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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Narendra,
    You are quite close , maybe you could get $250 to $500 less, depending on how much time you have to haggle before signing the papers.
  • Hi Cleverstar,

    I would say if you don't need a van now, wait it out.

    I think deals will be comparable later in the year, though you may not have to much inventory left to bargain with later for the choice of options you need.
    Honda did say they are cutting production too.

    I don't think mileage or scratch / dents would be an issue on cars sitting in dealer lots,unless you want car with < 10 :shades: miles on it
  • driveindrivein Posts: 15
    We are in the midwest and are looking at buying a 2009 EX-L with RES. The information regarding the manufacturer's support or incentives seems to be conflicting. On Edmunds, it is suggesting @ $2500 but Consumer Reports is suggesting a much smaller holdback. Can folks enlighten us as to what is being offered, whether there is a range and what that is tied to, and when the incentives expire? All help appreciated.
  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    Only had 3 EX's in inventory. We went with the Bali Blue which was not in stock but they had no problem locating it for us (same OTD price too).
  • I live in Algonquin, IL and am buying a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring Mini-Van within the next 7 days, given the right deal. I have done my Edmond's research and received internet quotes from Honda dealers for this pending purchase. The quotes are all over the board... between $35,700 and 33,090. Obviously, I like the $33,090 better! Once I find the right fit, I will be walking into the dealership that day and paying CASH for the vehicle. Has anyone else found a deal for the 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring than $33,090 + destination fee and TTL? If so, can you point me that direction? Thanks.
  • hokiethokiet Posts: 2
    Thanks to all on this forum for sharing their experiences! Very helpful stuff! So here's my two cents on my experience. Took dealer stock.

    Base $ -- $30,094 (w/mud guards and wheel locks, first oil change)
    Added Options -- $1,451 (fog lights, backup sensor, cargo tray)
    Destination -- $670
    Admin fee -- $399
    Total OTD -- $32,614 (plus TTL, of course)

    Fought hard for the trade-in (2000 Odyssey EX) and got a good deal. Fairly reasonable deal overall, based on what I've seen here. Thanks, again!
  • I have 4 quotes as follow and the pricing is OTD (out the door). Which is the best price? Any advice will be appricated. Also, please let me know if anyone else in MD has gotten a better price than this for any of these model with dealer name and sales rep person.

    1) EXL w/dvd and Nav at $32,700 OTD (selling price $29,754.76 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag).

    2) EXL w/dvd only at $30,600 OTD (selling price $27,781.70 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag). Basically $2,100 less for this model.

    3)base EX $26,000 OTD (selling price $23,357.70 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag).

    3) Toyota sienna XLE with DVD package for $30,500 OTD (selling price $27,687.70 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag) with 1.9% for 60 months.

    Thank you
  • just bought a 2009 touring last night at boch honda in MA for 33,000 + 298 doc fee +TTL cash.
  • I cannot believe these prices... in Seattle, WA, no where these prices are there.. last friday the bestt quote i got is : $32500 for EXL+DVD (but you are getting the deal for with an extra NAV). Here the only diff is the state tax is 9.8% where as yours it is 6%.

    Any one here, pl. shed your thoughts on Seattle,WA prices for EXL + DVD.
    Best of luck.
  • pcg7384pcg7384 Posts: 1
    I live in Oregon and have had 2 dealers fighting over me. We don't have sales tax and the Title/doc fee is $218. I've been able to get a quote of $28,300 OTD on an EX-L no DVD or nav.
  • That's a very good price rascallyrabit! I live in TX and I can't even get close to that!
  • Hey can you share your dealer name and the sales rep? What was your OTD price. Also, are you resident of MD? If not what was your sales tax rate?

  • mdgarciamdgarcia Posts: 6
    Have e-mailed 10 local dealers. Best offer so far is from one dealer for $27,800+TTL for a '09 Slate Green EXL no Res/Nav. Others are around $28,100 - $28,700+TTL.
    Any chance I can get down around $27K even? What's that best way to get them down?
  • Any ideas for May09 incentivies for Odyssey? Is the current incentives (2500 + 2.9% apr) stays like that or any changes expected?

    As it is only 2 weeks left for May 4th, is that good idea to wait for that or good to buy now?

    Any responses are very much appreciated.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I'm thinking the same thing...I've been keeping an eye on a few Honda dealers inventory (not many being moved from what I can tell), but from what I've heard Honda will reduce production starting in May...Dunno what to say other than that May might be a good month to buy considering that there are still a good number of Oddys in dealer lots.
  • airoopsairoops Posts: 9

    just curious, did they try to sell you an 08 Touring at all? They still have a bunch of them on the lot and am wondering what you could scoop an 08 for if they are selling the 09's for 33k?
  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    2) EXL w/dvd only at $30,600 OTD (selling price $27,781.70 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag). Basically $2,100 less for this model.

    This is very good price. Last week I requested quotes from most dealers in MD and VA for same model, and the best quote I got was $350 more than what you are getting. Which store gave you this price?
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 15
    Can someone please describe, in detail, how the dealers in MD, VA and other east coast areas are able to offer the lowest sales prices? For example, I understand that the Invoice price of an EXL w/RES is $31,481 (then add to that the standard $670 destination charge).

    There is currently a $2500 Honda incentive which would bring the above price down to $28,981 + Dest + Doc + Lic + Tire Fee + Taxes. How are these posts showing $28,000 being achieved?

    The same question on the touring...doing the math, these people are also getting about $1000 more off the price than $2500 less inventory allows. Any help and/or strategies to achieve these results would be appreciated.
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    I got the following quote from a dealer in CT. Please let me know if anybody got a bettter deal than this?

    In-Stock 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L DVD/Navi:
    Your ePrice: $30,389.00
    Dealer Conveyance: $299.00
    CT Sales Tax: $1,841.28
    Transfer Registration: $100.00 (new $170)
    Total Out the Door: $32,629.28

    Also, please let me know what else can I negotiate the dealership into giving for free: like floor mats, wheel locks, mud guard or oil change? Has anybody gotten free oil change for life (asking for too much?)?
  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    The $2500 Honda marketing holdback to the dealer is in addition to the normal holdback which I believe is 2% of MSRP for most Honda models. So even without the incentive, dealers can (and do) sell at or below invoice because of the holdback.
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