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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It never hurts to play hard to get. Just straight out tell them..."I would like to buy the minivan, however, only if it's an awesome deal. I'm not in a rush and willing to wait". Houston is not offering awesome deals that I have read on forums. I told them I will buy one today at $34K OTD for the touring, no PAX. No takers yet.
  • Awesome! We gave our salesmen a pretty hard time and made him wait awhile before making our final decision. His sales manager and him never budged on price and since it was the lowest in the Houston area, I figured it was a fair deal. I visited almost all the Honda dealerships in Houston and Russell&Smiith gave me the best price. Good luck with your new vehicle- we are falling in love with ours more and more each day.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I hear ya - that's how I prefer to negotiate; make them feel I'm looking, but not just yet ready unless a great deal is available.

    With Honda cutting production starting May 1st - will the numbers of Oddy's be reduced considerably this summer? Right now just may be a really good time to buy.
  • vamcvamc Posts: 5
    I just got the internet prices today. I am yet to go and do inperson negotiations. I think if I am agressive I can get another few hundred dollars off.
  • new_beenew_bee Posts: 6
    Hi all

    Pls help desperately

    I want to know what is the best deal I can get on Honda Odyssey EX

    So far I got 24378 + ttl

    any one can help with better price?


    New Bee
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Gunn Honda in San Antonio seems to have very good pricing. You might want to check the forums at the Temple of Vtec ( There is someone there that has always given me good information.
  • Sounds about right. Honda of Katy was my first stop, and they love to play their games and posture for a stronger negotiating position. They also seem to have an official policy of hog-tying you in their showroom for hours and hours as they make their SLOW & relatively weak offers. Of the 6 dealerships I dealt with, Russell and Smith was the best experience, Sterling McCall, Gillman, Goodson fell in the middle and Honda of Katy was by far the worst sales experience. I contacted David McDavid, and the online salesman approached things a bit too much like Honda of Katy style of "salesmanship," so I didn't bother stopping by. In Honda of Katy's defense, I heard they were a good dealership to shop at when they first opened, but apparently a new sales manager took charge, bringing in a lot of his salesmen and tactics from his previous city. Things apparently went downhill after that.

    I recommend trying a few other dealerships around Houston before giving up. While I don't think you will get the $4,000 below invoice pricing found in other cities like Boston, I think $3,000 below invoice may be within your reach if you play your cards right.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I'd offer $24,000 thru their website, & see what their response is...Stay firm on your offer...Me thinks they'll accept it, & IMO it's a good deal.
  • You're very right about Honda Of Katy. I was already irrated with them that they refused to give me a quote via phone or email. You had to come in and waste hours there before pricing is even discussed. Plus, my sales person didn't know anything about the Odyssey. She asked me what I wanted, I told her, I'm looking for a white Touring, without Pax. She then asked me what options I wanted in the Touring...nav/dvd..etc. I told her, the Touring comes with all of that, I just have to pick a color. She didn't believe me, so I spend 5 minutes debating with her! How frustrating! I had a trade in (or just curious on what they appraised my car for), and when I wasn't happy with the OTD price, and wanted my car key back, they won't give it back to me! I had to wait for like 45 minutes and speak to the sales director then an assistant manager. I told them, just give me back my car keys, I'm not motivated by their pricing. So, beware...if you're planning to come to Katy of Honda, make sure you have lots of patience and hours to kill.

    You're right, by far, Russell and Smith given me the best quote.
  • Anyone looking for or having recently bought an Oddy touring w/o Pax 2009 in St Louis? What kind of price did you pay? Please help.
  • I did this all by email. I went in to test drive at the nearest dealership, but there are about 8 dealers in the indianapolis area so I started emailing with one and went around the horn seeing if they would beat the best deal. At about 3pm I was at 26,150 otd and was happy with that since my sales tax here is 7%, 26k out the door was dipping into the dealer holdback about $400 out of the $900 for the EX. I emailed the other dealer that was pressing for my business that I was done because I was close to what I wanted. They came back with 26k otd. I emailed that for $150 I am sticking with the dealer that I "verbally committed" to since they were the first to be even close to 26k (others were around 26.8k). They then came back with 25.5k. I emailed the dealer I verbally said yes to and said that another dealer had come $650 under theirs. I was going to stay with them for $150, but $650 difference is big, would they be willing to match. They did and the deal was final at that point. All of this was done via emails. Hope that helps.

    It seems dealers bottom price is

    26,601 invoice
    +670 destination
    = 24,771 (dealer invoice - 2500 dealer cash)
    anything less than this is dipping into dealer holdback (~$900 for EX according to some sites). I got it down to
    $23,800 or so which is less than if you take away dealer holdback. So I think anything less than 24.7k is doing well.

    24.2 I would probably jump at unless it is at the end of the month and they need to move some inventory, you might be able to scrape another 100-300 off.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    What was your msrp?
  • The EXL you got for 27,800.00, did that have RES/NAV or not?
  • spdnyspdny Posts: 4
    Anyone have any pricing or thoughts for what pricing might be for an EX in the Western New York area (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse). Rochester being the preferred location.

    I want to start making offers this month once I sell the 2004 Ody. I would like to look somewhat intelligent by offering a reasonable bid for this area as it may very by region.

    Any thoughts or suggestions for this area are much appreciated.
  • jam3sterjam3ster Posts: 1
    I just got a quote for $31,500 for a 2009 Odyssey with RES & Navi. The OTD price is $34,028. Wondering if this is a good deal to go ahead and buy yet.
  • mentatmentat Posts: 4
    Bought at Buena Park Honda (near Knotts Berry Farm) almost 2 weeks ago. My salesperson was Suzanne, she was very thorough in following up with all details.

    1. 2009 Honda Odyssey EX (no extra options or add ons)
    2. MSRP $29,455 + $670 (dest. fee) = $30,125
    3. INVOICE $26,692 + $670 (dest. fee) = $27,362
    4. $24,225 (includes dest. fee), not including TTL
  • ekw540ekw540 Posts: 3
    Just got the EX-L (no NAV/RES) for:

    + 5% tax
    + 299 Doc+License Fees
    + 1350 (Honda Care - 5 yr / 80,000 / 0 Ded)
    + 637 Fog Light
    + 200 All Season mats
    3.9 % Financing

    I think I paid too much for the Extended Warranty. I can still cancel it within 60 days with 100% refund. :)

    I am in Boston area.
  • Just a straight EX-L. No dealer adds, No RES or Navi.

    Basically $2,900 below invoice before taxes and fees
  • I purchased a Touring no Pax for 33,245 incl destination fees, + 300 documentation fees + TTL.
  • dkmeowdkmeow Posts: 1
    I got an internet quote from Valley Honda in Naperville for $31,000 (Destination Fee is included. Tax, title, license, document fee, and accessories are extra.)

    This is for a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX L w/ Navi and DVD.

    I was told the sticker was $37,625 and then I'd get the $2,500 rebate along with an additional $4,000 or so off.

    I thought it sounded pretty good but now I'm reading some of these posts and it sounds like shopping around is a good idea.

    What does everyone think, does this sound good? I was also offered 3.9% financing on top of this.

    I'm new to "negotiating" so any help would be appreciated.
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