and/or show me how you found that online price?
  • gilvergilver Posts: 5
    I just got one in houston area 09' odyssey touring no pax, OTD for 36,800 same features but they threw in the cross bars. so I got it. But it never hurts to try those price you quoted.
  • langellangel Posts: 5
    The incentives for other Handa cars have been posted, don't see Odyssey's. No incentive in April?
  • tripigtripig Posts: 3
    I spoke to a dealer in Illinois today and was told the 2500 is still in effect, along with the 2.9/3.9 financing. This will be my thrid Odyssey and I can't believe these prices and financing deals!
  • cmeklacmekla Posts: 2
    They are always expensive when compare to any dealers in chicago area. They are dont care! My research show that no matter what you buy from them odyssey, pilot can get better price somewhere else by margin of $500-1000 less.
    So dont waste your time there.
  • cmeklacmekla Posts: 2
    Hi All Chicago folks,
    I am planning to buy EX-L No DVD and No Navi. I have been doing research for a while and found that no matter what type of incentive or promo in the market, I am getting quite the same selling price in the chicago area (Except valley honda, which is always higher :mad: ).
    So, help me, If any one out there got better than $27000.00 (selling price, destination included), please let me know the dealer and sales person. So far I received $27175 selling price. Is this the best out there?
  • rim936rim936 Posts: 3
    Is Honda combining the 2500 incentive with the 2.9% financing?
  • Thanks for the info Cutetotoro79. After reading your deal, I swung by Russell and Smith after work and made a deal on an EX-L. I drove it home tonight but need to go back to the store with my wife tomorrow to finalize all the paperwork. It took me 30 minutes to have the internet salesman evaluate my trade-in, and I ended up getting a deal that was about $750 less than the best offer I received from 4 other dealerships in town that I had shopped prior to this.

    With it including the trade-in, the pricing "deal" I got is very subjective (rob peter to pay paul effect), but basically it extrapolates to $27,870 + TT&L for a presumptive drive-out of $29,862 OTD without the trade-in. Granted, this is not as awesome of a deal as seen elsewhere on the forum, but again, there was a trade-in involved which makes it hard to compare apples to apples.

    Bottom line though is that Russell and Smith's pricing seems to be the most competitive I have seen of the Honda dealers on the West side of Houston.

    Thanks again for the post!
  • vamcvamc Posts: 5

    Can you let me know the best price provided to you for an '09 Odessey (EX model)? I am looking to buy one ASAP.

    Also, any contact information of the sales person will be greatly appreciated.
  • I did not really price out the EX at the dealerships - we were mainly looking at the EX-L and EX-L+RES

    I can't specify a sales person due to forum rules, but I ended up getting my best deal at Russell and Smith Honda on the South side of 610.

    Based off of the forums, it looks like you "win" when you are sitting $3,500 to $4,000 below invoice before TT&L is added on (6.25% + $250 in Texas)

    Unfortunately (based on my recent shopping experience in town) the Houston dealers don't appear to be quite that desperate yet. If you take invoice (from edmunds TMV pricing), & subtract $2,500 dealer cash, anything you get below that seems to be getting a "good deal" in the Houston Area.

    If you are not trading in anything, it really simplifies the shopping process, and you may be able to pull off a better deal over-all by soliciting bids from dealerships far and wide.

    My 2 cents.
  • I agree...after getting quotes by all the dealership in Houston and Austin, I don't think they are that desperate. Honda of Katy first quoted me the MSRP! I laughed and asked them if they thought I was stupid. Their replied, they only had 2 right away, I knew that they weren't desperate. So, I think I will wait and see what will happen.
  • vamcvamc Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information. I got email quotes for around 24,000 for EX model. I will see if I can lower it a bit when I meet them in next few days.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    Nice work ;)

    So tell me - did ya get an internet price 1st, or did ya go in the dealership, and negotiate with a salesperson?

    I've gotten a quote for an EX $24,237 that's good until April 30th...It's a pretty good deal, but I'm wondering if I should offer less?
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    Thanks for the information. I got email quotes for around 24,000 for EX model. I will see if I can lower it a bit when I meet them in next few days

    I'm wondering if I should try the "playing hard to get" approach with the quotes I've gotten from the internet...Having the sales staff believe that I'd prefer to wait until September/October (which to a certain extent is true), BUT - I'll buy today @ "X" price.

    Just not overly fond of negotiating.
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