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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • naidunaidu Posts: 2
    I plan to buy 2009 Odyssey EX L basic model without RES and NAV and I am in Richmond VA. Could I know the out the door price EX L model. I got the quote from dealer fro EX L $28300.00(Out the door price). Is it good?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Looks good. Best price in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming was $28,105 + taxes, $ 5 tire recycling fee, $ 40 temp plate fee, and $299 doc fee less 2006 Sienna LE 28K miles #11,900 trade in. ( I did not have the total trade difference computed for the 2009 Ody EX-L because they could not find the 2009 Ody EX-L of the exact color we want).

    Toyota dealer XLE MSRP $33,448 selling price $ 31,448 less $1,000 discount, $ 1,000 Factory Rebate, less $ 13,000 trade in of 2006 Sienna LE 28 K miles + $ 1,283.54 Sales Tax, $ 289.85 doc fee + $ 205.50 other fees for total trade difference $ 20,226. (I told the Toyota dealer their Sienna is grossly overpriced and walked).
  • mamak8mamak8 Posts: 2
    This seems great. Make sure to request an Out The Door price. Our OTD price was $24556 in Virginia.

    Good luck!
  • OTD is 27498, I wonder if I should buy now or should I wait until the new model comes out?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    BUY NOW if the dealer has an EX in the color you want at $ 24,628. Dealers in our part of the USA will NOT sell at the incredibly low prices quoted by others here in CarSpace. These HUGE discounts will never be offered again by Honda.

    I would buy a NEW 2009 Odyssey EX for $ 24,928 NOW IF there were ANY new Ocean Mist Metallic Ody EX within 100 miles of my dealer and give my less desireable 2006 Toyota Sienna LE to our daughter.
  • jerryohjerryoh Posts: 1
    The offer I got for 2009 LX is OTD $22496.05. (OH, tax rate 6.5%).
  • In WA state the sales tax is 9.6%. The dealer is providing the splash guards, door guards and wheal locks. Is that a good deal?
  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    Just signed contract last night in the Boston area for an 2009 Odyssey EX. MSRP $30,125. OTD (including 5% MA tax) $25,878. Details:

    Base Price: $24,361 (includes Dest. Charge)
    Documentation: $299
    Tax: $1218

    Also received an identical offer by email of $24,361 from another dealership in southern NH. Couldn't get either one to go lower.
  • chooch3chooch3 Posts: 5
    Hi bosmike,
    I'm also looking for an EX in Boston in the near future. Looks like you got a good price. Do you mind sharing which dealership you ended up signing your contract with?

    Also, a more general question for everyone: any idea how long the manufacturer to dealer cash ($2500) is going to last? I saw on the Honda website that the financing deals have been extended until July.

  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    I sent out the quote request to Commonwealth, Peters (Nashua) and Honda Gallery. Went with the quote from Honda Gallery. They didn't play any games once I arrived at the showroom with the Internet quote which I felt was a good price.

    Commonwealth is closer to me, but they never responded to the request.

    Good luck shopping. I think the timing is good right now to get an Odyssey at a higher discount than in the past. We also looked at EX-L, but the EX seemed to be a higher % discount off the MSRP in the end.
  • chooch3chooch3 Posts: 5
    Thanks bosmike! Sounds like you a had a good, straightforward experience at the dealership. If you would recommend the sales rep that you worked with, would you mind emailing me the details? ehchiou at
  • hi jerryho,

    thank you for the reply. I think I have some room to haggle as tax in MA is only 5%. Going to dealership tommorrow. Will update the results.
  • The best quote i get so far in Houston area for the EX is $23,999 + 10 years/300K engine warranty. I seems to exclude destination charge and TTL.

    Is this a good price? Can I expect $500 less + few goodies?
  • eeyeseeyes Posts: 3
    Can anyone give me a clue on EX-L no RES no NAv price in PA, DE? thx
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Odyssey EX at an EXcellent price. What is the exterior color of your new Ody EX? Did your dealer have a good selection of all models?
  • Will the 2009 price drop 5% or more?
    Will Honda have less or more than 2500 MTDR on 2009 models?
    What's the condition of the leftover cars at the cost of lower price? All w/ quite some testdrive mileages? Bad colors? Scratch or dents?

    Then what's the benefit of buying it now and paying half year insurance and registration just to legally put it in the garage or even on roadside (as I won't need a van till end of the year)?
  • cc8cc8 Posts: 8
    Well I posted what I thought was a deal on an EXL+DVD+Nav a few days or so ago and a wise poster responded that the deal sounded too good to be true, and that the car dealer and I were probably referring to 2 different trims.

    Well, that is exactly what happened - either that or the dealer I was working with totally back-pedaled.

    Anyway, long story short, I am trying to figure out if this is a good price.

    EXL+DVD+Nav for $35,088 OTD

    This sounds high to me. FWIW, the Consumer Reports document on this car suggests that you start with $33,400 for this model and then "negotiate up", meaning $33,400 is the "bottom line" price.

    So what I am facing now is $35,088 - trade in of $5100 == $29,988.
  • I think you can do better than this. I am also in CA and so far best quote I received is 34K OTD. Are you in rush to buy the car or can wait week or two?
    Would you like to team up with us so that we can negotiate the price and can get the better deal?
    you can contact me at lakhotian at

  • Hi vanneeded,
    what is the price quoted of the van ?
    Not aware of the PA tax rate, but folks on the forum are getting
    30000 to 30500 base price for EXL-RES/NAV + plus TTL so far.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi cc8
    I would say negiotate the base price + TTL.
    sales tax is 1% higher than march in CA, so assuming $30k for the Ody EXL-RES/NAV,
    that's about $300 more.

    My OTD for the same purchased on March 19th was ~$33400 ( including TTL).

    The way I look at it if you get to pay invoice -4000, for base + TTL then sign the papers.
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